I.G.I. Origins Transitions To Unreal Engine 5

The much-anticipated title by Toadman Interactive will now be developed in the Unreal Engine 5 for maximized performance.

I.G.I. Origins is the planned prequel to the original Project I.G.I. intended to release this year. Toadman Interactive is crafting the anticipated stealth-based FPS title. For most players, the FPS journey began with I.G.I. in their early days of casual gaming; it was the first FPS experience for most of us. The nostalgic games required little to no requirements to be enjoyed on old Windows XP computers. The remanents of sentimentality remain in our minds as we dive into the modern shooters. It’s fair to say that the I.G.I. franchise has influenced the modern FPS shooter genre with its olden allure.

I.G.I. Origins has been in development since 2019 and was planned to release in 2021; the release date was extended to ensure the community gets the most polished version of the imagined prequel. Recently, the developers at Antimatter Games have made the vital decision to transition into Unreal Engine 5. The latest iteration of Unreal Engine is powerful enough that it can brew up projects that are not easy to distinguish from real life.

The CEO of Antimatter Games, Rich Barham, announced the sudden transition on Twitter. Citing, “We are confident that the update to the new, superior engine will make a significant impact on our games and ensure we deliver on our promise.” Furthermore, The team unveiled its aspirations for I.G.I. Origins, “With that goal in mind, we will be shifting gears and focusing our development efforts on ensuring we create the best game experience for IGI: Origins.”

The allure of Unreal Engine 5 is still largely unexplored. The engine holds potential for games that only the beefiest hardware can endure, so not all developers are keen on switching over. However, the large requirements give fruitful results; the Unreal Engine 5 demo projects have shaken the gaming industry with its potential. I.G.I. Origins ought to benefit in overall quality from this metamorphosis, but it might prove to be complicated. Players have shown concern that the project might be delayed once again, following the switch. However, the end result will be significantly upgraded and will serve as a fitting tribute to the original Project I.G.I.

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