MK11 Tier List – Ranking All 37 Characters

Do you know the best kombatant in Mortal Kombat 11? No? Check our tier list here & learn the overall ranking of all fighters in the game.

Mortal Kombat 11 has a diverse roster of 37 characters featuring some of the fantastic fighters from the franchise and a few new faces from movies and comics. Each kombatant or character plays out quite differently from the other character in the game, and not all perform exceptionally well. This is why we have curated the MK11 tier list to rank the overall usability of fighters in the game.

Key Highlights
  • Each of the 37 characters or “Kombatants” in MK11 manifests its own playstyle and belongs to a distinct species group. 
  • Fighting playstyles in MK11 include Zoner, Damage Dealer, Grappler, and Rushdown. 
  • Character ranking is based on one’s best combos, attack patterns, or special moves and hence accounts for Zoners and Damage Dealers to rank higher than Rushdowns and especially Grapplers. 
  • The highlight picks of MK11 are Fujin, The Joker, Liu Kang, Jacqui Briggs, and Cetrion. 
  • Skarlet, Robocop, and Shao Kahn must be your last choice if a smooth triumph in MK11 is your end goal.

All MK11 Characters Comparison

Here are the complete stats for all 37 characters: 

KombatantTierGenderOriginSpeciesFighting Playstyle
CetrionSFemaleHeavensElder GodZoner
Jacqui BriggsSFemaleEarthrealmHumanRushdown
Liu KangSMaleEarthrealmHumanRushdown
The JokerSMaleDC UniverseHumanRushdown
GerasAMaleKronika’s KeepArtificial ConstructGrappler
SpawnAMaleImage UniverseImmortal HellspawnRushdown
Shang TsungAMale EarthrealmHumanRushdown
Noob SaibotAMaleNetherrealmWraithRushdown and Zoner
Cassie CageAFemaleEarthrealmHumanRushdown
Kotal KahnAMaleZ’Unkahrah, OutworldOsh-TekZoner
Kung LaoBMaleEarthrealmHumanRushdown
Johnny CageBMaleEarthrealmHuman-
D’vorahBFemaleArnyek IslandsKytinnGrappler
Erron BlackBMaleEarthrealmHumanZoner
The TerminatorBMaleTerminator FranchiseModel T-800Rushdown/Zoner
Jax BriggsBMaleEarthrealmHumanGrappler
Sonya BladeBFemaleEarthrealmHumanRushdown
MileenaBFemaleOutworldHalf-Tarkatan, Half-EdenianRushdown
RamboCMaleRambo FranchiseHumanZoner
SkarletDFemaleOutworldGenetic ExperimentZoner
RobocopDMaleRoboCop FranchiseCyborgZoner
Shao KahnDMaleOutworldGodZoner


All of the characters listed in our S-tier are the best in their respective roles in the game. We have mentioned damage dealers, zoners, and rush down characters in this list. So, choose these kombatants and master them if you want to keep winning fights online or otherwise.

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MK11 Tier List
S-Tier Fighters
Cetrion Master zoner with abilities and combos associated with water and fire elements, excels at striking enemies while maintaining a safe distance.
Jacqui Briggs Excellent rushdown fighter, adept at frequent attacks with basic and advanced combo attacks, ideal for taking down slow-moving opponents.
Liu Kang Versatile rushdown character with a variety of high, mid, and low basic attacks, can keep opponents at bay with fireballs and flying dragon kick special moves.
The Joker Vicious rushdown character with plenty of high, mid, and low combo attacks, excels in dominating opponents in Klassic Tower or online matches.
Fujin Master of controlling wind and manipulating it to his advantage, strikes enemies using the Kusanagi no Tsurugi sword, a strong contender in the zoner category.


All of the characters in our A-tier list are very close to perfect fighters in the game world. They are not the best, but they will do the job and not disappoint you if you master them. So, start learning all the attack and defensive styles of these fighters, and the enemy will have a tough time defeating you.

MK11 Tier List
A-Tier Fighters
Sheeva Excelled grappler-style combatant, deals high damage with easier combos and special moves compared to others in the tier.
Kabal Zoner-fighting style character with unexploitable special moves and combos, keeps opponents alert with unpredictable moves, moderate damage output.
Geras Exceptional grappler combatant with high damage output from special moves and combos, mastering him takes time but offers great chances of winning matches.
Spawn Rush down character with a challenging learning curve, mastering combos and special moves is tricky but rewarding once fully grasped, offering dynamic gameplay.
Kano Grappler combatant with decent damage output and fast execution on combo attacks and special moves, relatively easy to learn, Ripper variation recommended.
Shang Tsung Versatile fighter with a variety of tools and combos, excels at striking opponents with excellent range, effective in baiting enemies and surprising them.
Noob Saibot Mix of rush down and zoner characteristics, offers versatility in playstyle with space control and pressure tactics, dynamic gameplay options.
Sub-Zero Rush down character with medium to long-range combos, known for fast execution and effective long-range B1 combos, suitable for players familiar with him.
Cassie Cage Excellent rush down fighter with all variations enhancing her playstyle, adept at pushing opponents into corners and landing combos consistently.
Kollector Zoner fighter shining in the ‘Back in the Pack’ variation, excels in cornering opponents with basic and advanced combos, F12 move set ideal for staggering or hitting.
Kotal Kahn Versatile fighter with great variations, proficient in zoning with pressure tactics, Ascension variation recommended for high-damage dealing and close-range mid grab.

