Super Saiyan Tier List: All Saiyan Forms [Detailed Ranking]

Our Super Saiyan Tier list entails all the powerful Saiyan characters in the anime & ranks them according to their power, performance & more.

Dragon Ball Series introduced us to Saiyans, an extremely powerful race capable of transforming themselves into a stronger version of themselves. A Saiyan Transforming is also called a Super Saiyan. As there are many forms of Super Saiyan, we are here today to rank all the Super Saiyan forms into a Super Saiyan Tier List.

Key Takeaways
  • A huge population in the world has either watched The Dragon Ball Anime Series either as a kid or is a fan of it even as an adult.
  • The Dragon Ball Series has many different transformations we have witnessed during its lifetime.
  • This Tier List contains all the transformations we have seen in the series, and they are ranked from S Tier to F Tier.
  • S Tier is the strongest transformation, while F Tier is the weakest.

Here’s a complete summary of the Super Saiyan Tier List ranking all the Saiyan Forms:

Saiyan Forms Ranking Table
Tiers Saiyan Forms 
S-Tier Goku UI Omen, Super Saiyan, and Super Saiyan God
A-Tier Goku MUI and Super Saiyan Rose
B-Tier Oozaru, Super Saiyan Two, and Super Saiyan 4
C-Tier Super Saiyan Blue and Ultimate Gohan
D-Tier Super Saiyan Grade Three, Super Saiyan Grade Two, and Super Saiyan Blue Evolution
F-Tier Full Powered Super Saiyan Broly and Super Saiyan Three

Dragon Ball is an anime with astounding Transformations, violently rapid fights, and extreme explosions. Its snappy yet classic animation is a fan-favorite throughout the world. The series has many parts, Like the original Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z Kai, and the latest Dragon Ball Super.

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Super Saiyans S- Tier list

All S-tier characters we have listed in our tier list are absolute gods in Dragon Ball Z. They are the true definition of power that strikes fear in the hearts of their enemies. Their enormous amount of strength, fighting tactics, and battle moves are far superior to any other Saiyan we have on the list.

Super Saiyan God:

  • Represents a significant subversion of expectations, introducing a new level of power.
  • The red hair and eye color are widely appreciated, adding to its visual appeal.
  • Abilities make it a formidable addition to the S-tier, capable of surpassing even the most formidable opponents.

Super Saiyan:

  • Iconic transformation marking the first and crucial step in the Saiyan’s journey to ultimate power.
  • Paved the way for numerous other transformations and exceeded fan expectations by defeating powerful foes like Frieza.

Goku UI Omen:

  • Ultra Instinct Omen form signifies breaking all limits and reaching a level of power beyond imagination.
  • Flawless introduction captivated audiences, building anticipation for Goku’s ultimate potential.

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Super Saiyans A- Tier list

All the super Saiyans we have listed in the A-tier are second to none. They are not as overwhelmingly strong as the S-tier ones we have listed above. However, make no mistake as A-tier Saiyans sometimes have the potential to outperform even the best ones. 

Super Saiyan Rose

This form, achieved by Goku Black, combines Super Saiyan transformation with divine ki taken from Zamasu. Super Saiyan Rose is a testament to the fusion of godly power and Saiyan strength, earning its place in the A-tier for its formidable abilities.

Goku MUI (Mastered Ultra Instinct)

 Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct form, also known as MUI, represents a silver-toned upgrade from Ultra Instinct Omen. With a divine status and the utilization of divine ki, Goku’s MUI form is recognized for its godlike power and strategic advantages. This form’s abilities, including telekinesis and outsmarting opponents like Jiren, solidify its position in the A-tier.

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Super Saiyans B- Tier list

The B-Tier forms that we have listed in the Super Saiyan tier list are also the most powerful versions Dragon Ball Z characters have achieved. However, these forms are let down by a few drawbacks, so we have ranked them in the B-tier category.

