Super Saiyan Tier List: All Saiyan Forms [June 2023]

Our Super Saiyan Tier list entails all the powerful Saiyan characters in the anime & ranks them according to their power, performance & more.

Dragon Ball Series introduced us to Saiyans, an extremely powerful race capable of transforming themselves into a stronger version of themselves. A Saiyan Transforming is also called a Super Saiyan. As there are many forms of Super Saiyan, we are here today to rank all the Super Saiyan forms into a Super Saiyan Tier List.

Key Takeaways
  • A huge population in the world has either watched The Dragon Ball Anime Series either as a kid or is a fan of it even as an adult.
  • The Dragon Ball Series has many different transformations we have witnessed during its lifetime.
  • This Tier List contains all the transformations we have seen in the series, and they are ranked from S Tier to F Tier.
  • S Tier is the strongest transformation, while F Tier is the weakest.
  • S Tier: Goku Ultra Instinct Omen, Super Saiyan, and Super Saiyan God.
  • A Tier: Goku Master Ultra Instinct and Super Saiyan Rose.
  • B Tier: Oozaru, Super Saiyan 2, and Super Saiyan 4.
  • C Tier: Super Saiyan Blue and Ultimate Gohan.
  • D Tier: Super Saiyan Grade 3, Super Saiyan Grade 2, and Super Saiyan Blue Evolution.
  • F Tier: Full Powered Super Saiyan Broly and Super Saiyan 3.

Here’s a complete summary of the Super Saiyan Tier List ranking all the Saiyan Forms:

Super Saiyan Tier List Saiyan Forms Ranking Table
TiersSaiyan Forms 
S-TierGoku UI Omen, Super Saiyan, and Super Saiyan God
A-TierGoku MUI and Super Saiyan Rose
B-TierOozaru, Super Saiyan Two, and Super Saiyan 4
C-TierSuper Saiyan Blue and Ultimate Gohan
D-TierSuper Saiyan Grade Three, Super Saiyan Grade Two, and Super Saiyan Blue Evolution
F-TierFull Powered Super Saiyan Broly and Super Saiyan Three

Dragon Ball is an anime with astounding Transformations, violently rapid fights, and extreme explosions. Its snappy yet classic animation is fan-favorite throughout the world. The series has many parts, Like the original Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z Kai, and the latest Dragon Ball Super.

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Super Saiyans S- Tier list

All S-tier characters we have listed in our Super Saiyan Tier list are absolute gods in Dragon Ball Z. They are the true definition of power that strikes fear in the heart of their enemies. Their enormous amount of strength, fighting tactics, and battle moves are far superior to any other Saiyan we have on the list.

Super Saiyan God

Super Saiyan God was the subversion of our expectations. We thought that this time, like Super Saiyan 3, Goku would get even bigger and spikier hair or even more golden. Not only it, but we also thought we would get the tailback or at the very least, get the fur from Super Saiyan 4.

But the form was not what we thought, not the slightest bit. Goku had a normal hairstyle, maybe a little spiky, but that was it. His hair shifted to red color, and the same goes for his eyes. He gets a burning flame aura, and his body is slimmer than his base form.

More importantly, a new level of power came with the Super Saiyan God. In simple terms, it’s a gateway to becoming the strongest in the Dragon Ball Universe.

This form is very important for Goku because it gives him access to God Ki, a rare type of Ki accessible only to Gods. Unlike the normal Ki, which typically mortals have, Goku can now go head-to-head against Gods or even beat them.

Therefore, the importance of this form was also very well highlighted and shown. It gave us a sense of what being a god-like being feels like, and it landed all that perfectly.

Moreover, the color palette on the form is also very appreciable. The red hair and eye color were fan favorites to many. Therefore, we believe the form deserves to be on the S-Tier.

Super Saiyan

The Super Saiyan is the most important transformation, as it was the first transformation of its kind, other than the Oozaru. The Super Saiyan is responsible for ten other transformations on the list, which wouldn’t have been possible had this form not been introduced.

Once upon a time, the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan was thought to be nothing more than a myth because it had not been successfully accomplished in more than a thousand years. According to Vegeta, a Super Saiyan is someone who has attained a level of strength that is so overpowering that it can only be sustained in a changed condition.

At one point in time, people thought that the change into Super Saiyan was triggered not by a desire but by a need. It is possible for any Saiyan to transform into a Super Saiyan, but, in order to do so, they need a significant quantity of S-Cells. Saiyans that have a kind spirit get more S-Cells, while Saiyans who grow their fighting power also slowly obtain more S-Cells.

