Warhammer 40k Darktide: Difficulty Levels [Explained]

Warhammer 40k: Darktide features 5 different difficulty levels targeted at players of various skillsets and levels.

Warhammer 40k Darktide features raid-like mission structures with varying difficulty levels. Each mission can be switched between 5 difficulty levels, with each of them bringing new difficulty variations to the gameplay. The higher you go in difficulty level, the more teammate coordination plus personal skill will be required if you desire to complete the missions alive.

Key Takeaways
    • Sedition is the easiest one. Hence the player can go for it at any level.
    • Our second one is Uprising; we recommend switching to the uprising at character level 2
    • Malice is now where it really starts testing your skills. We recommend character level 10 for Malice.
    • For the fourth difficulty level, Heresy, we recommend character level 25.
    • The last one is Damnation. Go for it when you really are a master of all. We would recommend character levels above 30 for Damnation.

Difficulty Levels

Below, I have discussed the 5 difficulty levels in the Darktide:


Threat Level 1
Difficulty Level 1 – Sedition
  • Recommended for Beginners

Sedition is the first difficulty or threat level, as the game likes to call it. It is recommended for those who want to learn the basics of combat, mission structure, level layout, and enemy variety. The enemies in Sedition are much easier to take down and aren’t very aggressive when compared to higher difficulties.  Additionally, this difficulty is great for learning the gameplay mechanics of other operatives as well.


Threat Level 2
Difficulty Level 2 – Uprising
  • Recommended for players who have a hang of the gameplay mechanics.

Uprising is the second threat level and turns up the heat in terms of challenge and enemy aggression. This difficulty level tests what you have learned about your operative by putting you in situations where you can make the most out of your class.  You should definitely switch the difficulty to level 2 if you believe that you have developed a good understanding of the gameplay mechanics and enemy encounters,


Threat Level 3
Difficulty Level 3 -Malice
  • Recommended for Intermediate players

This difficulty level is where you will be spending most of your time as it strikes the right balance of difficulty. The challenge of this difficulty will keep you on your toes without being too brutal with the challenge. Basically, it’s the best difficulty level if you want to have a fun time with friends while also XP farming and leveling up your character in the process.


Threat Level 4
Difficulty Level 4 – Heresy
  • Recommended for Experts

Heresy is quite early in the game but the amount of challenge it brings with itself can only be countered by players who have a very high level and a great command over the game’s combat system. It is highly advised to turn the game’s difficulty level to Heresy only if your character is close to max level and have good teammates to back you up.

While having the highest level is advised you can probably get by with the early 30 levels as well, granted that you have great team coordination and know how to effectively use your class during missions.


Threat Level 5
Difficulty Level 5 – Damnation
  • Recommended for Masters and Max-leveled players

Damnation puts everything you have learned through your 40 hours with character and puts it to the test. It is the highest difficulty in Warhammer 40k Darktide and holds nothing back when it comes to the challenge, enemies, bosses, and more. As its the highest difficulty in the game, the rewards received from completing missions in Damnation difficulty are also the top of the line, which makes this difficulty the best way to obtain the best gear and weapons in the game.


Warhammer 40k features 4 unique classes of operatives with varying weapons and feats.  Each character requires a different approach to combat and teammate coordination. For more on these classes and how to correctly build, check out our guides on the best psyker build, the best veteran build, the best ogryn build, and the best zealot build in Warhammer 40k Darktide.

Additionally, each class has a unique set of feats which are basically abilities they can unleash during combat encounters. So for the best feats, consider going through our guides on best veteran feats, best ogryn feats, the best zealot feats, and best psyker feats.

This concludes our guide on the difficulty levels in Darktide. Let us know your favorite gear farming difficulty in the comments below.


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