Boosteroid Plans On Adding More AAAA Titles Exclusively To The Service

Great news for gamers with low-end systems.

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  • Boosteroid is a cloud gaming platform that debuted in 2019.
  • The service offers a variety of great games like Grand Theft Auto V and Elden Ring, among others. 
  • We spoke with Max Burtsev, Vice President of Marketing at Boosteroid, over an email interview.

Cloud gaming has become a hot topic over recent years, and the market is projected to reach a substantial value of around USD 143.4 billion by the next decade. No wonder that cloud gaming is the future of the industry, with one Boosteroid being among the highly successful cloud gaming platforms.

The service allows players to enjoy their favorite titles in higher resolutions, whether playing on a PC, laptop, tablet, android TV, or smartphone. It also offers thousands of titles, with more being added on a regular basis.

In order to understand the success behind the platform and how it has thrived in a highly competitive market, we spoke with Max Burtsev, Vice President of Marketing at Boosteroid, over an email interview.

Boosteroid Was Released Over Half A Decade Ago – Image Credits: Boosteroid.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about Boosteroid Cloud Gaming?

Max: My name is Max Burtsev; I am the VP of Marketing at Boosteroid – the largest global independent cloud gaming provider that enables one-click access to PC video games across multiple devices and platforms. Put simply, Boosteroid allows users to access and enjoy the games they own on almost any device, be it a PC, laptop, smartphone, or even smart TV (with even more impressive possibilities to come). It is similar to Netflix in a way. You don’t need to download or update your games; you don’t have to be glued to just one device. By subscribing to a modest monthly fee, you get access to an extensive collection of top-tier games. From any place and any device, even the most low-end or outdated.

The Cloud Gaming sphere is already considered competitive because of other platforms offering quality services with a fairly large library of games. How does Boosteroid differentiate itself from others, and why would you say it is a better option for gamers?

Max: Our primary focus is seamless user experience. From day one, our goal has been to offer gamers quick and easy access to their favorite games no matter what device they use. That led us to several solutions that make Boosteroid stand out.

First, we use a hybrid model to form our content library. This approach involves pre-installing some games on our servers, allowing you instant access if you already own them through the corresponding store. However, even if a game is not yet available on our platform, you always have the option to install it yourself.

Second, we aim to offer our users seamless access to all available distribution platforms without the need for repeated authorizations. The user registers with Boosteroid and provides their details from other platforms, and that’s it – their entire gaming library, regardless of where it was purchased (on Steam, Epic Games, Origin, or Xbox Store), is accessible and functional.

Third, we have no session time limits. At all. The gamers are here to play for as long as they want.

Fourth, but not least, is our support team. We pay a great deal of attention to ensuring that users do not face their challenges alone. Regardless of where a gamer chooses to voice their issue—whether it’s our official Discord or a fan group on Facebook—they will get a response from real people, not machines.

These are some of our key differences, just to name a few. As the VP of Marketing, I could talk about our service endlessly, so I’d better stop here.

Boosteroid recently welcomed 8 new games to its library. How many games does the platform now have in total? And what will these numbers look like by the end of 2024?

Max: New games are constantly being added. It’s a never-ending process. Currently, the service offers 1000+ titles. Chances are a couple more have been added while I’m typing this text.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring Won The Game Of The Year Award In 2022 – Image Credits: FromSoftware.

Since performance is one of the biggest reasons why players opt for Cloud Gaming, could you tell us how you ensure a quality gaming experience for players and how you handle scalability during peak usage times?

Max: This is a key challenge for all cloud service providers, not just gaming ones. True, no matter how prepared you are, there is always a chance that a sudden surge in users could cause queueing issues. That’s what all the major services in our market face. Like I said before, we are very focused on providing our users with a seamless experience. So, we strive to manage queues and reserve virtual machines in a way that minimizes waiting times for our gamers. We also continually collaborate with our partners to have the ability to install and launch new servers promptly.

As for the gaming experience, we provide gaming streams in Full HD resolution with a frame rate of 60 FPS. Our data analysis shows that this is sufficient to give most players a positive gaming experience. The fact that dynamic games like Fortnite and Counter-Strike consistently top our charts indicates that we manage to deliver not only high-quality visuals but also responsive input times, which are crucial for dynamic shooters.

Could you give us some rough statistics on how many players, on average,<br /> use Boosteroid every month?

Max: I hate to say that, but unfortunately, no – that is commercial information. But recently we’ve published a report for last year. There, you can find all the data that we can publicly disclose.

Why is there no free trial on Boosteroid? I believe many people tend to look for other options when they don't have a chance to experience the service themselves before paying for it.

