Final Fantasy 16 Update 1.03 Brings New Control Layouts, Motion Blur Slider, And More

The quality-of-life update to polish the game to perfection.

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  • Final Fantasy 16 has recently received the new patch 1.03 by the devs, adding a multitude of quality-of-life features and enhancing the gameplay in many ways.
  • The update adds more control layouts for the game, adding “types D, E, and F.” A motion blur slider has also been included that lets players choose the intensity of the motion blur from 0 to 5.
  • The max setting of the camera sensitivity has been changed from 10 to 20, adding the perfect change for users who felt the max sensitivity was lacking.
  • The camera will not zoom behind Clive if the “Player Follow (Movement)” and “Player Follow (Attack)” settings are turned off. Square Enix has asked fans to play the game after installing the update.

Final Fantasy 16 has recently received the new update 1.03 by Square Enix, adding a slew of quality-of-life features and improving the gameplay in various ways. The small patch adds new ways to enjoy the game’s combat for players seeking additional control layouts. As per the official patch notes, there are reportedly more control schemes, a massive improvement to motion blur, and more.

Three new control schemes have been added in the 1.03 update for FFXVI dubbed “types D, E, and F.” The motion blur is also more customizable, with the devs adding a slider that lets players adjust the strength of the motion blur effect from 0 to 5. The default setting for the motion blur is 5, but it can be changed on a whim in the settings. Lowering the motion blue slider will reduce its effect during gameplay.

The camera sensitivity has also been improved, and the max setting has now been changed from 10 to 20, making it perfect for users who felt the max sensitivity was lacking. The camera will also not zoom behind Clive while moving and attacking if the “Player Follow (Movement)” and “Player Follow (Attack)” settings are turned off. The problem with the stability of the menu and text issues have been patched as well.

Square Enix also went as far as to suggest installing this update before playing Final Fantasy 16 since it adds features that highly enhance the already-brilliant gameplay.

However, it is currently unclear whether the 1.03 update tackles the performance issues that the players have experienced so far. The patch notes do not clarify whether the specific cutscene causing heating issues on the PlayStation 5 has been patched. Nevertheless, the game will certainly play better than before, and the experience ought to leave a sweet aftertaste after the inclusion of new quality-of-life changes.

The entry’s release was met with a warm hug of critical reception by many players, with the entry managing to hit all the marks of a great action RPG alongside a hearty story. Regardless, some bugs and performance issues have lingered in the game, and the following updates have continued to patch them, including the 1.03 patch that also adds many new small albeit highly requested features fans know and love.

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Final Fantasy 16 explores the chronicles of Clive in Valisthea, a war-ravaged world divided among six kingdoms that fight over control for greener pastures because of a magical drought spreading across the lands. The game also sheds light on the oppression faced by bearers and hosts for each nation’s Eikons dubbed Dominants. Follow Clive and his party on an eventful and challenging voyage to free mankind from its dark fate.

Final Fantasy 16 launched for the PlayStation 5 as a timed exclusive on June 22. It is expected to eventually land on the PC platform in the future after its six-month exclusivity ends. There is no current official information about the game coming out on the Xbox consoles anytime soon.

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