Mythic Heroes Tier List: Ranking All Characters

Dominate the PVE, PVP, and Boss Fights with these characters

Mythic Heroes is a unique idle RPG game where dark forces threaten the world’s fate. The game is about forming an army of Gods and Heroes to defeat enemies and save the world. Players can enhance their abilities and use them to their full potential, but there’s always confusion about which characters to choose in such games. That is why we have organized the Mythic Heroes tier list, where each character will be ranked according to their abilities.

Key Takeaways
  • 32 characters are available in Mythic Heroes; Odin, Loki, Amaterasu not in the game.
  • Lucifer excels in all categories ideal choice for a fighter.
  • Avoid using Oberon; not helpful except in early phases.
  • Ganjiang & Moye dominate in PVE and PVP.
  • For boss fights, choose Persephone.
  • Avoid using Lilith in boss fights.
  • Athena is the best tank for PVP and PVE.
  • Build Nuwa and Dionysus for support.
  • A-Tier characters are usable but require time to build.
  • Create a team that supports each other, carefully choose Support and Tank
TierMythic Heroes Fighter (PVE)Mythic Heroes Fighter (PVP)Mythic Heroes Fighter (Boss Fights)
SLuciferLucifer, SusanooArtemis, Lucifer, Susanoo
ASusanoo, ArtemisArtemis, MedusaMedusa, Lu Bu
BMedusa, Oberon, ArchimedesLu Bu, ArchimedesArchimedes
CLu BuOberonOberon
Mythic Heroes Mage (PVE)Mythic Heroes Mage (PVP)Mythic Hero Mage (Boss Fights)
SGanjiang & MoyeGanjiang and Moye, Izanami, Tamamo No Mae, LilithPersephone
AIzanami, Tamamo No Mae, Flora, Persephone, LilithFlora, Zeus, Cleopatra, PersephoneGanjiang and Moye, Izanami, Tamamo No Mae, Cleopatra, Flora, Zeus
Mythic Hero Tank (PVE)Mythic Heroes Tank (PVP)Mythic Heroes Tank (Boss Fights)
SAthenaAthena, PoseidonTyphon
ATyphon, Hercules, Poseidon, Thor, GaiaTyphon, Hades, Thor, Hercules, GaiaHades, Poseidon
BHades, AnubisAnubisThor, Hercules
CAthena, Gaia, Anubis
Mythic Heroes Support (PVE)Mythic Heroes Support (PVP)Mythic Heroes Support (Boss Fights)
SNuwaNuwa, IdunDionysus
AJoan of Arc, Idun, Nagakayna, Cassandra, Hela, IsetIset, Joan of Arc, Cassandra, Hela, Faust, NagakaynaIdun, Nagakayna, Nuwa, Iset, Cassndra, Hela
CDionysus---Joan of Arc

Fighter Tier List For PVE

Fighters in Mythic Heroes deal the most damage through bursts or consecutive and quick attacks. Almost every gamer knows that these types of characters should be placed on the front line of the battlefield so they can shine in battle.

TierMythic Heroes Fighter
ASusanoo, Artemis
BMedusa, Oberon, Archimedes
CLu Bu

S Tier

Mythic Heroes S-Tier

The characters falling in the S tier are undoubtedly the best ones in the game. You should prioritize these characters if you want to win in the PVE. That being said, the Mythic Heroes tier list will vary depending on the PVP, PVE, and Boss Fights. So you will have to choose different characters. That is why we will discuss all three of them to make it easier for you.