Max: The truth about free trials is that most gamers do not engage with the service — they simply use it while it’s free. While this could be acceptable, the issue arises from the fact that free players still utilize server resources. Consequently, this results in queues for paying gamers. We believe this is unfair. Therefore, we have opted not to follow the conventional trial format employed by our peers. We are actively exploring balanced methods for new gamers to experience what Boosteroid offers without straining our servers.

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy Was The Top-Selling Video Game In 2023 – Image Credits: Avalanche Software

Have you ever considered adding exclusive titles to the platform? Could you tell us why or why not an exclusive game would be suitable for attracting more players?

Max: That is exactly the strategy we consistently execute — to introduce more AAAA titles exclusively on Boosteroid for our subscribers. I’d be lying to you if I said that it’s a no-brainer. That’s why our team dedicates significant effort daily to cultivating lasting relationships with key game publishers in order to establish a consistent presence of exclusive games on Boosteroid. Global trends also play a crucial role in this endeavor, as analysts predict that over 90% of PC gaming will shift to the cloud by 2030.

Your partnership with Microsoft took a step further this year. Could you tell us how this deal came about and what this entails for the future of Boosteroid?

Max: The partnership agreement with Microsoft was signed in 2023. For us, it represents a significant expansion of our game library with new titles and the opportunity to attract new subscribers from the Xbox Game Pass service users. For our partners at Microsoft, it provides access to a new audience that, due to the lack of gaming PCs, had not previously been in their focus.

Cloud Gaming has become an excellent alternative for games with hefty requirements, which have become increasingly common in the last few years. Do you think services like Boosteroid would greatly benefit if this trend keeps up?

Max: No doubt. If you take a look at gaming PC prices, you will notice that they are increasing every year. Moreover, the market model is such that components become outdated not long after they were produced, and in order to maintain a consistent user experience, gamers have to regularly upgrade their PCs. Quite a pain in the neck, isn’t it?

On the other hand, gamers constantly demand high-quality graphics, which puts video game developers under serious pressure from their audience. Let’s say I bought a $1500 graphics card that supports various image rendering technologies – naturally, I want all of that in a new game; otherwise, why did I buy it? In these circumstances, cloud gaming becomes the optimal solution for literally all parties.

As I mentioned earlier, analysts predict that within 6 years, 90% of PC gaming will transition to the cloud. The fact that console manufacturers are also focusing on cloud gaming is an indicator for us that Boosteroid has a bright future ahead.

Counter Strike 2
Boosteroid Offers Many Multiplayer Titles Like Counter-Strike 2 – Image Credits: Steam

With how much the gaming industry has changed in these past few years, for better or worse, have you ever reconsidered your subscription model to accommodate these changes?

Max: Changes in the gaming industry are a topic for a separate in-depth discussion. Besides the ongoing race for high-quality graphics technologies, I would highlight a trend towards the “game-as-a-service” model. This trend is also reflected in the behavior of our subscribers – they typically choose 1-3 games in which they spend most of their time. However, this doesn’t have a significant impact on our subscription model. Boosteroid is a service provider that grants continuous access to video games. As games become more demanding in terms of hardware, we are committed to ensuring that our servers deliver the highest quality for our players.

Do you have any plans to expand your servers and supported regions (like Asia/SEA) anytime soon?

Max: Yes, absolutely. We carefully study these regions, constantly collaborate with partners, and plan to expand the geography of our server locations.

Does Boosteroid have anything major planned for 2024 and beyond? If so, could you give us a tease?

Max: The biggest thing we’ll announce pretty soon is the launch of the Ultra package, which will allow players to experience 4K resolution and support for cutting-edge image enhancement technologies. This was supposed to happen in 2023, but due to a number of issues, including the war in Ukraine, the launch has been slightly delayed. Not to mention a number of exciting partnerships and announcements in progress, but it’s too early to talk about them just yet.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers? Something we haven't touched upon yet.

Max: There’s just one thing I always keep in mind – you can’t stop the progress. It wasn’t too long ago when the idea of streaming music on a subscription basis was unimaginable. Similarly, the notion of accessing a vast library of movies regardless of location or device was beyond imagination. Yet, here we are today, enjoying these incredible services and platforms that connect millions of users worldwide. I am confident that this is precisely the path the cloud gaming industry is poised to follow.

Accessing gaming content through the cloud, and not just access but full interaction with a positive gaming experience, is just the beginning of the journey. I am sure that very soon, we will see the development of what was recently referred to as the “metaverse,” and cloud gaming, in my opinion, is the only viable foundation for this development. So, whoever you are – a gamer, a video game developer, a publisher, or just an enthusiast of the industry – come join us on this inspiring journey of pushing the whole game industry forward.

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Boosteroid was released in 2019 and has already built a massive library of video games, many of which players can enjoy without even downloading. The service recently welcomed titles like Ghost of Tsushima, Moose Miners, Homeworld 3, and many others to the platform and continues to add more titles regularly. We thank Max Burtsev for taking part in our interview.

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