Dragon’s Dogma II Supposedly Releasing In April 2022

The sequel to the 2012 RPG from CAPCOM may be released in April of next year, new leak reveals.

Dragon’s Dogma II has been the much-awaited sequel to the acclaimed Dragon’s Dogma released back in May 2012 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. While the game hasn’t been announced by CAPCOM, based on leaks and rumours that we’ve been receiving recently, we know that it exists and should be releasing soon. However, a new leak has now revealed that Dragon’s Dogma II will supposedly be releasing much sooner than expected.

Earlier today, an anonymous member of the /v/ – Video Games community on 4chan created a thread in which they posted an image of the highly rumoured sequel to the Dragon’s Dogma franchise, Dragon’s Dogma II. According to the leaked image, the game will supposedly be released on 20th April 2020 for both the previous-generation and current-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and on PC as well.

Dragon's Dogma II
Supposedly leaked promotional image for Dragon’s Dogma II showcasing the release date of the game. | Source: 4chan

Since there’s no way to confirm whether this image is actually from CAPCOM or not, we can’t be sure of its authenticity. So, do take it with a grain of salt. However, if this is true, we may be receiving an announcement for the game from the company later this year.

It has been more than 9 years since Dragon’s Dogma was released and despite the critical acclaim, we haven’t heard any news from CAPCOM regarding a sequel. However, with all the leaks and rumours that began unfolding last year, many players have their hopes high regarding Dragon’s Dogma II. So far, there isn’t much information that we know about the game. However, we’re anxious to hear more about it from CAPCOM.

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