  • Lucifer is one of the best damage dealers in the game for now, as his abilities are insane.
  • For now, only Lucifer falls in S Tier as a fighter in PVE. That being said, maxing out Lucifer takes so much time as, according to the subreddit, it took the user 245 days to max him out.
  • With his Ultimate (Holy Chaos), he can fold his wings to burst out an aura of holy energy for 2.5s which deals 70% damage to all enemies every 0.5s.
  • He also knocks them all back and transforms into a fallen angel.
  • As a fallen angel, he can remove 30 energy from the enemy with every hit.
Active Ability (Fallen Stars)
  • When this ability is used, Lucifer will float into the air and launch 4 four fallen stars. Each star will deal 140% damage to 1 random enemy.
  • Moroever, Lucifer can’t be targeted during this attack, and as a Fallen Angel, he will stun the target for 0.5s.  

A Tier

Mythic Heroes A Tier List
Mythic Heroes A-Tier

The second-best characters will fall into A Tier, and this doesn’t mean these characters aren’t an excellent choice to play. The best fighter for PVE is indeed Lucifer, but Susanoo and Artemis aren’t that bad, as many players choose them too.


  • Susanoo can carry your team as he is an assassin with some unique tools, which gives him the ability to become a carry.
  • Susanoo is a glass cannon, so he would need damage and survivability in his build, unlike Lucifer. Now, let’s move on to the next and last character on A Tier.
  • With his Ultimate (Phantom Fury), he can turn into a shadow and deliver seven consecutive slashes to the target, which deals 90% damage each time.
  • While this ability is activated, Susanoo cannot be targeted.
Active Ability 
  • Phantom Slash – When Phantom Slash is used, Susano blinks to the enemy hero when the battle starts and directly deals 350% damage. Moreover, the enemy will be stunned for 3s.
  • Tempest Blade – On using this ability, Susanoo will slash four times, dealing 70% damage with each hit. Moreover, the enemy will be locked back.


  • Most gamers ignore bow users in such games as, most of the time, they are not cool enough, but Venti and Yelan fans would disagree.
  • She is undoubtedly one of the best single-target DPS, but you will only see why when you use divs, runes, and artifacts that maximize her potential.
  • With her Ultimate (Crescent Arrow), she can invoke the power of moonlight and shoot ten arrows at random targets in an area.
  • It might not be completely reliable, but it’s pretty useful.
  • The attack deals 90% damage per hit and stuns the target for 1s.
Active Ability 
    • Lunar Strike – This ability deals 180% damage to the nearest enemy. Also, this ability knocks back the enemy and stuns them for 3 secs.
    • Moonlit Arrow – By using this skill, Artemis will fire a volley of arrows at her, which deals 9x 36% damage. 

B Tier

Mythic Heroes B Tier List
Mythic Heroes B-Tier

The characters we will discuss in this tier aren’t that much loved by the fandom, as they are a little complicated to use. If you still want to play with them, you indeed can, as playing with them correctly would prove helpful. B-tier characters’ abilities might not be the best, and that is also why players don’t prefer them. Still, if you understand these characters, you can perform better.


  • Medusa is a DPS in nature, but primarily players use her as support, which is why she falls into the B Tier, as she doesn’t really fulfill her job as a DPS.
  • You can also build her a DPS by using the right equipment. 
  • With her Ultimate (Petrifying Glare), she can petrify all the enemies in front of her, increasing their damage by 20% for 3s. 
Active Ability (Venomous Snake)
  • Medusa releases a poisonous snake when this ability is used.
  • That snake will attack the enemy with the highest Energy and deal 150% damage while removing 30% of energy from the target. 


  • Archimedes is a B Tier not because he is complicated to use but because he, as a carry, is outshined by other characters. 
  • He is a great character and can do massive damage against stronger enemies, with a good team built.
  • With his Ultimate (Power Surge), he can deal massive damage as the airship will overload for 10s, increasing his attack speed by 300%, which was already pretty high.
  • Moreover, his attack will target two units and deal 35% damage with each hit.
  • When the Ultimate ends, Archimedes will need to repair his airship for 5s.
Active Ability
  • All of Archimedes’ abilities are passive ones, which is also why he isn’t loved by many, but he is a great help in the late game.