It’s a shame to this form if it touches any tier other than S. The buildup, the hype, all of it was real, and it raised many questions if anyone would be able to achieve it. Will it be Goku or Vegeta? Is it strong enough to defeat Frieza? All of these questions led to unimaginable hype among the fans. The form met all of the expectations fans had of it.

Goku UI Omen

Like the Super Saiyan God, the Goku UI Omen is another form of Super Saiyan and therefore ends up on our Super Saiyan Tier List. The Goku UI Omen got a very long, invaluable, one-hour episode. Goku UI Omen deserved every bit of it. It is just a transformation that breaks all limits and is on a different level than all other forms ever introduced in Anime.

Moreover, anime flawlessly introduced the UI Omen form, and it was perfect. In the second half of the episode, Goku UI Omen breaks all limits, doing all the hard work and, more importantly, building the expectations of Whis. What This had previously expected from Goku and Vegeta is finally coming to fruition.

When Goku is shown to achieve the Godly form, Whis is shown as a proud father of sorts because all the time they took to train them had finally paid off. Goku was now more of an Angel among mortals, and such is the capability of Goku UI Omen. Therefore, it deserves a solid S.

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Super Saiyans A- Tier list

All the super Saiyans we have listed in our A-ranking Super Saiyan tier list are second to none. They are not overwhelmingly strong as the S-tier ones we have listed above. However, make no mistake as A-tier Saiyans sometimes have the potential to outperform even the best ones. 

Super Saiyan Rose

The Reason Super Saiyan Rose finds itself on our Super Saiyan Tier List is because it has been stated multiple times that it is a Super Saiyan form of Goku Black. Goku Black mixes God Ki to achieve the Rose transformation in this form.

The God Ki, which Rose form utilizes, is taken from Zamasu, resulting in its own name, Zamasu God Ki. So, just like Super Saiyan blue, where Goku uses his God Ki and combines it with Super Saiyan, Goku Black finds himself in the same situation.

Toei also did a good job in executing the reveal of the form in such a way that caught most of the viewers off guard, and they were left shocked, as they did not realize what Goku Black could do and how much of a role he would have in the coming episodes. Therefore, this form clearly deserves an A.

Goku MUI

Goku MUI is the same thing as the Goku UI Omen, but it is a little downgraded version of it because of its silver color.

It is known that the form possesses a godlike divine status and the power to possess divine ki. Hearts remarks in Dragon Ball Heroes that Goku had the “might of the gods” after viewing his Ultra Instinct Sign and Perfected Ultra Instinct forms. Both of these forms were achieved by Goku.

The idea that Ultra Instinct is of a divine nature was driven home even more when, during Goku’s fight with Moro, the transformation needed an enormous amount of almighty energy on Goku’s part in it to be maintained.

In the manga, Goku frequently uses telekinesis as an element of his combat strategy in this form. He employs it in a manner that is analogous to his God Bind to restrict the mobility of his opponent.

In the manga, Goku reaches MUI form by retaining a large deal of control over his own heart and mind’s impulses, while Jiren is expending a significant amount of his strength. Goku is able to easily outsmart and overpower a non-fully powered Jiren in this state, but even so, when Jiren reaches his max potential, the two fight uniformly.

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Super Saiyans B- Tier list

The B-Tier forms that we have listed in the Super Saiyan tier list are also the most powerful versions Dragon Ball Z characters have achieved. However, these forms are let down by a few drawbacks, so we have ranked them in the B-tier category.

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Super Saiyan 4

Super Saiyan 4 deserves a solid B. Many reasons hold it back from going to higher tiers like A or S. When the form was initially released, it was a very serious form and was only used when circumstances were dire. But, Gogeta in Dragon Ball GT ruins the form with humor and its frequent occurrence, as it eliminates its mysteries and wildness.

Moreover, the form also has many design flaws. Unlike Super Saiyan Blue, in which only the color of the hair change, the wielder of Super Saiyan 4 obtains a Furry torso.

Not only this but their trousers and boots also change, which is very questionable and is a serious design flaw. The sheer unrealism that the form introduces makes it worthy of no more than a B tier.

However, when the form was released at first, it was revealed in such a way as if it was a mystery waiting to be uncovered. Goku is in the Golden Oozaru form, and he is looking at the earth reflecting the sun’s light; when Goku takes all the light in and can calm his mind, he can contain all the power inside him.

