Warhammer 40K Darktide Soulblaze [Explained]

Learn how Warhammer 40K Darktide Soulblaze works and how it can affect players' overall gameplay!

The Warhammer 40K Darktide Soulblaze is a lesser-known skill that most players largely misunderstand, and therefore they might require help with it. Soulblaze itself is described as a damage-over-time type of effect that can be carried out onto enemies. Over time, damage simply means that it continues to make enemies intake damage over a spread amount of time. 

Key Highlights:

  • Soulblaze is a DOT effect that can be applied to enemies nearby whenever one is in combat in order to cause damage over time. 
  • Soulblaze’s effects can be found in feats and one weapon that can be tested out by Warhammer players. 
  • The only class that offers the Soulblaze effect is the Psyker class, and classes like the Ogryn do not have it. 
  • The best way to get the soulblaze effect will be to reach the required level and unlock the feats that have the effects in them. 
  • The main benefit of having the effect is simply that it allows for a fun playstyle and offers new experiments for players.

Soulblaze Explained 

As of the time being, out of the four classes that are available for use to the players, the Soulblaze skill can only be used by the players who were lucky enough to start their experience while being a Psyker main. For the other classes, like Ogryns, Zealots they can’t seem to use soulblaze at least for now. 

The main way that players can use the soulblaze skill is simply through acquiring the Soul-blaze specific feats that are available to Psyker class which we will go in-depth about later down the line. 

The way that soulblaze works are because players will be able to apply the damage over time to enemies, and over time it will continue to deal an amount of damage that is not a specific number; rather, the damage that will be dealt will be non-fixed. 

The damage dealt to enemies will scale off of every stack up to a certain number of stacks based on the opponent you were able to hit. 

Properly Understanding Soulblaze 

Soulblaze Showcase
Soulblaze Showcase (Image Credits Exputer)

Soulblaze has to be one of the most confusing DOT that players have ever encountered while playing as a Psyker. 

The Soulblazr skill will be able to interact with a certain number of enemies, most of whom will be normal mobs, some of them being enemies that will be classified into the elites, which can be a bit more difficult to deal with. 

It doesn’t matter how the damage stacks are being calculated when it comes to the soulblaze properties; there will always be a bit of a Prerequisite that players need to look out for. 

One thing that payers need to look out for are enemies that will be resistant to Soulblaze. One of the biggest examples that we can come across are opponents that end up having Carapace armor on them. If you are fortunate enough to try Soulblaze on them, it will end up being useless since it won’t apply the DOT to them, and neither will it deal any significant damage. 

However, another thing that players should know is that not every elite enemy is going to be that resistant to it. Most of the elite-type enemies will end up being obliterated if you end up using soulblaze on them, given the fact that they should have at least 6 stacks being applied to them. Otherwise, it will still be disappointing to look at. 


While we’re on the topic of stacks, why not go further in-depth about how stacks with Soulblaze operate and how they can either decrease or increase the amount of damage that they cause to enemies? 

One thing that players should know is that if you end up reaching about 12 stacks, then the amount of effect that the skill causes will start to slowly be less and less effective, which makes it a bit disappointing. The thing is that most players will not be able to cross 12 stacks since it is insanely difficult even to try to get 12 stacks in. 

One thing that might piss off players is that there are no actual ways to find out if stacks are even applied to the enemy that you are fighting against, and it’s up to the players to stand there and figure out what stack they are on. 

With 2 stacks, there is a possibility that some types of enemies will take about four damage every second, some will take seven damage per second, and there are some who will end up taking like 5 damage every second, which simply ties it all back together to the fact that there is no fixed amount of damage that is being dealt to any kind of opponent and it all severely varies. 

Another thing that will either limit or increase the amount of damage that the Soulblaze can carry out against players will be the armor that the enemy has put on. If you end up using the secondary stack while it is fully charged, then you will be able to see the skill apply about seven stacks to the enemy. 

Once again, the thing that sucks the most about getting these stacks is that if you’re standing there and fully charging the attacks, then there is a high chance that it will get interrupted in one way or another and there is even a chance that you simply might end up being severely hurt by the opponent in front of you. 

