URF Tier List: Best Champions Ranked & Compared

Check out the top URF champions in the current League of Legends meta.

In League of Legends, URF mode offers fast-paced gameplay and a wide selection of champions to choose from, which can make it challenging to determine the best picks for optimal gameplay. This URF tier list for Patch 13.3 will aid you in selecting the most suitable champions for your playstyle and team composition same as I did for LoL Mid Lane Tier List.

This Tier list is updated as per the recent patch Update 14.3.

Key Takeaways
  • There are about 162 champions in the URF mode of League of Legends, and I have listed the top 54 champions.
  • Champions are ranked based on their Class, Health, Armor Score, Pick Rate, and Win Rate.
  • Champions are ranked into S+(God), S(Strong), A(Good), B(Average), C(Poor) Tiers.

URF Champions Comparison Table 

Here is the stats comparison table for all of the URF champions:

CharacterClassHealthArmorAttack RangeScoreWin RatePick RateKDA Ratio
AnnieBurst560 – 229419 – 98.962566.7165.87%60.71%2.85
KayleSpecialist670 – 223426 – 97.417558.7258.66%8.08%2.28
Jarvan IVDiver640-240836-117.617558.4556.00%6.92%3.06
SivirMarksman600 - 236826 -101.6550058.0857.65%9.62%2.37
BlitzcrankCatcher633 - 248640 -119.912557.5157.33%10.98%2.27
Miss FortuneMarksman640-239128-99.455054.6554.16%11.94%2.26
AhriBurst590 – 222221 – 100.955054.1753.59%10.80%2.27
ZyraCatcher574 – 215529 – 100.457553.6553.29%5.28%2.18
SonaEnchanter550 – 209726 – 97.455053.5951.56%6.63%2.73
EkkoAssassin655 – 233832 – 103.412553.1852.87%9.55%2.15
RakanCatcher610 – 229332 – 118.730052.8751.43%3.86%2.51
NeekoCatcher610 – 237821 – 109.455052.7352.26%5.35%2.19
JinxMarksman630 – 233026 – 105.952551.9851.59%11.78%2.13
SamiraMarksman600 – 243626 – 105.950051.7852.21%4.88%1.85
LuluEnchanter595 – 209129 – 112.355050.1147.96%5.27%2.64
ZoeBurst630 – 243221 – 100.955050.3749.26%4.26%2.31
AsheMarksman640 – 235726 – 104.260050.5049.33%11.59%2.33
RellVanguard610 – 237832 – 103.417551.0949.89%0.85%2.36
FizzAssassin640 – 244222 – 100.217551.3050.53%10.24%2.23
ZeriMarksman630 – 258524 – 95.450049.84%49.39%3.81%2.07
zedAssassin654 – 233732 – 111.912549.4849.38%11.83%1.94
CorkiMarksman588 – 237328 – 107.955049.3548.67%3.82%2.12
OlafDiver645 – 266835 – 106.412549.0949.46%3.15%1.77
ZacVanguard685 – 253833 – 112.917548.9947.60%3.31%2.34
KaynSkirmisher655 – 250838 – 114.517517548.9748.85%6.95%1.90
UrgotJuggernaut655 – 238936 – 128.6535048.5548.32%3.36%1.95
RumbleBattlemage659 – 234236 – 115.912547.7947.24%3.52%2.02
DravenMarksman675 – 244329 – 105.555047.8248.11%6.12%1.75
GargasVanguard670 – 252338 – 119.612547.3446.48%5.14%2.11
PoppyWarden610 – 237838 – 117.912547.1546.61%3.35%1.99
SennaEnchanter530 – 204328 – 107.960047.1145.41%6.99%2.37
SionVanguard655 – 213432 – 103.417547.0747.72%3.76%1.60
SettJuggernaut670 – 260833 – 121.412546.8547.17%5.38%1.70
Lee SinDiver645 – 243036 – 119.312546.4745.72%10.32%2.04
GwenSkirmisher620 – 247339 – 127.415046.5046.63%2.04%1.75
OrnnVanguard660 – 251333 – 121.417546.5345.84%1.89%2.02

URF Tier List

Below is the Ranking Table for all champions from the Top to the Lowest tier.