He then amplifies it while also forcing it into a smaller body. When the form first appears, it is so dangerous and wild that Goku has to ask Mr. Satan to stay back as he may get killed accidentally. It simply shows how wild and primitive the nature of the form is. This reason uplifts into the B tier.

Super Saiyan 2

The only reason this form deserves a B tier is because of Gohan. No one could have made the form so interesting other than Gohan himself. The circumstances led to the buildup of sheer apprehension and hype, and the way it was introduced was just perfect.

The death of Android 16 triggers Gohan, which leads him to rage and kill every Cell Jr, which has been causing great trouble to Goku and the Gang. It showed how great of a power boost it was from the original Super Saiyan, and also, it was satisfying watching Gohan clean up the mess, which no one else was able to, not even Goku himself.

But, other than that, Super Saiyan 2 lost its value after Gohan. The form became so common that literally, every Saiyan had it; Kaaba, Vegeta, and Goku are, to name a few. The form became the new Super Saiyan because everyone had it. It greatly degraded it; therefore, the form is in B Tier on our Super Saiyan Tier List.


Ooozaru is one of the initial transformations in the series and deserves a spot on our Super Saiyan Tier list. It takes the responsibility of killing Grandpa Gohan. Goku also used it to free his friends from the eminently dangerous foe, Emperor Pilaf.

Oozaru was the first transformation of the series, and it is also implied that Akira Toriyama, writer of dragon ball, planned to give Goku more oozaru-ish powers shortly. This fact can be confirmed in the Piccolo diam arc, where Goku drinks the water and then sees the flash of the Oozaru behind him.

Because the glands that are essential for beginning the transformation are only found in the tail of the Saiyan, the Saiyan must possess a tail for the change to actually occur.

The same quantity of rays will be reflected by a planetary body even if there is no moon present. Considering that staring at the full moon is the most straightforward method for accomplishing the Oozaru form that Saiyans have, in this respect, is very analogous to werewolves. If there were any clouds covering the moon or a planetary body, then some of the radiation would be blocked by those clouds.

It made the oozaru form very important to Goku’s fundamentals of power and established the foundation of Goku being what he is, the strongest character of the series. Because of this, we think that the oozaru form deserves to be placed in the B tier.


Super Saiyans C- Tier list

All the C-tier Super Saiyan tier list forms are underwhelming and can easily be considered near to the average forms that we have listed above. At the time when these forms were introduced in Dragon Ball Z, they were considered a big thing. However, it came to light that other Saiyan forms are immensely powerful, and they dwarfed the ones we have listed below as the manga expanded. 

Ultimate Gohan

Ultimate is an interesting form. This is because the Ultimate transformation is not “earned” in any way, like the typical Super Saiyan, achieved by my intensive training. Ultimate is more of a form that is “Given” or bestowed upon, if you will.

In Dragon Ball Super, it was clarified that Gohan has to “maintain” his ultimate form rather than simply having the Super Saiyan form, which makes the form unique among our Super Saiyan Tier List. But it was simply “given” to Gohan for him to defeat Majin Buu, which is very uneventful.

Therefore, we think it befits C. Still, Ultimate Gohan would have gotten to D, but it was saved for several reasons. One of the main ones was that Gohan did use it in the Tournament of Power.  

Super Saiyan Blue

The Super Saiyan Blue, or as some people call it, Super Saiyan Blue hair dye, was first introduced in Dragon Ball Super. To us, Super Saiyan Blue didn’t hit us as “great,” unlike what Toei Animation intended. So, it is pretty much an average form. Do you know what else is average? A C.

One of the main reasons the Super Saiyan Blue is ranked at C on our Super Saiyan Tier List is because it goes against the idea of the Battle of Gods arc. Goku as Super Saiyan God form was perfect; it didn’t need any further advancements.

It went against what the writer Akira Toriyama intended. He wanted the focus only to be on Super Saiyan Goku, and he didn’t like any other Super Saiyan variation being used. The same goes for the Super Saiyan God form, which in itself is perfect and needs no further advancements, but the animation studio went otherwise.

The only reason it is not ranked in the D tier is the fact that the introduction of the form was very snappy. The momentary occurrence of the blue shades when Vegeta and Goku were punching each other was compelling.

Therefore, we rank the Super Saiyan Blue form at the C Tier.


Super Saiyans D- Tier list

The D-tier Saiyans we have ranked below for the Super Saiyan tier list is not the best versions of Saiyan forms or characters you can find in Dragon Ball Z manga. These may look powerful and radiate with energy, but these forms are heavily underwhelming.