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All the fighters falling under B-tier in Mortal Kombat 11 are above-average zoners, grapplers, and rush down kombatants in the game. Unfortunately, some of these characters have a difficult learning curve, and mastering them will not be easy.

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MK11 Tier List
B-Tier Fighters
Kung Lao Decent rushdown fighter with pressure tactics and control over space, Hat Tricks variation recommended for quicker mastery.
Johnny Cage Movement-based fighter with hit-and-run tactics, fun to learn with emphasis on character’s movement and counter-attacking strategies.
Jade Versatile fighter with decent range for surprise attacks, Deadly Assassin variation offers versatile combos and effective space control.
Sindel Excellent zoner with high damage output, slower learning curve especially with third variation, requires time to master combos and special moves effectively.
D’vorah Effective counter to zoning opponents with high to mid and low combos, excels in close combat while maintaining distance, provides pressure on opponents.
Erron Black Fantastic mix of combos and special moves, lacks overwhelming damage but makes up for it with combo variety and pressure tactics, keeps opponents on their toes.
Scorpion Mix of safe and unsafe moves with decent jump attacks and pokes, some unsafe combos can disrupt gameplay, overall effective in landing good damage on opponents.
The Terminator Unique blend of rushdown and zoning playstyle, deals significant damage but lacks range in most attacks except for some projectile-based ones.
Jax Briggs Tough fighter to master but offers significant damage and decent projectile attacks, learning curve manageable with quick adaptation to his skills.
Raiden Rugged fighter with dominant combos and special moves, mastery requires understanding combo mix-ups and effective use of key moves like Quick Charge and Electric Burst.
Sonya Blade Decent brawler and rushdown fighter with excellent zoning potential, first variation recommended for less zoning gameplay and focus on mix-up attacks.
Frost Offers variety with tools and traps but complex combos and special moves make mixing up tactics challenging, requires time and patience to master effectively.
Rain Unique character with potential for various playstyles, high dash speed and range attacks allow for mix-up attacks and surprising opponents, requires good execution of attacks.
Mileena Fun character with anti-stomp ability and significant zoning combo attacks, mastering all variations takes time but pays off with effective utilization in fights.


All kombatants that come in our C-tier are below average and offer a playstyle that not everyone can master. In addition, these fighters have complex movesets, and executing them at a proper time during fights can become challenging.

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MK11 Tier List
C-Tier Fighters
Rambo Above-average zoner with focus on overhead attacks, limited low attacks outside of special moves, notable moves include FUBAR, Shoulder Roll, and grab combos.
Baraka Excels in close combat with fast and high damage projectiles, combos oriented around mids and lows, frequently used basic attack is jump kick, effective for hit-and-run tactics.
Nightwolf Not the best rushdown fighter but not the worst, Ancestral variation recommended for rushdown playstyle resembling a grappler, loses launcher but gains useful teleport moveset.
Kitana Fan combos and mid to high damage attacks, suffered from patch changes but received buffs over time, lacks versatility in executing combos under challenging situations.


The fighters under our D-tier ranking are slow and boring. They do not offer a rewarding value while playing online or on hard mode in single-player Klassic Tower games.

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MK11 Tier List
D-Tier Fighters


For a zoner playstyle, Skarlet could be a difficult Kombatant to master in our D-rank Mortal Kombat 11 Characters. Even though her special moves and combo attacks deal a decent amount of damage, especially the high ones, executing them back to back may require a lot of timing. However, Skarlet’s teleport variation is a tad bit easy to master and is great for countering a zoner opponent.


Robocop is probably the only zoner character in Mortal Kombat 11 whose movesets are heavily based on projectiles. He has a few terminator-stylized melee attack moves, but they lack variation and do not keep the gameplay fresh. If you are still looking to play with Robocop, his second variation is exceptionally strong to land decent damage on opponents and is excellent in zoning other kombatants.

Shao Kahn

Shao Kahn is too stiff and, at the same time, has slow movement, making the kombatant a weaker character in the game. On top of that, mastering his combos and executing them back to back during the fights also requires good timing and sharp memory. Considering all the downsides of Shao Kahn, the only bright side we think he has is that he hits hard and drains a good amount of health bar.


Now that you know our categorization of the entire character roster across five tiers, you may have a few questions in your mind. For example, you may think about the best attacker, zoner, grappler, or rushdown fighter in the game.

We are here to tell you that regardless of our answers if you are good with a C or D tier kombatant in the game, you must keep playing with it and ignore the rankings. 

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Mortal Kombat 11 Characters. Out of all characters, which one is your best zoner, grappler, and rushdown fighter in the game. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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