Armored Core 6 Patch v1.03 Improves Gameplay Stability And Fixes Several Bugs

It also updates "Data Usage Agreement" for the Japanese version.

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  • Armored Core 6 patch v1.03 has gone live, improving gameplay stability while tackling numerous bugs.
  • Although it has launched on all platforms, the patch contains a few fixes exclusive to the Steam version.
  • A bug that prevented players from getting certain trophies/achievements even after acquiring all necessary parts has been fixed.
  • The “Motion Blur” option has been removed in this patch and is now replaced by “Camera Blur.” Players can expect it to return in a future update.

Armored Core 6 has received patch v1.03, improving gameplay stability while addressing several bugs. The patch has gone live on all platforms, but a few Steam-exclusive changes exist. Due to some updates to the “Data User Agreement,” players who are playing the Japanese version should receive the confirmation screen again. Additionally, “Motion Blur” has been replaced by “Camera Blur” and will return in a future update.

The update has brought a new “Quit Spectate” option when spectating an online match. It can be found in the menu, allowing players to return to the multiplayer room. A “Chg. Ammo Consumption” parameter has been added to the IB-C03W3: NGI 006 coral missile part specs, which can be viewed with “Toggle Display.” When viewing the “Toggle Display” of the head part specs, players will find a “Scan Standby Time” parameter.

Armored Core 6 v1.03 Bug Fixes
Armored Core 6 v1.03 Bug Fixes.

The VP-66LS laser shotgun equipped in your left hand should no longer experience a longer delay when doing normal shots after firing a charged shot. VP-60LT should now correctly respond to the sub-generators during the “Destroy the Weaponized Mining Ship” mission. A bug that occurred after reloading the Vvc-700LD laser drone caused player AC orientation to lock onto targets even when “Target Assist” is disabled has been fixed.

Armored Core 6 v1.03 Steam & Other Changes
Armored Core 6 v1.03 Steam & Other Changes.

Players should no longer see incorrect icons displayed for damage type or reload type when viewing part specs for some weapon parts. The timing window for using repair kits while firing certain weapons has been adjusted. When viewing the “Toggle Display” of certain melee weapons, some players reported seeing an unintended value for the “Chg. Attack Power” parameter, which has been addressed in this patch.

Armored Core 6 v1.03 Bug Fixes
Armored Core 6 v1.03 Bug Fixes.

This patch has removed the “Motion Blur” option due to some behavioral issues in photo mode. It is now temporarily replaced by “Camera Blur” and should return in a future update. Another major bug preventing players from getting the “Weapons Collector,” “External Parts Collector,” and “Internal Parts Collectorachievements even after getting all the parts has been fixed.

Armored Core 6 v1.03
Armored Core 6 v1.03.

If players still experience the issue with achievements, they can sell some parts from the relevant category and repurchase them to trigger the unlock. Players should be notified of a match starting in online match rooms, even when another menu is open. A bug that caused screen transitions to behave incorrectly when opening the game by accepting an online match invite should now be fixed.

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Armored Core 6 has been out since August 25, 2023, for the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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