  • Oberon acts as a hybrid DPS/Tank character which might be why players don’t like him, but his damage output is quite remarkable.
  • Oberon can be used as a main DPS if the right amount of investment is made. 
  • With his Ultimate (Homecoming), Oberon throws his blades at the most distant enemy, and he completely disappears.
  • The twin blades will deal 150% damage to all the enemies in the way and pause for 1.5s after reaching the destination.
  • During the pause, 100% damage will be dealt to nearby enemies every 0.5s. Surprisingly the ultimate doesn’t end here.
  • When Oberon appears to catch the blade, he will furthermore deal 200% damage to the nearby enemies. 
Active Ability
  • Swirling Blades – When this ability is used, Oberon slashes the target with his twin blades and deals 4x 60% damage. Moroever, his dodge will increase by 35% for 3s.
  • Storm of Blades – When this ability is used, Oberon will spin his blades, allowing him to block all damage and buffs for 3s. after that, he will release a wave of energy which will deal 120% to the enemies in range.


Mythic Heroes C Tier List
Mythic Heroes C-Tier

The C Tier characters are not recommended, as almost nobody uses them in the game. Still, if you want to play with then feel free to do so.  

Lu Bu

  • Lu Bu can deal significant damage to the enemy, but he requires proper support to function correctly.
  • There are many better options than Lu Bu, but players can still try him.
  • If you want to use him, Lu Bu will deal more damage if he’s built around his single target damage.
  • With his Ultimate (Fearless Strike), he can knock the targeted enemy into the air and deal 12x 55% damage.
  • The ultimate doesn’t seem interesting enough, but it can surely damage the opponent significantly.
Active Ability (Halfmoon Slash)
  • When this ability is used, Lu Bu will strike with his halberd and deal 2x 200% damage to the enemies in front of him.

Fighter Tier List For PVP

TierMythic Heroes Fighter
SLucifer, Susanoo
AArtemis, Medusa
BLu Bu, Archimedes

We won’t be discussing the characters again as the fighters in the list are already ranked above, so just check the table and choose the characters accordingly. The same is the criteria for the Mythic Heroes tier list for Boss Fights too, which we will discuss now.

Fighter Tier List For Boss Fights

TierMythic Heroes Fighter
SArtemis, Lucifer, Susanoo
AMedusa, Lu Bu

Mage Tier List For PVE

Now we will discuss the mages in our Mythic Heroes tier list as they are the other type of damage dealers in the game. Their damage will not be the same as the fighters, so they should not be positioned on the front lines. So, let’s see the ranking of mages in our tier List for PVE.

TierMythic Heroes Mage
SGanjiang & Moye
AIzanami, Tamamo No Mae, Flora, Persephone, Lilith

S Tier

Mythic Heroes S-Tier

Ganjiang & Moye

  • G&M is a unit that can be called undoubtedly the best mage in the game, but they require a large amount of investment.
  • They are best for early phases but can also be used in the mid-phase, thanks to the nuke-style ultimate.
  •  When the Ultimate (Twin Souls) is triggered, Moye invites her partner Ganjiang, and after switching, they recover 40% of the max health and deal 2x damage to all the enemies near them, which equals 200% of their attack.
  • This Ult can be used only once in a battle.
Active Ability (Spirit Slash)
  • Moye slashes her sword and deals 3x 80% damage to one target when this ability is used.
  • On the other hand, Ganjiang fires sword energy to 3 enemies, which deals 120% damage to all of them.

A Tier

Mythic Heroes A Tier List
Mythic Heroes A-Tier


  • Izanami is overall one of the best carries in the game for early phases, and that is why she made it to the A Tier of this Mythic Heroes tier list.
  • She can be used as a tank, healer, and damage dealer, which is quite impressive.
  • When her Ultimate (Breath of the Dead) is used, she releases half of her ghosts for 10s.
  • The Ult will deal damage equal to 60% of their attack plus 10 (the number of ghosts) x 5% of her attack per second.
  • In the end, Izanami will recover health equivalent to 50% of the damage dealt to the enemies. 
Active Ability
  • Specter Impact – When this ability is used, Izanami will summon Ghosts to deal 200% damage to the enemies in front of her.
  • Life Drain – When this ability is used, Izanami marks a new enemy and deals 80% damage thrice. Moreover, she will recover health 100% of the damage dealt.

