Atomic Heart’s Latest Update Adds Highly Requested Feature

The next round of updates may include Steam Deck support.

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  • Atomic Heart has received a new patch that adds the highly requested FOV settings feature to the game.
  • The update is by far the largest batch of fixes that the game has received since its launch. It focuses on ironing out several gameplay and performance issues while improving UI & other areas.
  • Future updates will include gamepad input remapping, further UI settings, and Steam Deck support.

Mundfish has released what is possibly the greatest patch for Atomic Heart to date. Outlining an enormous amount of performance and bug fixes, the update also adds a highly requested feature. The game is probably one of the few titles that were in a functional state at launch, but it had its share of problems. You can find the full version of these patch notes over on the official Steam page.

Gameplay & Open World Fixes For Atomic Heart

Being an open-world experience brings a whole bag of issues that need to be addressed. The latest patch of Atomic Heart attempts to iron out a ton of these problems. Windbender Power Generators and Dandelion CCTV systems will no longer remain unrepaired. Other issues, such as the missing KS-23 receipt & being unable to get out of cars, have also been fixed. 

Furthermore, loot problems with pieces of dead, frozen enemies, along with the disappearance of loot after loading a save file, have been addressed. The absence of certain map elements in the Friendship of Peoples Park should no longer pose a problem either. Moreover, P.E.A.R terminal response issues, collision errors, and other gameplay hiccups have been fine-tuned as of this patch.

Atomic Heart Gameplay Patch Notes
Atomic Heart Gameplay Patch Notes

Beyond the gameplay fixes, the update has also made some adjustments to the quest-related bugs. Problems involving the Tereshkova, an incorrect Plych Spawn in the Pavlov Complex, the Testing Ground elevator, and save errors in the Vavilov Complex tunnels, among several others, have been resolved. Also, you will no longer face issues when loading into the game at specific locations through an autosave.

Miscellaneous Adjustments in Patch

Aside from all the gameplay tuning, the update brings some hefty improvements to other departments of the game. The latest patch adds FOV settings to Atomic Heart. Players have been requesting this feature since launch week, and Mundfish has delivered. 

Achievement problems have also been addressed in this patch. You will no longer face any issues with your achievement progress not being saved. Furthermore, the unlock complications have been resolved. NORA’s UI has also been tweaked for 16:10 and 21:9 ratio monitors, alleviating display errors. Other display and UI-specific discrepancies have been resolved as well.

The latest update brings a lot of adjustments
The latest update brings a lot of adjustments

Several visual and audio problems have been ironed out with this patch. The VFX for Vov/a6’s death in the frozen state has received some improvements. Sounds were also added for jumping in Limbo. Issues involving flickering in certain cutscenes, cartoons not playing at times, incorrect loading of certain elements, and lighting have been addressed.

Atomic Heart has had a problem with mouse acceleration on the PC platform. The patch also disabled this as it was a hindrance for several players. Soft lock issues when pressing space several times during NORA segments have also been resolved. The game’s stability has also been improved, and crashes in certain areas should be less of a problem. The performance factor was improved as well.

Visual and audio fixes in patch
Visual and audio fixes in patch

This latest patch is the most massive round of updates the game has received since its launch. It shows the developers’ commitment to ensuring the experience is as best as it can be. While we can’t remove bugs and errors entirely, a certain level of performance and functionality should be the standard. Future updates will include input remapping, UI and subtitle size settings, and Steam Deck support.

Atomic Heart is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and last-gen consoles. Here’s why this stunning soviet utopia is worth stepping into.

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