Stray Basketball Challenge: How To Dunk The Ball

You may pay heed to the feline characteristics and behaviors of these beloved creatures by engaging in a variety of endearing interactions with Stray’s playable character. One example of this kind of behavior is climbing to areas you aren’t supposed to be and throwing things over. One such trophy or achievement, called Boom Chat Kalaka, can be unlocked by slam-dunking a basketball in Stray & our guide entails everything about it.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 11 achievements to complete in Stray and one of them is the Boom Chat Kalaka where you have to dunk a ball.
  • To dunk the ball, you need to first find a basketball court found in the Market of Slums.
  • The basketball is found at the east where the Guardian stands leading to the corridor.
  • You will then find the ball above a trash bin rather than a basketball hoop and you have to correctly get it in and you shouldn’t haste with it.
  • The key is to slowly and lightly hit the ball but if you mess up the ball will respawn after a while.

Because of this, you may be asking where you can get the basketball and what steps you need to take to finish the Boom Chat Kalaka achievement or trophy in Stray.

Basketball Dunking Location In Stray

reaching merchant

The Slums are home to a good number of basketballs, but if you seek the best selection, you should go to the Market. There is a basketball at the very top of the steps leading up to the Market, and just ahead of it, at the very bottom of the stairs, there is a bucket.

To get the trophy or achievement associated with the Boom Chat Kalaka completion, you will be required to come here. The basketball in concern can be found just on the east of the corridor leading from the Guardian Companion, immediately before you approach the merchant.

interacting with Guardian – Stray

At the top of the steps, rather than a slam dunk hoop, you will discover a garbage bin. However, you will not find a bucket specifically designed for dunking the ball. At this point, you need to jab or wibble the basketball in order to direct it directly into the garbage can.

basketball location – Stray

In spite of what the instructions indicate, you do not have to hoop the basketball in order to complete the task. You need just tap the ball once and then let it drift in on its own for it to qualify toward the completion of the trophy or achievement. However, if you so like, you are more than welcome to push the ball up to the basket and slam it yourself.

How To Dunk & Unlock Trophy/Achievement

pushing basketball – Stray

Because you cannot interact with the basketball or shift it by strolling into it, you need to be sure that your aim is properly lined up already when you brush the ball gently with the cat’s head. However, you must avoid pushing the basketball to the left or right in any way.

In order to make a smooth dunk, you will be required to nudge the ball one little push. If you use an excessive amount of force while pushing the ball, it may spin and rebound in a different path.

In the event that you miss the shot, the basketball will eventually reappear, giving you another opportunity to give it a go. You will be awarded the accomplishment or trophy if you successfully place the ball in the bucket at any point throughout the game.

The key to achieving the objective is to hit the ball at an appropriate point so that it will roll down the incline and into the trash container below it.

dunk the basketball – Stray

You only have one chance to accomplish this successfully since it is very difficult to coax it back up the slope once it has already started rolling down it.

You do, though, have the option to restart the game chapter in order to put the basketball back where it was originally placed. You have the choice to repeat chapters when you first start playing your game. If you do so, any additional achievements or memories that you may have missed earlier around will be added to your total, and your progress will be kept.

Final Words

As the small red kitten, it is up to you to sniff out all of Stray’s hidden treasures and mysteries as you play through the game. The primary storyline of the game, as well as the objectives, cannot be described as challenging, and the well-balanced and pleasant gameplay will compel you to engage for extended periods of time without taking a break. 

Discovering every nook and cranny of the game world is the only way to unlock all of the supplementary material, side quests, and achievements that have been included by the game’s creators. This was done to prevent the game from becoming repetitive and linear.

Now that you have learned how to dunk the basketball in Stray and get the achievement or trophy let us know if you stumbled upon this in your first playthrough or not.

The Stray video game is set in a Cybercity that offers twelve individual chapters and over seven hours of gameplay. As you travel over its landscape, you may find and acquire a variety of things and treasures along the way.

If you have a passion for cats, you probably have a natural appreciation for all of the cute shenanigans the cats get to do in the game.

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