Tamamo No Mae

  • Tamamo No Mae is an excellent mage who relies on her Fox Fire to deal massive damage to a single target.
  • It’s up to you how you want to build her, but the best choice is to go for the single-target burst DPS build.
  • Tamamo’s Ultimate (Wrath of Nine-tail) allows her to summon 10 Fox Fires.
  • The fire rate and range of all Fox Fires will increase massively while the skill is active.
Active Ability
  • Spirit Fox Fire –  When this ability is used, Tamamo will summon 3 Fox Fires to deal 100% damage to a random enemy. 
  • Flower Dance – When this ability is used, Tamamo will instantly move behind the furthest enemy and deal 100% damage to the targetted one and all enemies in her way. 


  • Flora wouldn’t have ranked in A-Tier of our Mythic Heroes tier list if her Ultimate and Active weren’t a threat.
  • If her build is focused on maximizing the potential of her Ultimate and Active skills, she can become one of the best damage dealers in the game.
  • Her Ultimate (Flowery Implosion) allows her to summon petals circles around the enemy, and they deal 350% damage after exploding.
  • However, the damage will be reduced each time if an enemy is by this skill more than once.
Active Ability
  • Drifting Petals – When this ability is used, Flora fires petals at the enemy, which deals 80% damage four times.
  • Holy Fluorescence – Flora fires a pedal orb at the enemy in front of her, dealing 2x 150% damage.


  • Persephone often gets ignored by players as she is a Sub-DPS, but she can apply multiple debuffs on the enemy team.
  • You will have to use your skills constantly to apply more debuffs.
  • Her Ultimate (Bitter Blossoms) allows her to make a field of Nether Flowers Bloom.
  • All the enemies within the range will be dealt 250% damage.
Active Ability (Nether Butterflies)
  • When this ability is used, Persephone will summon Nether butterflies to deal 200% damage to the enemy with the most buffs.


  • You don’t have to consider playing with Lilith in the early phases, as she shines in the later phase of the game.
  • That being said, she is complicated to use with her dual forms, so most players ignore her.
  • Her Ultimate (Dual Shadows) is a little tricky to understand, so she will deal 550% damage to the enemy in a human mask.
  • If the enemy is killed, the other enemies will be dealt extra damage.
  • She will deal 325% damage to all enemies in a demon mask.
  • She will deal 350% additional damage to a random enemy if no one is killed.
Active Ability (Shadow Lightning)
  •  When wearing a human mask, Lilith will turn into a shadow and deal three waves of 100% damage to the enemy.
  • She will teleport between three enemies in a demon mask to deal 150% damage.

B Tier

Mythic Heroes B Tier List
Mythic Heroes B-Tier


  • With Zeus, you can wipe out a team in seconds if we are not considering the lack of versatility and squishiness.
  • That is why he is in the B Tier of our complete tier list for PVE.
  •  With his Ultimate (Wrath of God), he cast lightning bolts from the sky, which deal 360% damage to all enemies.
Active Ability
  • Lightning Chain – The lightning spear thrown by Zeus will deal 130% damage to enemies ranging from 1-3.
  • Voltic Shield – Zeus will cast a shield for the ally with the lowest health.

C Tier

Mythic Heroes C Tier List
Mythic Heroes C-Tier


  • Cleopatra’s AoE makes her an interesting character, but it seems like that is all there for her.
  • Still, if you like prominent AoE characters, you can use her.
  • Cleo’sUltimate (Poisonous Wave) allows her to deal 100% damage to all enemies.
  • The damage will increase by 25% for each stack.
Active Ability
  • Crypt Cobra – Cleo will summon a Viper Totem. The totem’s poison will deal 35% damage to the enemy.
  • Fetid Fumes – Cleo will cast a poisonous fog where there are most enemies. The fog will deal 60% damage to the enemies four times.

