BG3: Dark Amethyst [Location And Use]

In my Dark Amethyst BG3 guide, you will learn all you need about the Dark Amethyst key, including where and how to find it.

A plethora of various ingredients are included in the many delicacies of the expansive world of Baldur’s Gate 3. These Ingredients are consumable items that a player can find and use for various effects, skill buffs, or interacting with entities in the world. One such item in BG3 is “Dark Amethyst,” which opens a pathway for progression and leads to various rewards.

Key Takeawaysz
  • The Dark Amethyst is an important quest item in BG3.
  • It acts as a key in the “Search the Cellar” quest.
  • You need to interact with the Apprentice’s Journal to start this quest in BG3.
  • The Amethyst is located in the Whispering Depth dungeon.
  • The exact coordinates of the Dark Amethyst are X:-553 Y:-356 in a monster nest.

What Is The Dark Amethyst In BG3?

Baldurs Gate 3 Dark Amethyst
Dark Amethyst (Image Credits: eXputer)

The Dark Amethyst is one of the most sought items in Baldur’s Gate 3 because of its quest rewards. It is an essential quest item, required for completing the “Search the Cellar.” While it does not give any buffs or effects as an item, it acts like a key to open the door.

I have listed some additional information about the Dark Amethyst BG3 below.

  1. The Dark Amethyst item text is, “You can’t shake the feeling that darkness seeps out of this heavy, orblike stone.”
  2. The weight value for the Dark Amethyst is 0 kg as it is a key/quest item.
  3. The gold value for this quest item is 350 GP.
  4. It is classified as a common rarity item.

How To Start “Search The Cellar” Quest

The quest using the Dark Amethyst ingredient is one of the main quests in Baldur’s Gate 3 called “Search the Cellar.” You can potentially start it in Act 1. However, it is possible you may not be able to start it until a later act because of your earlier decisions. You need to read the Apprentice’s Journal to trigger this quest which you can find in the Whispering Depths by looting the skeleton at X:-493, Y:-367.

Where To Find The Dark Amethyst?

Whispering Depths Dungeon
The Whispering Depths (Image Credits: eXputer)

Well, the Dark Amethyst lies in the same place as all the other quests and triggers I have talked about so far in my Dark Amethyst BG3 guide, the Whispering Depth.

West Cave Whispering Depths
Whispering Depths West Cave (Image Credits: eXputer)

You can follow my steps in order to get to the exact location of the Dark Amethyst item.

  1. Navigate to the starting point of the Whispering Depth dungeon, the teleportation point in Blighted Village.
  2. From there, jump down to the open wall near the teleportation point.
  3. You will fall into the Whispering Depth dungeon, a network of caverns full of monsters.
  4. I recommend being extremely stealthy to avoid a level 5 boss fight.
  5. Start heading west until you come across the Phase Spider Matriarch’s nest (around X:-553, Y:-356).
    Spider Matriarch's Nest
    Phase Spider Nest Cliff (Image Credits: eXputer)
  6. Clear the nest (Optional) and loot the marked area to obtain the Dark Amethyst item.

Finally, I have listed everything you need to know about the Dark Amethyst item and how to get to it. While you are here, I suggest exploring another exciting quest like the Necromancy of Thay. You can also learn more about similar items like the Icy Crystal. Lastly, if there is something you wish to let us know, feel free to leave it in the replies below.

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