Tier Champion
S+ Tier Annie, Kayle, Singed, Jarvan IV, Sivir, Blitzcrank, Ziggs, Janna, Nami, Hecarim, Lillia, Veigar, Sher, Tristana, Soraka
S Tier Temo, Miss Fortune, Lux, Zilean, Nasus, Ahri, Zyra, Sona, Ekko
A Tier Rakan, Neeko, Jinx, Samira, Lulu, Zoe, Ashe, Rell, Fizz
B Tier Zeri, zed, Corki, Olaf, Zac, Kayn, Urgot, Rumble, Draven
C Tier Gargas, Poppy, Senna, Sion, Sett, Lee Sin, Gwen, Ornn

S+ Tier

s+ tier champions - urf tier list
S+ Tier Champions [Image Credits: eXputer]
It is the God Tier that contains the most powerful champions of URF.

Champion Pros Cons
Annie High burst damage, excellent crowd control, easy gameplay Low mobility, limited range
Kayle Versatile, strong scaling, great at melee Weak early game, long cooldowns
Singed High mobility, strong crowd control, great sustainability Poor team engagement, can be kited
Jarvan IV Strong initiation, durable, versatile Counterable by high mobility, low mobility
Sivir Excellent wave clear, good mobility, strong in team fights Low attack range, poor durability, mana-intensive
Blitzcrank Strong initiation, durable, excellent crowd control Dependent on skill shots, punished for missed hooks
Ziggs High damage, strong zoning, long-range expert Low mobility, vulnerable to assassins
Janna Strong disengagement, good team utility Lacks hard engagement, low damage output
Nami Strong laning presence, versatile abilities Mana-intensive, vulnerable to hard engagement
Hecarim High burst damage, strong mobility, fast jungle clear Lacks durability, vulnerable to crowd control
Lillia High mobility, strong damage and crowd control Squishy, requires good positioning
Veigar High damage output, scales well into late game Low mobility, vulnerable to assassins
Shen High mobility, strong defensive abilities, can protect allies Low damage output, reliant on team for survival
Tristana High damage and scaling, can reset jump Short range, vulnerable to crowd control
Soraka Strong healing, great team utility Squishy, easily targeted

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s tier champions - urf tier list
S Tier Champions [Image Credits: eXputer]
These are the champions in the URF tier list that are strong but slightly less powerful than God Tier.

Champion Pros Cons
Teemo High map control, blinds enemies, great kiting Squishy, low mobility, struggles against gap closers
Miss Fortune High AoE damage and wave clear, zones enemies Short range, vulnerable to CC, struggles against tanks
Lux High burst damage, great utility with snare and shield Squishy, reliant on skill shots, long cooldowns
Zilean Can stun, revive allies, slows enemies, speed boost Struggles against high mobility, squishy, low damage
Nasus Scales into a tanky bruiser, high damage, great sustain Weak early game, vulnerable to kiting
Ahri High mobility, great burst damage, can roam and gank Struggles against tanks, short range, reliant on skill shots
Zyra Strong crowd control, high AoE damage, zones enemies Struggles against gap closers, squishy, lacks hard CC
Sona Strong healing, buffs, and AoE crowd control Vulnerable to burst, squishy, lacks mobility
Ekko High burst damage, good escape, strong crowd control Struggles against sustain champions, reliant on skill shots

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a tier champions - urf tier list
A-Tier Champions [Image Credits: eXputer]
These champions are strong, but not quite on the level of S-tier champions. If you want a less predictable pick, these champions might be for you.

