Starfield: Quantum Essence [Quick Guide]

Get ready to use your Starborn Powers way more often!

In Starfield, Quantum Essence is a unique Aid-style item that allows your power meter to recharge faster. It is used to speed up the regeneration of Starborn Powers to unleash powerful attacks or enhance your defensive capabilities from the menu. You can obtain it by locating and defeating the Starborn enemy. You will most likely find Starborn enemies after completing a temple.

Key Takeaways
  • Quantum essence is obtained from defeating Starborn enemies, boosting power usage frequency for 60 seconds.
  • You must collect 20 Quantum Essences to complete the War Of Angels achievement.
  • To find all the hidden temples, speak with Vladimir at The Eye.
  • Hidden Temples across the settled system hold the secret to obtaining Starborn Powers.

Where To Find Quantum Essence In Starfield

Quantum Essence is obtained after defeating a Starborn enemy.

For that, you will need to hunt them on different settled systems. Once you successfully defeat them, Quantum Essence will be sent directly to your inventory without requiring any looting.

Killing Starborn enemy
Killing Starborn enemy and gaining Quantum Essence [image by eXputer]
Here’s how you can encounter Starborn Enemies:

  • All That Money Can Buy Quest: Once you have completed the quest, you will then encounter your first Starborn enemy.
  • Completing a Temple: After completing a temple, Starborn enemies usually spawn.
  • Main Story Missions: I encountered multiple Starborn enemies as I progressed in the main story missions. 
  • Artifacts: After you build an Armillary on your ship or if you carry the artifacts, Starborn enemies will hunt you down.

How To Use Quantum Essence

Quantum Essence enhances your Starborn power regeneration time, making it much more powerful for 60 seconds after you have acquired your Starborn power. 

Using Quantum Essence
Using Quantum essence from the menu [image by eXputer]
  1. Head Into Power Screen: Firstly, you can head into your power screen in the menu on the bottom left.
  2. Use Quantum Essence: The system will display the amount of Quantum essence available and a button to use it.
  3. Golden Aura Around Your Character: Using Quantum essence will surround your character with a Golden Aura

Now, you know all about Quantum Essence. Furthermore, if you want to defeat formidable enemies, read about Powers & Effects, and if you want to defeat Legendary ships in Starfield, read about How To Defeat Legendary Ships.

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