Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: How To Coop [All Modes]

Summon your friends or invade someone to ruin their day in Wo Long!

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty brings back the coop and multiplayer, which is mostly similar to Nioh but with a few new additions and changes. You can clear out most areas and kill bosses with your friends in multiplayer, and the game even gives you an NPC ally in almost every mission.

Key Takeaways
  • Unlock multiplayer after defeating the main boss Zhang Liang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.
  • Engage up to two additional players in multiplayer.
  • Use the Willow Branch to dismiss the NPC AI and free up a slot for players.
  • Play with both random players and friends, setting up a password for private lobbies with friends.
  • Utilize Tiger Seals to summon players, ensuring you have enough for co-op with friends.
  • Revive teammates during battle, with a limited number of revival attempts.
  • Experience player invasions in other players’ worlds, a new addition to Team Ninja’s games.
Important: Coop or Multiplayer only unlocks after you beat the first main boss, and you will need Tiger Seals to summon players into your world additionally.

How To Coop In Wo Long

To unlock co-op, follow these steps:

  1. Defeat Zhang Liang: You must first defeat the first main boss, Zhang Liang, in Wo Long. Complete the tutorial level on your own to unlock co-op for subsequent missions.
  2. NPC Ally: In most missions, the game assigns an NPC ally to assist you. This ally takes up one multiplayer slot, leaving you with one available for co-op with a friend.
    wo long fallen dynasty coop
    An NPC Ally In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Image Captured by Us)
  3. Willow Branch: You can use the Willow Branch item to dismiss the NPC ally, freeing up an additional multiplayer slot. This allows you to play with two friends in co-op mode. However, if you only want to play with one friend, you can keep the NPC ally with you.
    feature in the game
    The Willow Branch In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Image Captured by eXputer)
  4. Entering Multiplayer:
    • Rest at a Battle Flag, similar to shrines in other games.
    • Select the “Online Lobby” option to access multiplayer/co-op.
    • Choose from three options: “Recruit” for playing with random players, “Coop” for playing with friends, or “Invade” for invading other players’ worlds.
      wo long fallen dynasty coop
      The Online Lobby In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Image by eXputer)
  5. Tiger Seal: Keep in mind that you need a Tiger Seal to summon a friend in the game. If you want to summon two friends, you’ll need two Tiger Seals. These are required for multiplayer/co-op in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Multiplayer With Randoms

wo long fallen dynasty coop
Connecting With Random Players (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Calling random players into your world or answering the call of other random to go into their world in order to help them is pretty straightforward and easy. All you have to do is select the Recruit Option from the Online Lobby menu, and then you can either choose to call random players into your world or go into their worlds to help them.

However, you should know that you’ll need a Tiger Seal in order to summon a random player and two Tiger Seals if you’re summoning two players additionally. Tiger Seals are not needed to get summoned into other players’ worlds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. If you get summoned into a random player’s world, then go prepared, as you won’t be able to rest at his flag and change your equipment and Divine Beasts.

Multiplayer With Friends

wo long fallen dynasty coop
Setting Up A Password For Multiplayer With Friends (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Select the COOP option in the online lobby of the game if you want to play with your friends, and the game will ask you to make a password. Both you and your friends should have the same password in order to play together. 

wo long fallen dynasty coop
Friend’s Lobby Joined In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Image credit: eXputer)

Once the password is set, you can invite your friends to join your game. Then you can select the mission that you want to play with your friends. Both you and your friends can change their equipment before the mission begins, and once everyone is ready, you can start the mission in the game.

feature in the game
Reviving Your Friends In The Game (Image Captured by eXputer)

Playing with your friends in multiplayer mode or Coop definitely makes Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty easier, but some bosses or enemies are really tough, and one of you can end up dying. Fear not, though, as there is an option for reviving downed teammates in the game, but you can only revive someone only a few times, as indicated by the red bar above the downed teammate that depletes every time they die. And when the red bar is fully depleted, the player is sent back into his own world.

Invading Other Players

You can also invade other players in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, which is a new addition to Team Ninja’s games. And to our surprise, Wo Long has been getting praised for its PVP and Build Variety, streamers like OroboroTV, who love playing PVP in Fromsoftware games, are enjoying Wo Long’s invasions as well.

You can basically invade the world of other players and kill them for rewards. However, the invasion option does not unlock until you complete the main mission known as The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven. Once you complete that mission, the option to invade other players will become available.

Things To Know About Multiplayer

wo long fallen dynasty coop
The Level Sync Mechanic In The Game (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

There is a Level Sync mechanic that ensures to make the game is more balanced when playing with a friend of high level. Basically, if you summon a friend who is his endgame to your early game mission, then the game will lower your friend’s overall level and increase the level of enemies in order to balance things out.

Additionally, you should know that Tiger Seals are extremely important in the Coop of the game. You need these items to summon allies. You can get the Tiger Seals by the following methods;

  • From Loot that you find on the ground.
  • By Invading and killing other players.
  • By defeating enemies at Burial Flags found throughout missions.


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