Mage Tier List For PVP

TierMythic Heroes Mage
SGanjiang and Moye, Izanami, Tamamo No Mae, Lilith
AFlora, Zeus, Cleopatra, Persephone

Mage Tier List For Boss Fights

TierMythic Heroes Mage
AGanjiang and Moye, Izanami, Tamamo No Mae, Cleopatra, Flora, Zeus

Tank Tier List For PVE

Tanks help Fighters to shine on the frontlines, as their job is to protect the team. While the main job of a tank is to protect the allies, it can also deal some massive damage to the opponents. Now, let’s rank the tanks in our Mythic Heroes Tier List.

TierMythic Heroes Tank
ATyphon, Hercules, Poseidon, Thor, Gaia
BHades, Anubis

S Tier

Mythic Heroes S-Tier


  • Athena made her way to the S Tier in our tier list for the tank (PVE) as she excels as a tank.
  • In a subreddit, a poll was made to determine which tank is the best, and Athena won by a significant difference.
  • Athena’s Ultimate (Aegis of light) allows her to generate shields for all her teammates.
  • Those shields can absorb 300% of Athena’s attack for 8s
Active Ability
  • Victorious Pierce – Deals 200% damage to all the enemies in front of Athena.
  • Light of Athens – Deals 130% damage and stuns (2s) the enemy with the highest attack.  

A Tier

Mythic Heroes A Tier List
Mythic Heroes A-Tier


Typhon can play his role as a tank while dealing some potent damage to the enemies. Typhon is an excellent choice, but as said earlier, players don’t like to play with complicated characters.

  • His Ultimate (Chaos Strom) increases all allies’ attack and attack speed by 20% for 8s.
  • This ability is a double-edged sword as it removes 5% of all allies’ health per second as true damage. 
Active Ability (Snake Furry)
  • Typhon throws three different colored snakes, each dealing damage equal to 100% of Typhon’s attack. 
  • The red snake will reduce the enemy’s defense for 15s by 16%.
  • The green snake will reduce the enemy’s healing by 12% for 15s.
  • The blue snake will reduce the enemy’s dodge by 8% for 15s.


  • Hades can do some severe damage as a tank, allowing him and his fellow heroes to stay on the frontline.
  • Just remember Hercules as the last man standing on the team
  • His Ultimate (Mortal Strike) deals 240% damage to the nearby enemies.
  • The knocked enemies will be stunned, and their attack will be reduced by 20% for 8s.
Active Ability 
  • Provoke – Forces enemies to auto-attack Hercules for 4s. All damage taken will be reduced by 50%.
  • Brutal Charge – Hercules deals 200% damage to the enemy and stuns them for 4s.


  • Poseidon lacks a bit of what a tank should be, as he’s an off-tank who can singlehandedly turn the tides of any battle.
  • What he lacks can be achieved by building him accordingly.
  • His Ultimate (Whirlpool of Wrath) creates a whirlpool where most enemies are for 5s, dealing 50% damage every second.
  • A giant fish appears at the end and deals 2x 50% damage to the targets.
Active Ability (Undercurrent)
  • A current appears where the enemies are most dense, deals 150% damage, and stuns the targets for 1s.


  • Thor gives off the best tank vibes in Mythic Heroes, but unfortunately, he isn’t the best; that is why he is in the A tier of our tier list for PVE.
  • Thor’s Ultimate (Divine Descent) releases the power of thunder or 10s, which increases his attack by 20%, defense by 50%, and max health by 50%.
  • Moreover, auto-attacks will deal 150% damage to the enemies while reducing their attack speed by 30% for 4s.
Active Ability 
  • Thunder hammer– Deals 150% damage to the enemy with the highest attack and stuns them for 1s.
  • Nordic Spell– Deals 50% damage to the nearby enemies four times while reducing damage taken by 65%.