Super Saiyan Blue Evolution

The introduction of this form has been cliched many times in the whole series itself. Every time Vegeta gets hurt, he thinks about all the people he cares about, his family, and his Saiyan pride, which makes him magically stronger.

We have had the same introduction of any Vegeta form since the beginning, and fans were disappointed after seeing it again in Dragon Ball Super. Apart from the bad introduction, the form serves little to no purpose other than keeping up with the Goku Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken, which is not our Super Saiyan Tier List because it is not a Super Saiyan form.

The form does not fall into the F tier because it beat God of Destruction Toppo. Therefore, we think this form deserves a D, no more and no less.

Super Saiyan Grade Two

The Super Saiyan Grade Two is slightly better than Grade Three; however, that does not make it so that it goes any above D. It still deserves a D tier. There are two main reasons: the grade forms weren’t interesting and the second was that they stopped being used after a while in the Anime.

It’s a step towards not understanding that bigger doesn’t mean better. It is precisely why forms like Super Saiyan three also never took off. The bigger, the better way was never something adored by the fans.

Moreover, Dragon Ball showed all the flaws of the form itself, indicating that it can never be a successful form and is here just momentarily. Therefore, it’s a solid D.

Super Saiyan Grade 3

Super Saiyan Grade three is a variant of the original Super Saiyan 1 form. It is focused more on power than speed and agility and is one of the less strong forms of the initial Super Saiyan. The transformation allows us to realize that power is not the only thing determining which opponent will win.

It shows us the importance of sheer speed and agility as well. Because of this factor, the Super Saiyan Grade three doesn’t do anything significant. It’s the least popular and one of the weakest transformations on our Super Saiyan Tier List.

One of the Most Interesting uses of the ability was done by future trunks in Dragon Ball Super when he used it against Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, trying to trick him into thinking that he was doing something wrong, even though he wasn’t.

The form is used to think people are doing something wrong. That’s just the nature of the form, making people think you are doing something wrong. This fact alone earns it a spot on the D-Tier.


Super Saiyans F- Tier list

All the F-tier Super Saiyans are as bad as D-tier. These are not only bad in terms of power but design aesthetics as well.  

Super Saiyan Three

Super Saiyan Three is an easy F, and we have our reasons. Only two people are ever shown to have ever obtained this form, Goku and Gotenks, and neither of them was shown to have obtained it the first time. It was only shown when both characters had already achieved the form.

Additionally, the form also has many issues, its design’s most important. The design is so bad that they lose their eyebrows, which looks weird. Moreover, they also gain a lot of golden hair, which adds to the extremely bad eyebrows and hairline.

Another one of the form’s major issue is that the form does nothing. It cannot beat Majin Buu, even though it was exclusively introduced to beat him. It is debatable if the form can beat Kid Buu, but Goku could have definitely beat fat Buu using the form.

Full Powered Super Saiyan Broly

Simply put, the Full Powered Super Saiyan Broly is in the F Tier due to a lack of “Emphasis.” In the Broly movie, Broly’s other two Super Saiyan forms are widely more focused on, which makes it way more interesting than Full Powered Super Saiyan Broly could be.

This form could never reach the likes of the other forms showcased in the movie just because of its simplicity. The form is a simple enhanced version of Super Saiyan, which has a more muscle-to-speed ratio in laymen’s terms.

Furthermore, in the movie, the form wasn’t even properly animated, and CGI was used, downgrading the form, and eliminating any interest from the watchers due to its acutely bad animation and introduction.

Moreover, as far as the Dragon Ball community knows, Akira Toriyama didn’t even want the form to be showcased in a movie; he was against that idea. It is because the design is not from Toriyama but comes directly from Shintani. It easily makes it the worst form on our Super Saiyan Tier List. Therefore, the form couldn’t get any worse and is a straight-up F.

Super Saiyan Tier List Criteria

As long-time fans of Dragon Ball Z manga, anime, and series of various video game adaptations, we have a rich knowledge of all Super Saiyan forms introduced so far. We also took the liberty to research the forums and the fan base’s opinion. After combining both elements, we were able to curate the tier list as listed above, which is open for further discussion but closed for criticism. 

We at eXputer have a dedicated team who are well versed in pop culture and love to research before producing quality and unbiased tier lists. That is why you can always read and rely on the tier lists we draft, and we make every effort to make the content close to the source material.

So that sums up our Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Tier List, if you think we misplaced some form, then we need to let you know this ranking is based on popularity and fan rating polls. Moreover, the ranking is NOT based on power levels. We would like your opinion on the list, so make sure to drop a comment below.

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