Lords Of The Fallen v1.1.234 Goes Live; Fixes A Boss Exploit

Inventory management has also been improved.

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  • Lords of the Fallen has received a new patch that fixes a boss exploit and implements several fixes.
  • Version 1.1.234 improves the game’s performance even further to provide an experience free from critical factors.
  • As of this update, an even wider variety of collision and AI problems have been addressed.

Version 1.1.234 is live for Lords of the Fallen and it fixes an exploit involving a blind spot specifically behind the Congregator of Flesh’s right leg. According to the patch notes, the devs observed players consistently taking advantage of this which impacted the encounter’s balance. In addition, Spurned Progeny can no longer be soulflayed during certain moments of his animations.

Lords of the Fallen v1.1.234 Patch Notes
Lords of the Fallen v1.1.234 Patch Notes

Hexworks has also continued its efforts to improve the performance of Lords of the Fallen with this update. An additional optimization pass has been conducted on the rain of swords used by a boss known for its melancholic nature. Moreover, some textures that were always loaded before this patch have been removed to lower VRAM usage.

In the gameplay department, the lock-on priority of Umbral Eggs has been reduced. This will allow other foes to be focused before the eggs. Additionally, when sprinting, there is no need to press the sprint button again after jumping, falling, or rolling; the player continues to maintain their momentum. This quality-of-life change will reduce the brief lag period between action and re-sprinting.

Certain UI aspects in Lords of the Fallen have also received some adjustments. As of v1.1.234, the “ESC” spam will be prevented by allowing the opening of only one desired screen. Furthermore, runes in the inventory can be stacked, enhancing organization and enabling players to maintain a cleaner inventory.

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Aside from the aforementioned changes, several collision and AI elements have been improved. Two spots at Pilgrim’s Perch where collisions could cause the Penitent guy to get stuck were fixed. In addition, various collisions at the Forsaken Fen were resolved along with an issue in the Manse of the Hallowed Sentinels where the player could get stuck if pushed by one of the bulwarks.

Lords of the Fallen
Lords of the Fallen

The latest addition to the list of Soulslikes launched with a fairly positive reception from critics & users alike. Being aware of the essence of these titles, understanding their systems, and choosing from the best starting classes in Lords of the Fallen is crucial. Once you’re done with that, take the next step by discovering the five best builds to use.

Lords of the Fallen launched on October 10, 2023, on PlayStation 5Xbox Series XXbox Series S, and PC. Read on to understand why this title is a Soulslike clone that isn’t utterly terrible.

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