Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List: All Fruits Ranked [2023]

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Since Pixel Piece Fruit’s recent release, it has gained a massive following, and players are already speculating that it is competition for the dominating Blox Fruit game. The fruits you choose give your character special abilities and powers, which can determine the fate of the match. So, we thought it would be necessary to come up with an unbiased and balanced Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are currently 9 fruits in the game.
  • Hie-Hie and Mera-Mera are complete opposites, but both are the strongest fruits in the game.
  • Bomu-Bomu is best suited for splash damage
  • Cry Cry and Suke-Suke are known to be the supportive units in the game.
  • The newest unit in the game is Paw Paw.
  • Kilo-Kilo and Spin-Spin might be fun to play with but are not that strong.
  • If you are looking to use cloaking abilities, Suke-Suke might be the fruit for you.
  • Smooth-Smooth is the most underwhelming fruit in Pixel Piece Fruit. 

Check out our Tier List Rankings below:

SHie Hie, Mera Mera, Paw Paw
ABomb Bomb, Cry Cry
BKilo Kilo, Spin Spin
CSmooth Smooth, Suke Suke

Here are complete stats for the fruits in Pixel Piece: 

Hie HieSMythicalLogia100,000 Beli, 3,000 RobuxIce Ice, Ice Stomp, Ultimate Stomp, Frozen Time, Ice Spears, Ice Hawk, and Ice Hammer
Mera MeraSMythicalLogia90,000 Beli, 2,500 RobuxHiken, Flame Flight, Flame Snap, Flame Repulse, Dai Enkai Enkai, Shinka Shiranu, and Hono NO Hashira
Bomu-BomuAUncommonParamecia9,000 Beli, 700 RobuxBomb Shot, Bomb Destruct, Bomb Rush, and Bomb Booster
Cry CryAUncommonParamecia5,000 Beli, 500 RobuxChiyupopo, Hogopopo, and Kenpopo
Kilo KiloBCommonParamecia12,000 Beli, 700 RobuxKIlo Force, Kilo Walk, Kilo 1000 KG, Kilo 10,000 KG, Kilo Crash and Kilo Rise
Spin SpinBCommonParamecia7,000 Beli, 500 RobuxSpinning Assault, Spinning Disaster, and Spinning Flight
Smooth SmoothCCommonParamecia500 Beli, 50 RobuxSmooth Floor and Smooth Push
Suke SukeCCommonParamecia2,500 Beli, 500 Robux⠀Party Invisible and Self Invisible


The strongest tier in Pixel Piece Fruit

The S-Tier fruits are the most devious and strongest fruits in the Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List. They are very hard to find, but once you find them, you can capitalize on their skills and easily beat your competition. They are also extremely fun to play with, making the game even more entertaining than it already is.

Hie Hie

MythicalLogia100,000 Beli, 3,000 RobuxIce Ice, Ice Stomp, Ultimate Stomp, Frozen Time, Ice Spears, Ice Hawk, and Ice Hammer

Hie Hie, also known as Ice is arguably the strongest fruit in the game. It achieves this status by having a multitude of amazing skills, which can knock the competition off the match and give you the winning edge. 

  • Rarity: Mythical 
  • Effect: Logia


  • Ice Ice: This skill enables the player to let their character skate on ice. 
  • Ice Stomp: Hie Hie can use this skill to inflict an astounding amount of damage on its enemies by creating a giant ice wall. It creates this ice wall by brutally stomping on the ground. 
  • Ultimate Stomp: The Ultimate Stomp is almost like the Ice Stomp, but a lot stronger. Instead of building one wall, Hie Hie creates 3 big triangular-shaped walls. 
  • Frozen Time: This skill enables Hie Hie to spawn a huge ice structure around your character. Every enemy affected by this structure is dealt damage and frozen. 
  • Ice Spears: Hie Hie can throw ice spears across the map by using this skill. 
  • Ice Hawk: By using this skill, you can throw an ice hawk down a straight line, and any enemy who is foolish enough to step in the way is inflicted with heavy damage.
  • Ice Hammer: You can use this skill to form a large hammer on your head, which deals damage to a close radius around you. 