Super Saiyan 4:

  • Introduced in Dragon Ball GT, it diverges from the traditional Super Saiyan path.
  • Initially portrayed as rare and powerful but suffers from comedic portrayal and design inconsistencies.
  • Despite its immense power, its drawbacks and reception in GT relegate it to the B-tier.

Super Saiyan 2

  • Associated with Gohan and the intense buildup during the Cell Saga, earning it significance.
  • Widespread adoption by other Saiyan characters diminishes its uniqueness and significance.
  • Despite its power and iconic moments, it falls short of higher tiers due to its relative commonality among Saiyan characters.


  • Holds historical significance as one of the initial transformations in the Dragon Ball series.
  • Crucial in Goku’s early development but limited by loss of control and dependence on external factors like the full moon.
  • While foundational, its limitations and situational nature contribute to its placement in the B-tier.


Super Saiyans C- Tier list

All the C-tier Super Saiyans forms are underwhelming and can easily be considered near the average forms that we have listed above.

Ultimate Gohan

  • Ultimate transformation is not earned through training but bestowed upon Gohan.
  • Lackluster introduction and uneventful acquisition during the battle against Majin Buu.
  • Unique maintenance aspect distinguishes it but falls short of higher tiers due to unremarkable utilization.

Super Saiyan Blue

  • Introduced in Dragon Ball Super but fails to impress compared to previous forms.
  • Goes against the established concept set by Super Saiyan God in the Battle of Gods arc.
  • Despite cool introductions, lacks the impact and significance to warrant a higher tier placement, settling for C-tier.

Therefore, we rank the Super Saiyan Blue form at the C Tier.


Super Saiyans D- Tier list

The D-tier Saiyans we have ranked below for the tier list are not the best versions of Saiyan forms or characters you can find in Dragon Ball Z manga. These may look powerful and radiate with energy, but these forms are heavily underwhelming.

Super Saiyan Blue Evolution:

    • Cliched introduction and underwhelming purpose in Dragon Ball Super.
    • Offers little significance beyond matching Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken.
    • Only noteworthy feat is defeating God of Destruction Toppo, earning it a D-tier placement.

Super Saiyan Grade Two:

    • Slightly superior to Grade Three but still underwhelming overall.
    • Lacks interest and usage beyond initial introduction.
    • Represents a flawed belief that increased size equals increased power, which does not resonate well with fans.

Super Saiyan Grade 3:

    • Prioritizes power over speed and agility, resulting in a weaker and less popular transformation.
    • Utilized by Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Super to mislead opponents, showcasing its deceptive nature.
    • Ultimately considered a momentary and flawed form, earning it a solid D-tier placement.


Super Saiyans F- Tier list

All the F-tier Super Saiyans are as bad as the D-tier. These are not only bad in terms of power but design aesthetics as well.  

Super Saiyan Three:

    • Only achieved by Goku and Gotenks, with no indication of first-time attainment.
    • Design aesthetics are heavily criticized, with the loss of eyebrows and excessive hair.
    • Considered one of the worst forms due to both design and limited usage, earning it an F-tier placement.

Full Powered Super Saiyan Broly:

    • Lacks emphasis and focus compared to Broly’s other Super Saiyan forms.
    • Overshadowed by other forms in the Broly movie, making it less interesting and impactful.
    • Considered the worst form on the Super Saiyan’s tier list, deserving of an F-tier ranking.

Tier List Criteria

As long-time fans of Dragon Ball Z manga, anime, and series of various video game adaptations, we have a rich knowledge of all Super Saiyan forms introduced so far. We also took the liberty to research the forums and the fan base’s opinions. After combining both elements, we were able to curate the tier list as listed above, which is open for further discussion but closed for criticism. 

We at eXputer have a dedicated team who are well versed in pop culture and love to research before producing quality and unbiased tier lists. That is why you can always read and rely on the tier lists we draft, and we make every effort to make the content close to the source material.

So that sums up our Dragon Ball tier list, if you think we misplaced some form, then we need to let you know this ranking is based on popularity and fan rating polls. Moreover, the ranking is NOT based on power levels. We want your opinion on the list, so make sure to drop a comment below.

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