Pokémon GO – Great League Tier List (Updated 2023)

Curated Tier List featuring Meta Pokemon for the Great League PvP

The Pokemon great league is upon us, and everyone wants to know, what’s the best choice? Which Pokemon is the best for the great league in Pokemon GO? Rest assured, all your burning questions will be answered in the tier list below. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we rank every potential PvP Pokemon in this great league tier list.

Key Takeaways

Pokemon GO Battle Leagues and Roles:

  • Battle Leagues:
  1. Great League
  2. Ultra League
  3. Master League
  • Roles:
  1. Lead: Excel in leading the match, applying pressure, and dealing significant damage.
  2. Switcher: Used to switch out the lead in case of a bad matchup.
  3. Closer: Excel in closing the match by eliminating remaining opponents.
  4. Defender: Excel in tanking damage, often utilizing shields.
  • Tier List:
  1. S Tier: Considered the strongest.
  2. A Tier: Strong and reliable.
  3. B Tier: Average performance.
  4. C Tier: Weakest among the options.

Here’s a complete summary of Pokémon GO – Great League Tier List:

Pokémon GO – Great League Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
S-Tier Azumarill, and Alolan NinetalesMedicham, Galarian Stunkfisk, and MewAzumarill, Altaria, Galarian Stunkfisk, and Deoxys (Defence Form), Sableye
A-Tier Venusaur and Macham (Shadow)Froslass and JellicentRegisteel and QuagsireVigoroth
B-Tier Skarmory and Gardevoir (Shadow)SnorlaxLudicolo and HeracrossSnorlax and Drapion
C-Tier Whimsicott and TogekissSirfetch’dAlolan RaichuDrifblim

Pokemon Great League Tier List

Each tier has different types of Pokemon, and each has its use in your Battle League team.

The stats for all the Pokemon featured in this Great League Tier List: 

PokemonTierTypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50
AltariaSDragon / FlyingCloser141.0201.0181.02266.0
Deoxys (Defence Form)SPsychoCloser144.0330.0137.02570.0
Galarian StunkfiskSGround/SteelSwitcher/Closer144.0171.0240.02445.0
Alolan NinetalesSFairy/IceLead170.0193.0177.02610.0
Machamp (Shadow)AFightLead234.0159.0207.03455.0
Gardevoir (Shadow)BFairy/PsychicLead237.0195.0169.03497.0

S-Tier Pokemon

great league tier list
S-Tier PVP Pokemon for Great League Battles


great league tier list
Azumaril S-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

If we’re talking about the Great League, we cannot skip Azumaril from the tier list. Our water-type friend here is considered one of the best PvP Pokemon to choose from in The Great League. 

It brings amazing typing and bulk alongside great coverage to the table. With the great set of abilities, there aren’t a lot of Pokemons Azumaril can’t go toe to toe with. 


great league tier list
Altaria S-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Altaria is great for both Great League and Ultra League. Decent bulk combined with high damage allows it to conquer most neutral matchups. Altaria does not require much stardust to build and is an easy addition to your Great League team. 

It’s only weak against hard counters like Azumaril or Steel-type Pokemon that are common in Great League. If you haven’t used Altaria before, you should start using it now.

Deoxys (Defence Form)

great league tier list
Deoxys (Defense Form) S-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Deoxys (Defense Form) is a very strong PvP Pokemon in Pokemon Go for Great League which definitely belongs in this tier list. It has a super high defense stat in the game, a whopping 330 DEF.

Its excellent stat distribution results in great bulk, which is highly effective in PvP. It also has a powerful arsenal of moves that enable this beast to threaten up to 10 typings for Super Effective damage at any instance. 

Galarian Stunkfisk

great league tier list
Galarian Stunkfisk S-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Galarian Stunkfisk offers grounded typing with decent bulk mixed with high-power mud-style combat featuring Mud Shot. Unlike other Mud-Type Pokemon, Stunfisk is great against Grass-Type Pokemon, but some meta Grass-Types like Meganium can still give it a tough time. 

It has access to a Rock-Type coverage, resistances to Steel-Types, and decent bulk, which proves to be valuable in stretched-out battles. 


great league tier list
Medicham S-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Medicham is also high up in this tier list because it’s considered one of the most powerful PvP Pokemon to play in the Great League in Pokemon GO. Considering it doesn’t excel much in attack, defense, or stamina, Medicham is still a great pick for your team.

It features a solid bulk with amazing coverage using the Counter ability. It also benefits from XL Candy consumables, which boosts it to 1500CP. 


great league tier list
Mew S-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

In Pokemon GO, Mew is a “jack of all trades but master of none”. Mew’s unpredictability through its ability to learn any teachable move was a strong character in the main game series. However, its stats aren’t that great in Pokemon Go.

Mew can easily hit anything for a great amount of damage but falls short of counter moves. If you can get the desired fast+charge move roll-on, Mew, it can further boost its effectiveness in PvP.