Mera Mera

MythicalLogia90,000 Beli, 2,500 RobuxHiken, Flame Flight, Flame Snap, Flame Repulse, Dai Enkai Enkai, Shinka Shiranu, and Hono NO Hashira

When there is ice, there is fire. Mera Mera AKA Flame is the opposite of Hie Hie (Ice). It is as strong, if not stronger than ice, and also has many great skills in its arsenal. It can go toe to toe with any other fruit in the game, and 90 percent of the time, it would win. 

  • Rarity: Mythical 
  • Effect: Logia


  • Hiken: Similar to the Ice Spear, the Hiken skill enables the character to throw a flame ball anywhere across the map.
  • Flame Flight: You can put your flame ability to good use by soaring above all the units until your stamina gives in.
  • Flame Snap: When you activate the Flame Snap ability, a flame starts to form at the palm of your character’s hand. You can throw the flame at a specified location at any given point. 
  • Flame Repulse: This ability enables your character to gain flight just a little above the grown. While it is above the rest of the units, flames start to emerge at your feet. These flames stun your opponents and inflict damage upon them.
  • Dai Enkai Entei: Keep holding the skill button to spawn and grow a flame ball on your head. By releasing the skill button, the ball drops and deals damage to all surrounding units. The size of the ball depends on how long you press the skill button.
  • Shinka Shiranu: You can use this ability to brutally stomp the ground by gaining a little bit of altitude. You can deal damage to all surrounding units, and the best part is that this ability can be aimed at any position you want. 
  • Hono No Hashira: Just like Dai Enkai Entei, this skill is more effective if you keep pressing the skill button for longer. You can form a flame pillar in front of you, and it would keep going forward and damage enemies for as long as you keep pressing the skill button. 

Paw Paw

Paw Paw has just been released in the Pixel Piece Fruit universe, and its stats are currently unknown, however, the consensus is that it would be a top-tier OP fruit, maybe even better than Mera Mera or Hie Hie. You can learn more about it by watching this youtube video. 


The second best in the tier list

The A-Tier fruits are not meant to be taken lightly. In the Pixel Piece Fruit Tier list, they rank in second place. Just below the S-Tier fruits, these fruits also possess some amazing skills and can do serious damage if you use them effectively. 


UncommonParamecia9,000 Beli, 700 RobuxBomb Shot, Bomb Destruct, Bomb Rush, and Bomb Booster

Just like the name suggests, this fruit specializes in bombs. It uses its specialty to deal splash damage and can prove to be extremely valuable if your opponents are grouped together. Having a Bomb Bomb fruit against you can be very intimidating, but countering is not all that hard.

  • Rarity: Uncommon  
  • Effect: Paramecia


  • Bomb Shot: You can throw a bomb at a specified location, and it would inflict damage on a compact area.
  • Bomb Destruct: This particular skill enables your character to a suicidal nuke. You will deal damage to yourself but also deal damage to enemies in a large radius. 
  • Bomb Rush: Bomb Rush enables your character to charge itself and launch to a specified destination. It inflicts damage to your opponents who are present at the position where you activated this skill. 
  • Bomb Booster: Inspired by My Hero Academia, Bomb Booster can let you soar through the sky by shooting explosions out of your character’s hands. You can keep flying until you finally run out of stamina. 

Cry Cry

UncommonParamecia5,000 Beli, 500 RobuxChiyupopo, Hogopopo, and Kenpopo

This annoying unit can get on your nerves. Cry Cry is a bit hard to find, but it is worth it. It is more of a support unit than anything else and proves to be very viable when fighting against a boss with constant stunning abilities. 

  • Rarity: Uncommon  
  • Effect: Paramecia


  • Chiyupopo: You can heal your allies by activating this skill. Once you do, your character will start crying and its HP would start depleting, but it’s for the greater good. 
  • Hogopopo: This skill is most effective against bosses with constant stunning capabilities. This ability makes you more resistant to stun and creates a shield around you that protects you from enemy damage. 
  • Kenpopo: You can regenerate your own health by using this skill effectively. Kenpopo enables your character to throw three projectile shots in the target direction. If these shots manage to hit an enemy, your health will regenerate. Pretty cool, right?


