Octopath Traveler Tier List: Best & Worst Characters

Excited to play the smash hit Octopath Traveler but not sure who to pick first. Our Octopath Traveler tier list has got you covered!

Are you obsessed with the fresh Octopath Traveler release after reading our Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent tier list? If yes, you should give time to CotC’s elder brother, the Octopath Traveler turn-based JRPG, and our  Octopath Traveler tier list too!

Key Highlights
  • Keeping its character collection short, Octopath Traveler features only 8 playable characters
  • Overall performance of each character and their utilities are our primary criteria behind grading them in the tier list. 
  • H’aanit and Therion are the top two best characters in Octopath Traveler, with the most viable weapons and solid base stats. 
  • There is no worst character, but Primrose is the weakest Octopath Traveler unit, we would say. She is a little too niche-specific and limited to being used by an experienced player only.

Octopath Traveler Tier List

Octopath Traveler tier rankings
Octopath Traveler Characters Ranking
Tiers Octopath Traveler Characters 
S H’aanit, Therion
A Ophilia, Tressa, Cyrus, Alfyn
B Olberic, Primrose

We have graded characters of the Octopath Traveler tier list into three levels based on their overall performances and utilities on board.

That said, our ranking begins with the S-tier, which houses all the powerhouse units from amongst the caste. Following is the A-tier, which places worthy units with some minor flaws that consequently push them a tier down from the top level. Additionally here’s a quick look at the comparison between each character of Octopath Traveler:

CyrusAScholarFire,Ice, Lightning2,746582.0236.0281.0454.0330.0246.0253.0
PrimroseBDancer Dark2,706504.0240.0230.0442.0332.0247.0392.0


Hunter Lightning 3,096 369 388 231 327 255 342 350

The huntress class H’aanit is undoubtedly the best character on the tier list. The capable character hails from one of the most interesting storylines in the game and employs arrows and bows to charge the enemies directly. 

She also possesses a couple of lightning attacks to shock her foes, putting up a great combat show for players to experience. The most interesting part of H’aanit’s arsenal, however, is her capability to tame massive beasts to her side.

Here’s a table discussing more of H’aanit’s skills: 

H’aanit’s Skills Short Description 
Mercy Strike  The skill involves hitting the target with a bow. Doesn’t knock down enemies, instead leaves them hanging on the cliff with one only one HP. 
Thunderbird Dishes some robust lightning hits to the enemy. 
True Strike Inflicts critical damage to opponents.
Rain of Arrows Dishes out 5-8 consecutive hits on a random enemy via a bow.
Second Serving 50% boost to all normal attacks.
Eagle Eye 50% boost to character crit rate.
Heighten Senses Offers chances of making the first attack.
Draefendi’s Rage Dishes an impactful attack to all enemies via a bow. 
Take Aim Increases party accuracy and critical rate for two turns.
Patience 25% increase in re-attack at the end of turn


Thief Fire 2,892 332 378 255 301 228 318 445

Therion is a skilled thief, adept at evading foes while stealing health, SP, and valuable items, even from townsfolk. His arsenal includes daggers, swords, and fire magic for offense, along with debuffing capabilities to weaken enemies. Though vulnerable to enemy attacks, Therion is a top pick.

Here’s a table discussing more of Therion’s skills: 

Therion’s Skills Short Description 
HP Thief Gets 50 % of total rendered damage in the form of HP of the target if attacked twice with a dagger. 
Wildfire Inflicts massive fire hots to an enemy.
Steal Steal valuable loot from an enemy.
Armor Corrosive  Shrinks an enemy’s physical defense rate in 2 turns. 
Shackle Foe Shrinks an enemy’s physical attack rate in 2 turns.
Incidental Attack Induce 50% attack capacity even if employing a non-damaging move.
Share SP Grants an ally 50% of SP.
Steal SP Gets 50 % of total rendered damage in the form of SP of target if attacked twice with a dagger.
Aeber’s Reckoning The more the damage rendered by a dagger, the more the speed.
Insult To Injury Penalties and status effects on attributes will be increased to an extra turn.
Snatch Swells the loot collected via the Steal or any other collect-based skill by a whopping 2 times.
Fleetfoot  Increased Character speed by 50.


