Forspoken Review Embargo Lifts on 23rd January According To Reviewer

The game is apparently significantly better than the demo.

Story Highlights
  • Forspoken review scores will come out on January 23rd, 24 hours before release.
  • One reviewer thinks the final product is better than the divisive demo.
  • The game releases on 24th January, 2023, on PS5 and Windows PC.

Reviews run the world in the modern era of entertainment and social media. Critical scores on sites like Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDB play a key role in deciding if people will watch a movie or not. Gaming is no exception to this and good rating scores are pivotal for a title’s longevity. 

One upcoming AAA game currently dividing player reviews is none other than Forspoken. Since the demo of the game came out to mediocre reviews, fans have been skeptical about what it can deliver. But, we are going to get the full picture on 23rd January when the review embargo lifts, and one reviewer thinks the final product is much better.

Michael Boccher on Twitter is the reviewer we are quoting in this article. He works as an independent contractor for entertainment news site FanSided and its video game extension App Trigger. Now, he is reviewing Forspoken and he certainly gives us some interesting info.

Boccher says that developer Square Enix has pulled off a “bait and switch” and misled people in the demo. However, it isn’t in a negative way as the full game is a significant improvement over what we said before. According to him, Forspoken is actually not completely awful and shows promise. 

The demo for the game has been insanely divisive due to several reasons. Players have loved the combat, abilities, and action in the game, with the mechanics garnering praise. But fans haven’t been big on the world-building in Forspoken and the presence of a modern character in a fantasy world.

Couple this with the bad dialogue the game has, and you will understand why the reviews are mixed. Reception to the dialogue has improved a bit, but the MCU lines are still there, according to players. Hence, Forspoken is going to have to fix a lot of things in the final release to be better.

Boccher thinks that the game does that and has a lot of stuff to explore. Meaning, the game world of Athia is pretty good and will not let you get bored. Even though it is just the opinion of one reviewer, it is nice to hear something positive about the game. 

A reply asked him if it would stop being an offline MMORPG with awful controls. The reviewer replied with a GIF of Donald Trump saying, “You’ll see!” hinting that the game is an upgrade over the demo. Obviously, only time will tell if this is true or not, but we don’t have to wait a long time. 

Forspoken’s review embargo lifts on January 23rd, and we will see all the rating scores by then. So, we only have to wait for a week to see the scores on Metacritic and popular publications. Before, this date was the 24th and it seems like it has moved a day. 

Most probably, this is because Forspoken comes out on January 24, 2023. As a result, Square Enix wants to give players at least 24 hours to judge the reviews and decide if they want to buy the game. Such a decision makes us think the feedback has been positive and the scores won’t be so bad. 

One reviewer isn’t a lot to go on, but we don’t have to wait for too much to find out if this turnaround from the demo is true. Forspoken will release on PlayStation 5 and Windows PC in just over a week. Hopefully, the game does perform well, as the world of Athia shows a lot of potential.

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