Champion Pros Cons
Rakan High mobility, strong engagement, good sustain Squishy, weak early game, requires coordination, vulnerable to CC
Neeko High burst damage, deceives enemies, versatile Squishy, reliant on skill shots, limited mobility
Jinx High damage output, good wave clear, snowballs well Lacks mobility, vulnerable to CC, reliant on support
Samira High damage, good mobility, resets on kills Squishy, weak early game, reliant on positioning
Lulu Protects allies, versatile, strong peel Lacks hard engagement, vulnerable to CC, reliant on allies
Zoe High mobility, strong poke and burst, picks up spells Squishy, reliant on skill shots, limited wave clear
Ashe Global ultimate, kites enemies, strong utility Lacks mobility, vulnerable to CC, low damage without items
Rell Strong engagement, crowd control, high utility Lacks damage, vulnerable to poke, weak early game
Fizz High mobility and burst damage, dodges abilities Reliant on skill shots, squishy, vulnerable to CC


b tier champions - urf tier list
B-Tier Champions [Image Credits: eXputer]
These are good URF champions. They’re not exceptional but still very useful. If your preferred champions are taken, consider choosing from this group.

Champion Pros Cons
Zeri High utility, sustain for allies, high mobility and burst Squishy, high skill cap, limited range/CC
Zed High damage and mobility, strong split pushing, can assassinate carries Falls off late, squishy, high skill cap
Corki Mixed damage, high burst, good wave clear and siege Lacks sustained damage, vulnerable to all-ins, item-dependent
Olaf High durability, dueling potential, good CC and chasing Falls off late, lacks mobility, vulnerable to kiting
Zac Unique engagement, strong CC, good sustain and durability Vulnerable to CC and disengage, struggles early, counter-jungling risk
Kayn Adaptable, strong ganking/dueling, versatile forms Early game struggles, requires time to transform
Urgot High sustain, strong zoning/CC, effective tank shredder Limited mobility, vulnerable to kiting, item and position dependent
Rumble High AoE damage/CC, strong lane bully and team fighter, unique mechanics Difficult heat management, requires good positioning/timing
Draven High damage and snowball potential, strong laning and dueling Struggles against CC/burst, requires axe management, lacks mobility


c tier champions - urf tier list
C-Tier Champions [Image Credits: eXputer]
Strong kits but low win rates, situational. Experienced players can use them properly.

Champion Pros Cons
Gargas Engages/disrupts with ultimate, strong sustain Struggles with early jungle clear, high skill cap
Poppy Shuts down mobility with W/ultimate, strong dueling Struggles with wave clear, difficult against ranged
Senna Long-range poke and healing, strong scaling Lacks mobility, vulnerable to strong engage/burst
Sion Strong engage and CC, good wave clear Struggles with mana, difficult against ranged
Sett High damage and sustain, strong dueling and CC Limited range/mobility, struggles against high mobility/burst
Lee Sin Effective early ganks, strong mobility Falls off late, high skill cap
Gwen High damage output, good sustain and CC Low mobility, limited range, susceptible to CC
Ornn High durability, versatile CC, scaling with passive Low mobility, long cooldowns, susceptible to kiting

URF Tier List Criteria

The criteria of the URF Tier List are based on:

  • Class
  • Health
  • Armor
  • Attack Range
  • Pick Rate
  • Win Rate
  • KDA Ratio
  • Score

This list takes into account all the juicy deets about each champ, from their strengths to their weaknesses. Now, don’t get it twisted – just because a champ isn’t the best in every characteristic doesn’t mean they can’t be top-tier. In fact, a champ that dominates in one area might fall short in another. That’s why I have considered all the factors for ranking champions.

In conclusion, the Tier List provides a detailed breakdown of champions based on their Class, Health, Armor, Attack Range, Win Rate, Pick Rate, KDA Ratio, and Overall Score. The list ranks tanks from S+ Tier to C-Tier using research and data analysis from online sources like Youtube, LoL Wiki, and LoL Sbureddit. As the new patch update releases, the urf tier list will be updated accordingly, ensuring that players always have the most up-to-date information.


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