Cleric Light 2,757 470 251 292 380 399 258 291

Ophilia, a skilled healer on the tier list, excels in healing multiple teammates simultaneously, proving invaluable in challenging OT battles. Her healing capacity improves as you progress in the game, making her a wise investment. However, her damage output is limited, but can still prove useful with the right party combination if you ask me.

She also possesses elemental attacks, including Light-based ones, and can lead NPCs into combat. These recruited allies provide strong offense, status effects, and buffs/debuffs.

Ophilia’s best skills include the following:

Ophilia’s Skills Short Description 
Heal More Restores substantial HP of all teammates. 
Luminescence Inflicts decent light damage to all enemies.
Sheltering Veil Increases a teammate’s elemental defense strength for two turns.
Holy Light Inflicts decent single target light damage.
Heal Wounds Restores some HP of all teammates.
Inner Strength Boosts max SP by a whopping 50.
Persistence Status effects are extended to an extra turn.
Aelfric’s Auspices The skills of an ally will work 2x times more for three turns.
Revive Revive dead allies.
Reflective Veil Enables a teammate to deal with a single elemental hit.
Saving Grace  Enables Ophilia to heal herself above her max HP.
Evil Ward Increases fleeing chances for the entire team.


Merchant Wind 3,080 357 384 333 360 285 241 240

Those who don’t gravitate toward merchant-class characters might pick one this time. Yes, Tressa is undoubtedly worth your attention, even if her playstyle doesn’t seem to fit you.

Unlike Therion, she can steal in disguise, bartering with NPCs for accessories rather than robbing them. Though you may not always get something useful, it’s exciting when you luck out with valuable items. Tressa excels in dodging attacks, healing allies, and wields polearms, bows, and various mercantile skills. She can even hire goons for combat support.

Here’s more on her skills: 

Tressa’s Skills Short Description 
Donate BP Grants one BP to an ally.
Trade Tempest Dishes wind damage to all enemies.
Rest Cures status effects and restores some SP and HP.
Tradewinds Dishes substantial wind damage to an enemy.
Collect Collects in-game currency from an enemy.
Grows On Trees  Assembles extra in-game currency after every battle.
Bifelgan’s Bounty Dishes non-elemental damage to an enemy and gets as much in-game currency in return as the amount of damage dealt.
Hired Help Employs in-game currency to use the Hired Help utility in fights.
Sidestep Grants the ability to dodge a physical attack. 
SP Saver Reduced SP consumption by a whopping 50%.
Hang Tough Weakens lethal incoming attacks so Tressa is left with at least one HP. 


  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Lightning
2,746 582 236 281 454 330 246 253

Cyrus, the scholar, belongs to the mage class and can shower enemies with substantial damage, leaving them all in complete havoc. 

He has a couple of highly impactful magic spell attacks and elemental ones. What’s most worthy of your attention, however, is Cyrus’s ability to purloin knowledge of just about everything. For instance, Cyrus can scan his enemies to determine what special strengths, spells, or weapons they possess. 

The character’s interrogation abilities extend even further than just the opponents, hence allowing the players to earn discounts from stores, uncover valuable hidden items, and so much more.

Cyrus’s Skills Short Description 
Fire Storm Dishes dual fire damage to all enemies.
Analyze Reveal a single weakness along with the HP of an enemy.
Lightning Bolt Dishes lightning damage to all enemies.
Icewind Dishes ice damage to all enemies.
Fireball Dishes fire damage to all enemies.
Elemental Augmentation Increase Cyrus’s elemental attack by 50.
Evasive Maneuvers Shrinks chances of a random encounter.
Lightning Blast Dishes dual lightning damage to all enemies.
Alephan’s Enlightenment Turn an ally’s multiple targeting effects to enhanced single target ones for three turns.
Blizzard Dishes dual ice damage to all enemies.
Vim & Vigor Regenerates Character HP for every turn.
Percipience Decreases chances of opponents surprising the ally party.


Apothecary Ice 3,235 383 380 392 286 238 268 256

For a potent healing and combat choice in Octopath Traveler, Alfyn is the top pick after Ophilia. As an apothecary, Alfyn excels at curing ailments and healing. His combat skills make him one of OT’s most formidable characters, but he suits players who appreciate his unique style. His strength is crafting potions that heal and provide potent buffs and debuffs.