Alolan Ninetales

great league tier list
Alolan Ninetails S-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Alolan Ninetails has a unique Ice/fairy typing that gives it both resistance from Dragon-Types and also lets it deal double the damage to them. It might not be the most effective in PvE, but it’s a great Pokemon for the Great League.

It’s unique typing, decent bulk, and great move set give it a huge advantage over other Pokemon. Both Charm and Powder snow moves make Alolan Ninetails extremely flexible against a wide range of Pokemon. However, its weakness in fire and rock typings should be considered.


great league tier list
Sableye S-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Let’s end the S-Tier Pokemon list on Sableye. It’s considered one of the most threatening and strongest PvP Pokemon for the Great League in Pokemon GO.

Its amazing typing paired with a strong but spammy move set, lets it dish out significant damage to the metagame. Pure Sableye is much more effective in battle than other variants due to Return’s utility, so if you can max out only one, go for one of them.

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A-Tier Pokemon

great league tier list
A-Tier PVP Pokemon for Great League Battles

Macham (Shadow)

great league tier list
Shadow Manchamp A-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50
After the Team Rocket takeover back in July 2020, Pokemon GO saw the release of Shadow Manchamp. It’s definitely one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game, especially if you get it rolled with good stats. 

Manchamp’s effectiveness in PvP battles is credited to its fast and relevant coverage against a large portion of Pokemon. On top of its threatening presence, it also has a 20% bonus to ATK which compensates for its lower bulk. 


great league tier list
Venusaur A-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Vennusaur is a great Grass-Type attacker perfect for a great league, and it surely belongs at A-Tier in this Pokemon GO PvP Tier List. However, its effectiveness isn’t credited to stats but to the move set. 

It’s an amazing choice for PvP engagements due to Frenzy Plant. It might not have the necessary bulk, but it makes up for it in being tanky. With its poison typing, it gains an edge against Grass-Type Pokemon like Meganium.


great league tier list
Jellicent A-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Jellicent may lack usability in PvE battles, but it’s meant to be used for PvP. Its defensive typing makes it useful for gym defense to its 8 resistances. With a unique combination of Water and Ghost Type, it offers great bulk and a powerful move set.

It’s highly effective against Great League starts like Azumarill and other Water and Ice Types due to its resistance to both. Overall, it’s an amazing Pokemon to use in Great League.


great league tier list
Froslass A-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Froslass is one of the best PvP Pokemon in this tier list to use in Pokemon GO Great League. It has built a name for itself by pressuring opponents with fast and deadly Avalanches. 

It also has resistance against Counter users like Lucario and Medicham. Although, what Froslass lacks in shield and endurance in fights, it makes up for it by being an offensive powerhouse. It can easily threaten opponents with massive damage if unshielded. 


great league tier list
Registeel A-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Although there are better alternatives to Registeel in PvE, PvP is where it shines. It’s an extremely durable Pokemon for Great League with low ATK stats but high Bulk due to the CP cap. 

As a mono steel typing, Registeel has several resistances that contribute to its survivability. Since the update on 1st Nov 2019, Registeel got a boost in energy gains for its expensive charge moves. 


great league tier list
Quagsire A-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Don’t let its derpy and innocent looks fool you. Lord Quagsire offers one of the strongest move sets in Pokemon GO. It’s often considered to be a decent gym defender due to high STA stat.

When it comes to weaknesses, Quagsire has only one but provides a couple of resistances too which makes it decent at defense. However, you should keep an eye out for any Grass Types as they tend to make short work of our majestic friend here.


great league tier list
Vigoroth A-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50
Normal Defender1591451902,225

Vigoroth is a popular choice as a defender in PvP. Vigoroth offers one of the most unique fighting styles in Pokemon GO. It’s able to take neutral damage from almost every enemy and counter it with a neutral Body Slam. 

By using Counter a lot, you can secure a decent amount of wins in the Great League. It’s an overall great pick and even the best one if you discarded other Counter users like Medicham.

B-Tier Pokemon

great league tier list
B-Tier PVP Pokemon for Great League Battles


Gardevoir (Shadow)

great league tier list
Shadow Gardevoir B-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Shadow Gardevoir is known for high Fairy-Type power that makes Fairy typing good to use in both PvE and PvP.

In the Great League, Charm is an anti-meta ability that Gardevoir uses to hit Dark, Fighting, and Dragon-types really hard. Its Psychic-Typing allows it to resist other psychic types while still dishing out damage with Charm. 

Gardevoir is an overall decent Pokemon for its Fairy-Type role but can often get overshadowed by competitors like Wigglytuff.


great league tier list
Skarmory B-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Scarmory is without a double, one of the best Pokemon to use in Great League for its decent bulk, excellent typing, and great move set. It’s also a great pick due to its 10 resistances and great performance in meta. 

While it does have every characteristic to be in the A-tier, it falls short when faced with most electric and steel-type Pokemon. With its flying ability, Skarmony is also able to beat out most of the Grass-Type Pokemon. 


great league tier list
Snorlax B-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Snorlax has been one of my favorite Pokemon since I was a child, so I’ll try my best not to get biased here. Snorlax has always been adept at defensive since day 1. It’ll do wonders in PvP due to its great build.