  • Gaia excels at disrupting the enemy teams while being the primary target.
  • She can be used in longer fights, but remember that her build options are not very flexible, so you might not like her.
  • Gaia’s Ultimate (Primal Might) deals damage equal to 2% of her max health 4x to every enemy.
  • Moroever, their attack speed will be reduced by 40% for 3s.
Active Ability (Brutal Bludgeon)
  • Deals 200% damage with a charge attack and knocks the enemies in the air.

B Tier

Mythic Heroes B Tier List
Mythic Heroes B-Tier


  • Hades has great offensive potential, but he is a tank, and many offensive characters are better.
  • This is why he doesn’t get much attention and isn’t a great choice in the game.
  •  His Ultimate (Death Scythe) targets the enemy with the lowest HP and deals 100% damage three times. The targetted enemy will die if their health drops below 30%.
Active Ability
  • Hell Hound– Hell Hound mirrors 80% of Hades’ max health and absorbs 45% of the damage taken by him.
  • Shadow Shield – Absorbs damage equal to 200% of his attack.


  • Anubis can apply debuffs which is a great thing as he can minimize the damage taken, but still, it’s not good enough.
  • Anubis’s Ultimate (Abyss Domination) allows him to grow larger, increasing his max health by 50%.
  • Moreover, the mummies’ attack speed will increase by 100% for 8s.
Active Ability
  • Underworld Balance – Anubis reduces the Crit of the backline of enemies by 20% for 15s.
  • Mummy Commander – Anubis summons two mummies which 100 % of his attributes, but they will have only 30% of his health. 

Tank Tier List For PVP

TierMythic Heroes Tank
SAthena, Poseidon
ATyphon, Hades, Thor, Hercules, Gaia

Tank Tier List For Boss Fights

TierMythic Heroes Tank
AHades, Poseidon
BThor, Hercules
CAthena, Gaia, Anubis

Support Tier List For PVE

In every team, there should be a support hero unless your team can one-shot any team, which is pretty rare. Support heroes are essential as they heal or buff their allies and can even use magic to damage enemies. Some of the support heroes we will discuss in this Mythic Heroes Support Tier List can survive on the front lines.

TierMythic Heroes Support
AJoan of Arc, Idun, Nagakayna, Cassandra, Hela, Iset

S Tier

Mythic Heroes S-Tier


  • For PVP, Nuwa is the best support as she provides powerful boosts to all the hero types.
  • When you use her Ultimate (Mend the Sky), she will mend the sky with five colored stones.
  • Each stone will support by giving strong buffs to the different types of heroes present on the battlefield (only allies).
Active Ability (Pillars of the Sky)
  • A random enemy will be removed for 3s, and Nuwa will deal 100% damage due to buff. 
  • Moreover, different buffs will be given to all allies. 

A Tier

Mythic Heroes A Tier List
Mythic Heroes A-Tier

Joan of Arc

  • Joan of Arc is a support as well as a tank.
  • She can support her teammates and block damage from the enemies on her own at the frontlines.
  • Her Ultimate (Deus le Volt) protects the lowest health ally from enemy damage for 5s.
Active Ability
  • Victorious Sprint – Joan deals 250% damage to the enemies and stuns them for 2s.
  • Sweeping Charge – Joan deals 150% damage to the enemies in front of her and knocks them down for 1.5s. Moreover, Joan recovers 10% of max health for every hit.
  • Banner of Honor – Increases the allies’ attacks by 15% for 8s.


  • Idun is a great choice for a support hero as she can heal and increase energy restoration, which allows her fellow heroes to keep using their Ultimate.
  • Her Ultimate (Tree of Life) restores 25 energy and recovers health equal to 35% of Idun’s attack six times to all the ally heroes.
Active Ability (Spirit Away
  • Idun steals 100 energy from the target and deals 150% damage.