His skill set thrives on experimentation. He’s also a skilled combatant with strong ax attacks and single-target ice magic. On the battlefield, Alfyn can “inquire” with NPCs to find items and secure discounts.

His other major skills include: 

Alfyn’s Skills Short Description 
Empoison Deal Poison effect for two turns.
Amputation Hit an enemy with an axe.
Rehabilitate Make an ally immune to status ailments while also removing the existing ones.
Icicle Deal Inflict an opponent with ice damage.
First Aid Restore an ally’s HP.
Hale & Hearty Boosts max HP by a whopping 500.
Inspiration Retrieves 1% of dealt damage dealt as SP.
Dohter’s Charity Let’s a chosen ally share its items with the entire party.
Last Stand Deals Axe attacks to all enemies; damage rendered equals Alfyn’s health.
Vivify Revive a teammate.
Heightened Healing Boosts Alfyn’s healing potential by 30%.
Resist Ailments Increases resistance to sleep, poison, confusion, silence, blindness, unconsciousness, and terror.


Warrior Lightning 3,452 291 434 378 237 271 258 235

In combat, Olberic relies on his exceptional strength with polearms and swords, dealing substantial damage to opponents and serving as an effective tank at early levels. Unlike the top-ranked character, H’aanit, who can control NPCs, Olberic possesses an advanced version of this ability, which can reduce the overall grind for himself.

While he can be a valuable addition to your team for an initial advantage, it’s not advisable to rely on him for endgame progression.

His major skills are:

Olberic’s Skills Short Description 
Incite Gains the enemy’s attention for three turns.
Spearhead  Launches a polearm attack and enables early charge on next turn.
Abide Boosts physical attack potential for three turns.
Level Slash Attack enemies with a sword.
Summon Strength Boosts physical attack potential by 50.
Cover Absorbs single target attacks incoming towards allies near death.
Brand’s Thunder Hits a single enemy with a massively impactful sword attack.
Thousand Spears Hits a random enemy with five to ten polearm attacks. 
Stout Wall Boosts physical defense strength for three turns.
Surpassing Power Inflicts a max of 99,999 damage.
Endure Boosts elemental and physical defenses of Olberic when inflicted with sleep, poison, unconscious, silence, blindness, terror, and confusion.


Dancer Dark 2,706 504 240 230 442 332 247 392

Primrose excels with a solid dagger and wields potent dark magic. She strategically employs buffs and debuffs, enhancing her party’s attack capacity, speed, and physical strength with her mesmerizing dance. She can lure powerful NPCs to join the party, benefiting from her dance moves.

Primrose masters Shadow magic, countering Light-type foes. However, despite her impressive abilities, she ranks lowest in the tier list. Her potential relies on timing and player skill, often leading to player frustration.

Nevertheless, those who have grasped her playstyle would want to know more about the skills on board that go as follows: 

Primrose’s Skills Short Description 
Night Ode Dishes off dark damage to all enemies.
Mole Dance Improves a teammate’s physical defense strength for two turns.
Peacock Strut Improves a teammate’s elemental attack damage potential for two turns.
Moonlight Waltz Dishes off heavy dark damage to all enemies.
Lion’s Dance Improves a teammate’s physical attack strength for two turns.
Eye For An Eye Offers a 50% counterattacking chance when hit by a physical attack.
The Show Goes On Strengthening spells to teammates will be prolonged for an extra turn.
Sealticge’s Seduction Upgrade single targeting skills to an all enemies targeting skill for three turns.
Bewildering Grace Renders curious effect.
Panther Dance Increases a teammate’s speed for two turns.
Encore Revive every combatting ally automatically, granting them 25% maximum HP.
Second Wind Recover SP on each turn.

Ranking Criteria 

We spent a lot of time researching the most credible sources of information to formulate our tier list. Each of the eight playable characters and their bundled utilities was deeply studied to develop the best possible hierarchy.

Throughout the entire process, our team surfed through various online authoritative sources and tried collaborating with as many new and veteran Octopath Traveler players as possible. That said, our Octopath Traveler tier list doesn’t only rely on the characters’ in-game effectiveness but also on what the gaming community thinks about them. 

Why Trust Us? 

As a team of tier list makers at eXputer, we have brought you one of the most definitive hierarchies related to multiple games for a while now. In fact, eXputer hasn’t spared any game of a tier list that has reached the gamers’ community until now.

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