BG3: Whispering Depths Dungeon [Walkthrough]

Here, you can learn about everything regarding the rewards, location, and secrets of the Whispering Depths in BG3.

Whispering Depths BG3 is a secret location you can find below the Blighted Village. It is essentially a dungeon where you can get some really good loot, but exploring it can be tricky. You might end up at the dungeon during your ACT 1, but facing many fierce spiders isn’t easy.

Key Takeaways
  • Whispering Depths is a secret location in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can be found below the Belighted Village.
  • The best way to reach the Whispering Depths dungeon is through the abandoned well in the village’s central square.
  • Getting the Spiderstep Boots is necessary as they help a ton in the cave.
  • Before fighting the boss in the dungeon, make sure to destroy the eggs.
  • One of the best things about Whispering Depths is that it also acts as a portal to the Underdark.

Whispering Depths Location

Blighted Village (Image Taken By Us)

Whispering Depths is one of the best dungeons in Baldur’s Gate 3, as it acts as a portal to Underdark after you fight the boss in the area. As said before, the dungeon is hidden beneath the Blighted Village, and you can choose to get there in many ways.

The following are the ways I chose:

  • On the Northeast side of Blighted Village, you can enter the dungeon through the Blacksmith’s house.
  • Find a room with cobwebs on the floor inside the house and clear them to open a hole.
  • The hole will lead you to a basement, so look for a forge room there and break the cracked wall to enter the dungeon.
  • The other and best route to the dungeon is the abandoned well.
    Well (Screenshot Grab By eXputer)
  • As mentioned earlier, the well can be found in the village’s central square.
  • Pass the perception check, go inside the well, and you will enter the dungeon.

The dungeon is filled with many spiders, and cobwebs will be scattered around. To avoid getting webbed, you will need to find the Spiderstep Boots, which can be found in the large chamber. Once you reach the chamber in Whispering Depths, you will find a chest that contains the boots. 

As you clear the dungeon, you must fight the main boss. The boss you have to fight is The Phase Spider Matriarch, which can be annoying to deal with.

The Phase Spider Matriarch Boss Fight

The Phase Spider Matriarch (Screenshot Taken By Us)

The boss in Whispering Depths BG3 can be found on the upper level, the dungeon’s center. It will become difficult if you straight up head to fight the boss. The Spider has the ability to teleport, and on top of that, she has eggs that will be used against you.

However, you can make the fight easier by the following steps I mentioned below:

  1. Before starting the fight with the boss, destroy all of her eggs.
  2. If you destroy the eggs, she won’t be able to bring them with her, and the fight will become easy.
    Destroy The Eggs (Image Credits: eXputer)
  3. To burn the eggs, use the fire spell, which was effective as I did the same.
  4. As soon as the boss is on her web bridge, shoot the bridge, as it will do some significant damage to her.
  5. Remember the same strategy; you will win the battle and be rewarded with the Poisoner’s Robe.

When you have successfully defeated the boss, there is a useful item you pick up in the area. You can find the Dark Amethyst below, where you saw the boss. The item will help you to open the Necromancy of Thay Book. One of the best things about the dungeon is that it also acts as a portal to the Underdark.

The Underdark Entrance

Portal to Underdark (Image Source: eXputer)

The path that connects the Underdark to the BG3 Whispering Depths is close to where you fought the boss. So, just go to the fast travel point in the dungeon in the Chasm area, and you will see a hole. Now, use a Feather Fall Spell to jump down; your character won’t survive the fall damage if you don’t.

You would want to know almost everything about the Whispering Depths BG3. The dungeon is huge and can be fun to explore, but getting webbed can be annoying. So, make sure to get your hands on the Spiderstep Boots, as you can avoid getting webbed. The boss fight is extremely annoying if you won’t break the eggs beforehand, so make sure to do that as well.

While you are at it, you should check out the guide on the Best Amulets in Baldur’s Gate 3 to choose the best one based on your preference. After that, make sure to give the Best Level One to Level Six Wizard Spells guide a read for a perfect showcase. When you finish that, visit the Best Heavy Armor Guide page in Baldur’s Gate 3, as they provide strong protection in battles. 

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