Code Vein Achieves A New Milestone, Ships 3 Million Units

3 years later, Revenants continue their search for blood beads.

Story Highlights

  • Code Vein has surpassed 3 million units worldwide as of 21st March 2023. 
  • The game was dubbed “anime dark souls” due to the obvious similarities. However, it managed to form its own identity.
  • Code Vein has been subjected to varying degrees of criticism, the greatest of which was directed at its DLC. Despite its shortcomings, the core experience is a testament to its success.

Bandai Namco‘s profound take on the sub-genre pioneered by FromSoftware has surpassed 3 million units worldwide. Code Vein, a souls-like game that launched in 2019, received a rather dull response from critics and failed to really attract a sizeable player base at launch. Much like its story, the title saw a slow start. However, its rocky beginnings did not prevent it from reaching respectable numbers in the long run.

In a tweet, Bandai Namco Europe celebrated this achievement with a special illustration of Eva Roux while thanking the players for their continued support. While Code Vein didn’t quite vibe with critics and found itself on the short end of the stick with some players due to its obvious flaws, it was a good game at its core. Much of its success can be attributed to that fact.

Several players criticized the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood to be the worst area in terms of level design and color scheme. This criticism was rooted in the overly interconnected nature of the area, followed by the color scheme making it difficult to distinguish where you had to go from paths you had already taken. Further criticism was directed at Code Vein for how it fell into the all too familiar trappings of anime tropes.

Cathedral of Sacred Blood is terrible from codevein

Out of all the elements that were subject to such evaluation, Code Vein’s DLC had been the worst victim, and for a valid reason. The DLC content was severely lackluster, with only one boss fight per pack and devoid of any life. This was a stark contrast to the quality of the base game, followed by the exorbitant price tag of the DLC. The bonus content packs still have a negative rating on Steam to this day.

Despite its lukewarm reception and being subjected to criticism, it has reached a respectable figure in sales owing to the quality of the core experience.

The game is currently available at a discount on Steam which lasts until 23rd March. Code Vein is out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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