  • Nagakayna can prove to be an excellent assist as she has many tools to assist her team.
  • The best thing about her is that she can fit into any team.
  • Her Ultimate (Blessing of Rain) recover the health of all allies equal to 4% of their max health, seven times.
Active Ability
  • Aqua Barrier – A bubble shield that absorbs 180% of Nagakayna’s damage will be applied to the hero with the lowest health for 5s.
  • Surging Wave – Launches an enemy target into the air, dealing 150% and stunning them for 2s.


  • Cassandra as a healer can stay on the battlefield for a long time, and she is a better choice for the early stages.
  • Her Ultimate (Pious Plea) recovers all allies’ health by 600% of their attack.
  • 70% of the health recovered will drain in the next 5s.
Active Ability
  • Holy Illumination– Cassandra releases some holy energy to the nearest target. If it’s the enemy, it will be 100% damaged, but if an ally, it will recover 10% of its max health.
  • Breathless Prayer – Recovers 10% of the lowest hero health each time they are hit for 8s.


  • Hela is a great choice for the game’s late stages as she is a hybrid support who can perform several buffs and debuffs.
  • Moreover, she can fit into any team.
  • Her Ultimate (Dark Synergy) recovers 2% of the allies’ max health three times.
Active Ability
  • Dark Cure – Hela drains the health of the enemy with the lowest defense, dealing 100% magical damage three times and recovering 50% of that damage dealt to the two allies with the lowest health.
  • Foul Essence – Hela creates a circle, reducing enemies’ speed and damage taken by allies by 30% for 15s. 


  • Iset is one of those supporters who can change the tide of battle.
  • She should be used in the late phases of the game.
  •  Her Ultimate (Revival Ritual) increases her attacks by 20%.
  • If the chatting is interrupted, 500 energy will be returned to her.
  • When an ally is about to die, the ankh will be consumed by them, and the hero will be revived after 6s.
Active Ability
  • Ode to Sorcery – All allies gain 10% of her attack for 8s. Moreover, Iset recovers 20% of the energy each time.
  • Purifying Incantation– Removes all debuffs on two random allows.  Moreover, for 4s, they will be immune to any debuffs, and damage taken will be reduced by 15%.

B Tier

Mythic Heroes B Tier List
Mythic Heroes B-Tier


  • Faust can be built in many different ways and is easy to use, and he can even remove a hero at the start of the fight, but he isn’t reliable.
  • When the Ultimate (Faustian Contract) is used, Faust triggers a bomb at this location, and during the 4s cooldown, he takes 75% less damage.
  • After the bomb explodes, it deals 200% damage to himself and the enemies nearby.
  • Moreover, all the enemies who were hit will be stunned for 2.5s.
Active Ability
  • Sins Befell – Stuns an enemy and increases their damage taken by 30% for 4s.
  • Subtle poison – Faust throws a poison that deals 25% damage, equal to 25% of his attack, to the enemies in the range.

C Tier

Mythic Heroes C Tier List
Mythic Heroes C-Tier


  • In PVP, Dionysus is the weakest support and unreliable, but his single-target debuffs make him the best support for boss fights.
  • When Dionysus’s Ultimate (Drunken) is used, he applies a debuff to the target with the highest health, reducing their attack speed for 6s by 70%.
Active Ability
  • Mist of Wine – Deals 100% damage to the targets and reduces their accuracy by 30% for 6s.
  • Chronic Poison – Dio Debuffs a random enemy from the frontline, causing 50% damage six times.