The best way to consistently keep up stacks is by hitting enemies with one stack in order to maintain the total number of stacks that were already going on and make sure not to wait too long between applying each stack; otherwise, it will simply have been too long, and the stacks will end up being canceled and go back to 0. 

One interesting thing that players might be able to test out will be a powerful stack that, once it is applied to opponents, players won’t have to worry about upkeeping stacks too much. With feats like Ascendet Blaze, if you end up doing six charges, then it will equate to six stacks that will be applied to opponents. 

Let’s say that you can hit an enemy with about 200 health, and you end up hitting 50 of them, then that equates to about 10000 for simply clicking one button, though the chances of that are low. It will also end up causing enemies to take stagger, which makes them all the more vulnerable. 

Skills With Soulblaze 

Now, when it comes to the actual feats that have Warhammer 40K Darktide Soulblaze effects in them, there are only 2 or 3 that players will be able to access. 

One of the main feats will be known as Wrack and Ruin, and whenever it is activated, it will require the player to go ahead and kill any elite or specialist-type enemy using a Brain burst, after which it will then go ahead and apply a total of 2 stacks unto the enemies if they are present within a 3-meter range. 

Another feat will be known as Kinetic Overload, which means that anytime the player has a max amount of warp changes, anytime the payer can gain an extra warp charge, t will instead go ahead and apply a total of 4 soulblaze stacks unto enemies. 

The final feat that payers will be able to get the soulblaze skill from will be Ascendant Blaze, which will allow Psykinetic’s Wrath to finish out all charges and then apply a few soulblaze stacks to enemies, which will be based on the total number of warp charges that have been used. 

Psyker Class 

Psyker (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s discuss a little bit about the class that I will be able to use, which will be the Psyker class. The class itself is known to be a class that has abilities that have been gifted with kinetic powers. They can clear out madness with little to no difficulty, and they are able to make use of the gifts that have been bestowed upon them with utmost ease. 

Psykinetics are known to make use of the Empyrean forces using their literal mind. Hence they are also called the Psykinetic class, and with the forces in hand, they are able to kill off any enemy that dares cross their paths. 

Wherever they traverse, they will leave behind absolute devastation unto opponents that are unfortunate enough to go in front of psyker players. Before the enemies even get a chance to make a move on the players, they are already dead. 

Now, all of this comes with a trap. Players are able to use the Warp in order to get control of their surroundings as well as enemies, but the thing is that every time the player ends up using the warp abilities, they will get “Peril”, which will end up being displayed on their screen. 

Suppose your Peril ability ends up being increased and ends up reaching 100%. In that case, the Psyker player will be in serious danger since it can quite literally cause your head to explode, which can severely impact your performance whenever you are in the middle of a serious battle. Therefore it is crucial to manage our overall peril and manage your warp abilities alongside it. 


Feats (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, when it comes to the feats for Psyker class, there will be quite a few to discuss. For level 5, these three feats can be expected: 

  • Essence Harvest: With essence harvest in hand, players will be able to have a total of 30% toughness regenerated to them over a period of 5 seconds after they gain a warp charge. 
  • Quietitude: For every 10% peril that is being used, players will be able to regain about 5% toughness
  • Warp Absorption: Whenever an enemy ends up being killed by the player using the Warp attack, players will be able to regain 10% toughness

At level 10, players can expect these feats: 

  • Inner Tranquility: For every warp charge that is being carried out, players will be able to receive 6% total peril resistance, which will be a max of 30%, and if you have access to a warp battery, then the 30% will be increased to a max of 36%
  • Psykinetics Wrath: Based on the total peril that the player has, you will be able to gain anywhere between 5 to 15% total damage using force weapons. 
  • Wrack and Ruin: A feat that we already mentioned before, anytime the player is able to murder off an elite or specialist opponent using a brain burst, it will go on to then further apply 2 Warhammer 40K Darktide Soulblaze to every enemy that is present within a 3-meter radius. 

Whenever the player ends up reaching level 15, they will be able to get access to three feats

  • Psykientics’s Aura: every time a psyker main is able to murder off any kind of elite enemy, any allies that are present in coherency and you both will be able to gain a total of 15% cooldown decrease on your abilities, allowing both of you to cast them against enemies faster and taking them out easier. 
  • Cerebral Lacerations: If you end up using your brain burst ability on enemies and are able to cause damage to them, the feat will work in a way whereby it will then go ahead and cause the enemies to take in 15% enhanced damage from every source of non-warp for a total of 5 seconds. 
  • Psychic Communion: With psychic communion in hand, players can expect to gain a 4% chance whereby they might end up getting access to a warp charge if any of them or their allies that are present in coherency with them are able to murder off an opponent in the battlefield. 