It also has a single vulnerability and can spam neutral damage at enemies. Body Slam is a must-have skill for Snorlax while its coverage move can be according to the situation. But, the reality is that Munchlax performs much better.


great league tier list
Heracross B-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Apart from its beetle looks, Heracross has a unique Bug/Fighting Typing that makes it perfect for battles that require pugilistic power. With the combination of unique typing, decent stats, and good moves, Heracross is a really effective closer in some situations. 

It’s especially great against Dark-types and provides amazing coverage against Psychic and Ghost-Types. The CP limitation really puts it at a disadvantage against common Pokemon with effective counter-coverage like Altaria and Deoxys-D. 


great league tier list
Ludicolo B-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Many Pokemon have some strong moves, but non have the spectacular dance moves that Ludicolo has. Defending and attacking becomes effortless with its stellar Type combination of Water and Grass, with super effective damage by taking advantage of STAB.

Our dancing friend here also packs some interesting stats, slow move-sets, and a combination of Grass/Water Typing. This Typing is effective at eliminating Water’s weakness to Electric and Grass and Grass’s weakness to Ice and Fire. 


great league tier list
Drapion B-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Drapion is not bad, but not even perfect to use in the Great League. Like most poison types in Pokemon GO, it’s not much good at attack. Drapion’s tankiness is half decent that might be an alternative to something like Muk. 

However, Drapion is a decent Pokemon in your Great League team. It shines in move diversity that enables it to flexible against other Dark-Types and Poison-Types. It might not be on the level of a meta Pokemon for Great League, but it sure isn’t a bad choice. 

C-Tier Pokemon

great league tier list
C-Tier PVP Pokemon for Great League Battles


great league tier list
Togekiss C-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50
After the July 9th, 2019 update, Charm got added into the Togekiss move-pool which finally lets the user have a double Fairy move set. Although Togekiss cannot reach the DPS number the Dragon-Types can, its resistances make it a viable tanky option. 

Togekiss has become an anti-meta specialist with greater ATK stats that limits bulk and a Fairy-Typing that makes it vulnerable to common threats. Togekiss can stand its ground against Pokemon like Medicham, Sableye, and Altaria. However, Steel-Type meta in Great League pushes Togekiss further down this tier list. 


great league tier list
Whimsicott C-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

Don’t let the cotton ball and its cute looks fool you, it can threaten the enemy without needing any shields. However, In offense, it falls short as being both Fairy and Grass-Type. 

Whimsicott is the first Pokemon introduced in Pokemon GO to have both Fairy and Grass Typings. This is one of the reasons that let Whimsicott stand apart from the rest of Pokemon. 


great league tier list
Drifblim C-Tier PvP Pokemon
TypeRoleAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP at LVL 50

This scary-looking fella isn’t really really that threatening when it comes to PvP performance. It was once a decent attacker, but now it has really de-ranked in the tier list. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as Drifblim is a great counter-pick to several threats in its tier. It offers a solid bulk matched with good move sets that threaten its opponents. Driflim may not be the super-effective Pokemon it used to be, it’s still a great pick for the Great League.

great league tier list
Sirfetch’d C-Tier PvP Pokemon
  1. Type: Fight
  2. Role: Switcher
  3. Attack: 248
  4. Defense: 176
  5. Stamina: 158
  6. Max CP at LVL 50: 3,375

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that Sirfetch’d is a true knight in shining armor. By wielding its shining leek and leaf shield, it’s ready to take on Dark-Types foes with honor. 

Sirfetch’d have an arsenal of decent move sets that output considerable damage due to its high ATK stat and relevant coverage against popular picks. This bird hits hard for a C-Tier Pokemon and can sweep a team under the right conditions. 

Alolan Raichu
great league tier list
Alolan Raichu C-Tier PvP Pokemon
  1. Type: Electric/Psychic
  2. Role: Closer
  3. Attack: 201
  4. Defense: 154
  5. Stamina: 155
  6. Max CP at LVL 50: 2,585

Alolan Raichu might not be viable in PvE battles, it certainly is a decent option to consider for your Great League team. It’s good at dealing neutral damage and pressuring shields with good charging moves. 

Our beloved Pokemon here is a zapper when it comes to threatening the enemy shields with its thunder punch. It’s highly effective against Flying and Water Types. However, AloChu is super squishy so treating it as a glass canon is the right way to go about it. 


First of all, I would like to thank you and congratulate you on reaching the summit of this tier list. This list was created by keeping both meta, gamers’ opinions, and personal gaming experiences in mind.

Keep in mind that there might be Pokemon that you find effective in Great League but they’re missing in this tier list. There is a wide range of Pokemon eligible for Great League and I’ve added the most diverse cast of Pokemon as much as I could. 

So, in the end, I hope you were able to benefit from this tier list and finally built a Great League team that’ll score you some nice victories in Pokemon Go. 

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