Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber Of Reason [Step-By-Step Walkthrough]

Here is a complete Walkthrough Of the Entire Chamber Of Reason Rumor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, along with a guide to the 8 Collectibles.

There are plenty of puzzles in Star Wars Jedi Survivor that will not leave you bored. Different Chambers are found in the game. These Chambers start with the Chambers Of Duality, and then you come across the Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Chamber Of Reason. It is a very simplistic puzzle, but it can get really confusing as you go through it. A total of 8 collectibles will be in the chamber area.

Key Takeaways
  • There are about Seven Jedi Chambers currently in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • Chamber Of Reason is a side quest or a Rumor handed to you by Toa in the Forest.
  • You can fast Travel To the Basalt Rift and open the door to the Chamber Of Reason with the key.
  • There are two floors inside the Chamber Of Reason.
  • You can find 8 Collectibles inside the Chamber Of Reasons, including the Dexterity Perk.
  • You must force pull and pull Orbs to the Orb Amplifiers to create bridges.
  • A Map Upgrade can be unlocked after the Rumor by fast traveling to the Alignment Control Center.
Before You Start: Before even unlocking the rumor of the Chamber Of Reason, you must complete the main quest of the Chamber Of Duality, which is the first of the Jedi Chambers. In It, Cal Kestis also receives a Kobah Tuner, which will be used to unlock the Chamber Of Reason.

You can watch our Chamber Of Reason video or continue reading this guide:

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Getting The Rumor 

Toa Basalt Rift
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Talking To Toa – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Including the Chamber Of Duality, there are 7 chambers currently in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Chamber Of Reason comes right next after completing the Duality Chamber. The Chamber Of Reason is essentially a side quest that you can totally avoid if you want to. If you really want the Dexterity Perk, it is extremely important to complete it. You must get the Rumor of the Chamber Of Reason from an NPC called Toa.

Locating The Chamber Of Reason

Chamber Of Reason Location
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Rumor Map Location – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

So to locate the Chamber Of Reason, you must not do that much. You can just open your map, and after talking to TOA, your Rumor will appear on “The Basalt Rift”. You will start by going to the Meditation Point near the Basalt Rift. These Meditation Points are essential to navigate you throughout the map of Kobah.

You will need to explore a bit, but it won’t be a drag because it is the fun part. I can help you with clear instructions to avoid wasting time here and there and getting straight to the Chamber Of Reason.

What you need to do is:

Chamber Of Reason Opening In Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber Of Reason Opening – Screenshot Captured by eXputer
  • So, first and foremost, you should quickly sit on a meditation point and use it to fast-travel to the Basalt Rift.
  • Then, you can move forward from the mediation point and see some nasty stormtroopers talking.
  • It is up to you whether you want to fight with them, but it is not suggested.
  • Once you get past that point, you will find this broken log that created a bridge so you can just run past that and don’t fall.
  • Now, there will be a completely broken bridge way above the ground that you may see far off.
  • That is the main location of the Rumor.
  • Before that, just climb the Root Wall like always, and upon arriving at the bridge, look to your left.
  • You will see the hilarious Hulk-like beating of a stormtrooper by two hairy beasts.
  • It is up to your preference whether you shouldn’t interfere, so just force-pull the rope on the broken bridge and open the gate of the Chamber Of Reason with your special key.

Chamber Of Reason Solution

Force Pulling Orb From Right Bridge
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Force Pulling Orb – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

So this Rumor tells us exactly to “Explore The High Republic Chamber In The Forest.” Now, it is fairly easy, but you also get a soft lock if you don’t properly use Purple Orbs. This glitch has caused extreme disappointment among many players, and you can hope that the developers will have solved the problem by the time you read this article. 

So, as soon as you enter the chamber, the elevator will descend into the main puzzle area. You will drop down via the rope. Now, the puzzle starts as this will be your first action.