If players end up reaching level 20, then they will be able to have these feats made accessible to them: 

  • Kinetic Deflection: During combat, if the player is below peril that is deemed to be critical, anytime you are able to block out an upcoming attack from the enemy’s end, it will cause the player to have their overall peril increased instead of losing any stamina. 
  • Mind In Motion: If you are in the middle of quelling peril, and the feat is activated, then you will not have any movement speed decreased, while it normally would be if you are quelling it. 
  • Kinetic Shield: Based on the total number of warp charges that the player has, it will allow them to have their overall toughness damage intake negated, and the percentage will be anywhere between 10% and 33%. 

Upon reaching level 25, the feats that will be made available to you will be as follows: 

  • Warp Battery: with the Warp batter in hand, players will be able to store a total of 6 warp charges
  • Kinetic Flayer: Upon using Kinetic Flayer, every time you carry out an attack against an enemy, there will be a 10% chance that you might be able to outlaunch Brian Burst onto the enemy.
  • Kinetic Overload: If you end up having the max amount of Warp Charges, and you end up getting another warp charge, it will instead go ahead and apply a total of 4 stacks of soulblaze unto an enemy that is close by. 

Once you reach level 30, the final three feats will be revealed, one of which will also have the Warhammer 40K Darktide Soulblaze effect. 

  • Kinetic Barrage: For the next ten seconds after the player ends up using the Psykinetic Wrath, the brain burst will be able to charge with a total of 25% increased speed, and it will take up 50% decreased peril. 
  • Quicken: the Psykinetic’s ability will be able to get done with each and every warp charge, after which it will decrease the cooldown by a total of 12.5% forever warp charge that ended up being removed. 
  • Ascendant Blaze: Based on the total number of warp charges that ended up being used, it will apply stacks of soulblaze to opponents. 


As for the talents, they will be listed as follows: 

  • With the Blitz skill, players can use Brain Burst, which will allow players to replace the grande slot and get the burst, and it will take players a total of 2 seconds to charge up, and it will be able to target out one enemy that will be absolutely obliterated. 
  • As for the Aura, players will be able to make use of Kinetic Presence, which allows any allies that are present in coherency and are in health and armor mode to gain a total of 10% increased damage buff that can be carried out against enemies that are strictly elite. 
  • Another important ability will be Psykinetic Wrath, which will allow players to get rid of 50% of their overall peril instantly, and it will cause an instant stagger to be taken in by enemies. The ability will have a total cooldown of 30 seconds. 
  • There will be two iconic skills, one of them being Warp Siphon, which allows players to murder every enemy using brain burst as usual, but every time they do so, it will gain them one warp charge. And each charge that you end up getting will have your overall damage increased by 3%
  • Lastly, Battle Meditation will be another iconic skill that you can use, which will grant players a 10% chance that they might be able to quell 10% peril anytime they are able to carry out a kill on opponents. 

Rifthaven MK II Purgatus Force Staff 

Purgatus Force Staff
Purgatus Force Staff (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, there is a weapon that is able to apply the soulblaze effect as well, which is known as the Rifthaven MK II Purgatus Force Staff. It is a force-type weapon and is going to be mainly focused on charge attacks. 

It has an overall rating of 409, and it will provide a dodge limit of 3 for the players. Apart from that, the player’s overall dodge distance will be reduced by 25%, and sprint speed will be reduced by 0.20, but stamina gets increased by 4, and the sprint cost will be set to 1 cost every second. 


And there we have it! A detailed walkthrough of how the soulblaze effect works, and with that, we will wrap up our Warhammer 40K Darktide Soulblaze guide!

For players that are just now discovering Warhammer, our Tips and Tricks guide will showcase some amazing tips that will help you get the hang of how the game operates and will assist you in progression! While you’re at it, why not also read up on our Warhammer 40K Darktide Walkthrough, which further helps in gameplay as well?

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