Atomic Heart Is Top 3 On All Xbox Game Pass Platforms

The FPS is also the No.2 most played single-player title on Xbox right now.

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  • Atomic Heart is in the top 3 of the most popular games charts on all iterations of the Xbox Game Pass.
  • It is No.2 on the cloud and No.3 on the PC and console version of the service.
  • Furthermore, the FPS is also the 2nd most played single-player game on Xbox right now, behind Hogwarts Legacy.

Atomic Heart has reached the top 3 of the “most popular” games charts on all Xbox Game Pass platforms. The FPS game is ruling on cloud, console, and PC Game Pass and is showing no signs of stopping. On the console version, it is currently No.3 and holds the same spot on the PC Game Pass.

Alternatively, Atomic Heart is doing even better on the cloud and is currently the 2nd most popular game on this iteration of the subscription. Hence, the FPS is a success on the Xbox Game Pass on all fronts despite the controversy around it.

Many have compared Atomic Heart to Bioshock and called it the legendary FPS’ Russian remake. Due to this similarity and an interesting premise, there has been a lot of hype around the game. However, several controversies in the past few weeks have brought the title even more mainstream attention.

Developer Mundfish has been the main reason for this bad press due to its ties to Russia. Even though the studio describes itself as a global one, many key figures are from the country and the studio isn’t exactly open about this facet.

Add to this the developer’s vague stance on the Russian-Ukraine war and you can understand why people have been suspicious.

Some have even suggested that Atomic Heart is collecting user data for Russia, even though Mundfish denies it. The emergence of a racist cartoon also added to this scrutiny, with many calling out the developers for it.

Mundfish did apologize for this stereotypical image and removed it from the game in update, which came out on February 25.

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Many are still boycotting the game due to the aforementioned reasons, but it seems like it has had no effect. Atomic Heart is thriving and has already become the most popular Xbox game of 2023. It also overtook the sales juggernaut Hogwarts Legacy to do this, which is an achievement in itself.

Atomic Heart has been a best-seller despite the controversy around it, and new stats back this up. Benji-Sales informed us of how well the game is doing on the Xbox Game Pass. It is in the top 3 spots on all versions of the service, showcasing its immense popularity.

On consoles, it is No.3 on the Game Pass with only Forza Horizon 5 and Minecraft above it. Atomic Heart did overtake the FPS giant Rainbow Six Siege to get to this spot. Moving on, it is currently also No.3 on the PC version of the Xbox Game Pass.

League of Legends and Minecraft: Java and Bedrock edition are the only titles above it. Knowing how popular they are on the platform, it is a major win for Atomic Heart. The FPS also went beyond another FPS title to get to No.3 on PC Game Pass.

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It overtook Valorant, which is one of the most popular FPS games in the world right now. Now, going over to the cloud version of the service, Atomic Heart has done one better. The Mundfish title is No.2 on this iteration of the Xbox Game Pass.

Only Forza Horizon 5 is above it in the rankings, which is a very popular game on the platform. Atomic Heart left behind games like Halo Infinite and Rainbow Six Siege to reach this spot on the Cloud Game Pass. Both of these are fan favorites so the game is doing pretty well for itself.

In addition, it is also the 2nd most-played single-player game on Xbox right now. Only Hogwarts Legacy is above it and knowing how successful the fantasy game is, this is a win for Atomic Heart.

Hence, everything from reviews to sales suggests that Atomic Heart is a major success, even with the bad press. You can play it right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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