Support Tier List For PVP

TierMythic Heroes Support
SNuwa, Idun
AIset, Joan of Arc, Cassandra, Hela, Faust, Nagakayna

Support Tier List For Boss Fights

TierMythic Heroes Support
AIdun, Nagakayna, Nuwa, Iset, Cassndra, Hela
CJoan of Arc

Ranking Criteria

We will discuss the best picks for PVE, PVP, and even Boss Fights, so the ranking will depend on three of them. With this guide, you will be able to achieve victory every time, as we have been playing the game for a long time now and decided to rank the characters based on their abilities.

As we have played this game, this guide will consist of our experience and what some pro players have been picking for PVE, PVP, and Boss Fights. Moreover, you should keep in mind that in this tier list, we will only discuss the character’s active ability and Ultimate, as the passive ones will activate on their own. You can still see what they do online if you want to, but they will be triggered on their own, so you won’t have to do much.

Changes Due To Update

Last Update: Patch V 1.22.0

Every game adds buffs and nerfs by updating. Similarly, here are all the tweaks that took place in Mythic Heroes due to recent updates:


  • Meet Fate:
    • At the start of the battle, Morrigan marks a random Fighter or Mage backline ally.
    • When this Hero receives fatal damage, they will be held in a near-death state for 8 seconds.
    • The hero loses the ability to receive Healing and Damage but dies after 8 seconds.
    • The mark cannot be dispersed but disappears when Morrigan dies.
    • The effect can only be triggered once per battle.


  • Raven Guardians:
    • Odin sends ravens to guard himself and the frontline ally with the lowest Health.
    • If a guarded Hero uses an auto-attack within 10 seconds, a raven attacks, dealing damage equal to 60% of Odin’s Attack.
    • Generates a shield (90% of Odin’s Attack) for the auto-attacker.
    • Lv.2: Also restores 20 Energy to the allied Hero when the raven attacks.
    • Lv.3: Increases damage to 80% and shield’s value to 110%.

Western Queen:

  • Blue Bird’s Favor:
    • Western Queen’s blue bird follows ally Hero with the highest combat power Attack, providing 25% of her Attack to the target.
    • Lv.2: Provides 25% of Western Queen’s Defense.
    • Lv.3: Increases Attack to 30%.
    • Lv.4: Increases Defense to 30%.
  • Iconic Weapon:
    • When an ally is affected by “Blue Bird’s Favor,” also increases their Attack Speed by 20%.
    • Effects for “Blue Bird’s Favor” removed after 10 seconds when Western Queen dies.


  • Spirit Foxfire:
    • Tamamo summons 5 “Fox Fires” that lock onto random nearby enemies, dealing 70% damage.
    • Lv.2: Summons 6 “Fox Fires.”
    • Lv.3: Deals 80% damage.
    • Lv.4: Deals 90% damage.
  • Phantom Dash:
    • Tamamo is immune to the next incoming Attack and teleports to a random position.
    • Can be triggered once every 8 seconds.
    • After skill, Tamamo’s Dodge increases by 50% for 3 seconds.
    • Lv.2: Can be triggered once every 7 seconds.
    • Lv.3: Can be triggered once every 6 seconds.
    • Lv.4: Can be triggered once every 5 seconds.
  • World Of Nine-tail:
    • Tamamo summons 12 “Fox Fires” around herself, increasing the range and fire rate of all “Fox Fires” while the skill is active.
    • Lv.2: Summons 14 “Fox Fires.”
    • Lv.3: Summons 16 “Fox Fires.”
    • Lv.4: Resets cooldown of Spirit Fox Fire.


That’s almost everything you would want to know to form a perfect team in Mythic Heroes if you want to dominate in PVP, PVE, and Boss Fights. Passive Skills are not discussed characters, so you can search for them online if you definitely want to know; otherwise, it is not necessary. Odin, Loki, and Amaterasu are yet to be ranked in our Mythic Heroes tier list for PVP, PVE, and Boss Fights, as they are not yet available in-game. 

Some users might be confused about which SSR hero to use for the late game. According to this subreddit, there are many good choices which we also explained in the tier list, and they include Archimedes, Medusa, Odin, and more.


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