These series of steps are the quickest and the easiest, so sit tight and let’s walk through the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Reason:

  • As soon as you get down, you will see an Orb Amplifier and a switch on the platform.
  • In the wall straight ahead of you will be a cauldron with an Orb on it.
  • You need to force pull the Orb out of its cub and place it onto Ampflier.
  • The main trick here is to use the switch in the middle of the platform to switch the amplifier onto the right.
  • What this will do is create a sort of purple bridge for you to cross on. 
  • After Crossing the right bridge, you will find yet another Orb so you can use it on the far upper level.
  • You need to use whatever Force Pull button to break the wall and retrieve the Orb.
  • Now, the switch moves the Orb Amplifier onto the left to make a bridge path.

First Floor

Using The Lift On The First Floor
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Using The First Floor Lift– Image Captured by us
Important: You should know that if you let an Orb stay for too long on your force pull or the ground, it will automatically break. So be sharp and always keep it on the Orb Amplifier.

After crossing the Left Bridge, you will find an elevator heading to the First Floor of the puzzle. Before that, pick up the first out of eight of the Collectibles, which is basically an Echo. 

For that, you have to drop the Orb for a while, so do it quickly before it breaks. As you get up, you can quickly attach the orb to the Orb Amplifier so that it doesn’t break when you return. Move across the room, and you will see the Second Collectible, also an Echo.

  1. Now, you will see that the left bridge is forming, deforming, and glitching, making walking impossible.
  2.  Just use the switch in the middle of the room as it moves again to form the right bridge.
  3. Now, while moving across the bridge, you might want to force-pull the original Orb used earlier.
  4. You can get in trouble with these orbs as you have to backtrack a lot, and if the orb breaks, well.
  5. So use the Orb from below and put it onto the next Orb Amplifier once you cross the bridge.
  6. Do not push the Switch button yet.
  7. Just cross the newly formed bridge, which leads to your Third Collectible and, again, an Echo.
  8. Now, you may use the switch to get up to the second floor of the puzzle. 

Second Floor

Dexterity Perk Chamber Of Reasons
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Dexterity Perk – Image Captured by us
  • Now, you cross the bridge and see that there will be three collectibles out of the eight on the platform.
  • Once you reach the platform on the right side is yet another and the last echo of this location and the fourth collectible.
  • For the fifth collectible, right up ahead is a BD-1 Scan that will be logged into your databank like every other scan.
  • Now, at the end of the platform or the edge, you will find a data disc, the sixth collectible.
  • The Seventh Collectible is a secret chest that is extremely useful and tricky to open.
  • This is where most players get glitched into the game because of the wrong orb placements.
  • It is simple; all you have to do now is pick the orb from the elevator and throw it inside the yellowish circular opening.
Opening Chest Through Circle
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Secret Chest Opening – Image Captured by us
  • If you go around the wall, you will see the gate of the chest area opened up, and you may open the chest.
  • Inside the chest is a Lightsaber Emitter called the Diligence, which will really help create a stronger saber.
  • Be careful not to force-pull the Orb. Once you are inside the gate, you may pull the orb once you are out.
  • Now, the eighth and final collectible for the Chamber Of Reason will unlock a perk.
  • Take the orb from whatever place you want at this point and yank onto the Orb Amplifier to create a bridge.
  • A fancy structure will rise with the “Dexterity Perk” in between, interact with it to receive it, and the Chamber Of Reason puzzle will be completed.

Map Upgrade

Unopened Iems Map Upgrade
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Map upgrade – Image Captured by us

If this was your last Jedi Chamber out of all 7, you will receive the Stars Tours Trophy for the completion. Now. Upon completing this entire puzzle, you can head to the Rambler’s Reach Area. In this area, the underground level has an Alignment Control Center. You can fast-travel top it through a meditation point. Slice the console up through BD-1, and you will have completed the process. 

Upon slicing it, a Map Upgrade will be unlocked. This Map upgrade shows you all the unfound upgrades on the Holographic Map. It is crucial to get this upgrade since it is one of the Five Map Upgrades. 

So, this was the perfect way to execute the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Reason puzzle. It is easy and should take 10 to 15 minutes or less. Completing this will give the basic knowledge of the Chamber Puzzles in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. If you have trouble finding stims, check out the guide over All Stim Locations.


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