The decent/abysmal units

B-Tier units are decent. In our Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List, these units rank in the third position. They are nothing special and are not rare either. However, their common nature means that you can practice with these units more frequently than the rest. If you learn how to use them perfectly, they might just trump the A-Tier units. 

Kilo Kilo

CommonParamecia12,000 Beli, 700 RobuxKIlo Force, Kilo Walk, Kilo 1000 KG, Kilo 10,000 KG, Kilo Crash and Kilo Rise

Kilo Kilo has a whooping six skills in its possession. Because of this many players argue that it should be bumped up to A-Tier; however, since most of its skills are not very viable, we decided to place it in the B-Tier. It specializes in inflicting damage through its massive weight and stomping abilities. 

  • Rarity: Common
  • Effect: Paramecia


  • Kilo Force: Kilo force is one of the more basic skills this fruit has. When activated, your melee attacks gain a damage buff. 
  • Kilo Walk: After activating this ability, your job is to run throughout the map. As you run, your character will stomp its feet on the ground, which will deal damage to all enemies close to you. 
  • Kilo 1000 KG: This ability lets your character stomp the ground with brute force, dealing damage to all opponents in close proximity. However, you will need to use the Rise Ability to use this. 
  • Kilo 10,000 KG: This skill is exactly like KIlo 1000 KG, except it’s much stronger and has a wider range. 
  • Kilo Crash: This is probably the strongest ability Kilo Kilo has. It enables your character to brutally stomp the ground 3 times, and all your opponents within a certain radius take damage. The second stomp is stronger than the first, and the third one is stronger than the second. 
  • Kilo Rise: Your character can use this ability to fly around. And unlike other flying abilities, this one does not depend on your stamina. 

Spin Spin

CommonParamecia7,000 Beli, 500 RobuxSpinning Assault, Spinning Disaster, and Spinning Flight

Spin Spin is one of the most fun fruits to play with. It might not be very strong, but it makes it up with its high speed. But due to its high speed and whimsical skills, it is quite hard to use.

  • Rarity: Common
  • Effect: Paramecia


  • Spinning Assault: This skill makes your character go crazy and start spinning around in your desired direction. It will keep inflicting damage on all nearby enemies, but due to its constant spinning, it becomes hard to use and most players do not use it effectively.
  • Spinning Disaster: The spinning disaster is very similar to the spinning assault, except it is way stronger. Your player becomes a straight-up tornado and deals heavy damage to surrounding units.
  • Spinning flight: This skill allows you to fly around using your spinning legs. You will continue to fly until your stamina finishes.


The worst units in Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List

These units are the worst in Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List. Their skills are not very useful, and the damage inflicted by them is very weak. Using these fruits will not do you much good, and we would recommend finding another fruit if you are using one of these.

Smooth Smooth

CommonParamecia500 Beli, 50 RobuxSmooth Floor and Smooth Push

Smooth Smooth takes advantage of smooth surfaces to become a speedy fruit. It allows you to travel faster and deal damage simultaneously. 

  • Rarity: Common
  • Effect: Paramecia


  • Smooth Floor: Your character will start skating through by using this skill. Even though it is slow at first, it picks up speed after a bit.
  • Smooth Push: While skating through, you can push opponents ahead of you and deal damage, just like a bully!

Suke Suke

CommonParamecia2,500 Beli, 500 Robux⠀Party Invisible and Self Invisible

Also known as Invisible, Suke Suke makes use of her cloaking abilities to confuse your opponents and win. It is a support fruit, as one out of two of its skills is centered around its allies. 

  • Rarity: Common
  • Effect: Paramecia


  • Party Invisible: This skill makes all your allies invisible, but you will still be visible, making you the most vulnerable to enemy attacks. 
  • Self Invisible: You can make yourself invisible by using this skill. It is especially helpful when you have low health and a desperate need to escape.


Pixel Piece Fruit is one of the newest Roblox games on the block, and its rise to popularity has been nothing short of astonishing. The players are loving the game, its amazing graphics, gameplay, and fruits. Every fruit’s ability is unique and interesting, which makes the game irresistible to play. We hope our carefully drafted Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List will help you understand the dynamics of the game and help you dominate the competition.


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