Fortnite X Teen Titans To Add Starfire To The Game

Sources say the popular character will be available at the beginning of September.

Fortnite has always been famous for many things; these include the unique building mechanics, an enjoyable approach to items, and a general understanding of what the players want to get the title where it is today. Arguably, the greatest of these was its collaborations with other TV series, movies, and even other franchises.

Sources have said that Starfire, the popular comical character from DC’s Teen Titans, is expected to arrive on September 2nd. The introduction of Starfire would be the third character from the series to be introduced to the game, with Rebirth Raven and Beast Boy being added to the game as a part of Chapter 2, Season 6.

As it stands, additional details for Starfire are not likely to be found, but seeing as the release is in a mere week, data miners are more than likely to find additional details soon. Since a backpack or pickaxe accompanies almost every new skin, we can only speculate what might be in development for Starfire.

Speculations of Starfire coming to the game have been swirling since the introduction of the Teen Titans collab last year; however, no additional skins from the series made it to the game. This might have been due to some significant problems DC has been facing on their side for a while.

Starfire (real name Princess Koriand’r), or “Star” for short, is one of the main characters of the Teen Titans series. She is an alien princess from the distant world of Tamaran and one of the five founding members of the Teen Titans. She is also Robin’s main love interest and finally becomes his girlfriend in the series finale movie.

Starfire has always been a more popular character than some of her other counterparts. Appearing in many animated movies and having significant roles in the Teen Titans universe could be the reason for her being added. But this begs the question, will we ever see Robin or other characters from the Teen Titans universe appear in Fortnite?

With how popular the series is and the success Beast Boy and Rebirth Raven had received, we can be sure that this will not be the last time we see someone from Tenn Titans make an appearance.

What do you think about Starfire’s addition to Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below.

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