Lords Of The Fallen v1.1.217 Goes Live; Squashes Bugs & Improves Performance

The Steam Deck's Red Eye issue is proving to be a challenge.

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  • Lords of the Fallen has received another patch to resolve bugs and improve performance.
  • The game made landfall last week and has since received eight patches.
  • According to the devs, the Steam Deck issue is proving to be an issue. Valve is assisting them with its resolution.

Lords of the Fallen is receiving a flurry of patches, with the latest update—v1.1.217, greatly improving the game’s performance. According to the patch notes, a potential GPU crash caused by the initial cinematic resizing of the viewport was resolved. Another crash factor that could occur when enemy AIs use their abilities in certain conditions has also been corrected. 

Lords of the Fallen v1.1.217 Patch Notes
Lords of the Fallen v1.1.217 Patch Notes

Several elements have been optimized in v1.1.217 of Lords of the Fallen. The developers have started a rework on how complex enemy animations are calculated to gain additional performance without compromising quality. Additionally, parasites and ruiner’s totems have been improved.

Other enhancements include adjustments made to shadow cost and overdraw in the Skyrest Bridge area. Skyrest as a whole has undergone further optimization to elevate the overall performance of the game. Moreover, level design problems have also been addressed with the latest update for Lords of the Fallen.

Players can no longer interact with a Soulflay Chain from the ground in Skyrest Bridge & the Swamp to bypass puzzles. The invasion area exploit at Pilgrim’s Perch has also been fixed. In addition, lock-on targeting has been re-enabled for ambush enemies in the following areas: Forsaken Fen, Fitzroy’s Gorge, Cursed Fief, Redcopse, Sunless Skein, and Manse of the Hallowed Sentinels.

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The LOD settings of the Strider have also been updated to address an issue where the jewelry would behave unexpectedly when transitioning between different options. This update should result in greater visual consistency with the Strider character in the game. 

AI And Collision Fixes In Lords Of The Fallen v1.1.217

Aside from the aforementioned resolutions, the latest patch for Lords of the Fallen also improves enemy AI and collision. Crossbowmen have undergone additional adjustments to their behavior, making them smarter without increased difficulty. A navmesh in the cistern has also been tweaked to assist an invisible archer in targeting the player with increased efficiency.

Another one of the AI fixes includes an instance of an NPC at Pilgrim’s Perch who could see the player at a distance. This has been changed and the NPC will only notice the player when they get close. Additionally, an update has been made to the behavior of non-playable characters to prevent neck snapping when the player gets close to them. 

Lords of the Fallen
Lords of the Fallen

Collision fixes include issues such as thrown objects getting stuck on Manse Supply Road, a bug that occurred on a specific bed at Bramis Castle, players being restrained in the Sunless Skein, a hole at Fritzroy’s Gorge that caused players to fall through it, a misplaced collision in the tutorial area, and camera clipping throughout various parts in the world of Lords of the Fallen have been fixed.

Lords of the Fallen has been out since October 13, 2023 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Despite its commendable reception and the devs excluding Denuvo, Lords of the Fallen has been rather underwhelming in the performance department. Since its release, the game has received eight patches and each one has addressed a gargantuan amount of bugs in addition to rolling out optimization and stability improvements.

Given the punishing nature of this game, rivaled only by its performance, understanding its systems and choosing from the game’s best starting classes is paramount. Be sure to complement that knowledge with the title’s top 10 best weapons.

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