Crazy Taxi-Inspired MiLE HiGH TAXi’s Trailer Out Now

The game is described as the "cross between The Fifth Element and Crazy Taxi" by the developer.

Indie games have always been a thing. Indeed, most of them fall short of getting fame and fail, but not all. There are exceptional success stories as well. Minecraft is the prime example. It started as an indie game but subsequent success over the years has made it an AAA game.

With the advancement in game-building engines, indie games are on the rise. Many game developers try out concepts and ideas that are otherwise rejected by the studios they work for. However, some developers just try to utilize their leisure time doing something productive.


  • MiLES HiGH TAXi is an indie taxi racing game developed by Cassius John-Adams, an indie game developer.
  • The released trailer of the game shows parallels in the gameplay and other aspects with Crazy Taxi, a 1997 classic.
  • The release date for the game has not been revealed yet.

MiLE HiGH TAXi is one example. It’s a taxi racing game with a tinge of sci-fi and action. The game is developed by Cassius John-Adams, an indie game developer who claims to “have been 3D modeling and making games for 30+ years, working in Unity since 2012 and have still never finished a game.”

MiLE HiGH TAXi, built on Unity, is said to be a morph between The Fifth Element, a 1997 sci-fi movie starring Bruce Willis, and Crazy Taxi, a classic taxi arcade game of the late 90s developed by SEGA.

The developer released the game’s trailer on his YouTube channel, where he showcased the first glimpses of MiLE HiGH TAXi’s gameplay. The trailer is one minute long but in that short time, it’s evident that the developer has taken inspiration from Crazy Taxi.

The graphics and the texture of the buildings and surroundings are different, as expected of the 21st-century game. But the driving mechanics and the AI of NPCs are quite similar to Crazy Taxi. MiLE HiGH TAXi gives a modern feel with a touch of Crazy Taxi’s signature upbeat gameplay.

The sound effects and soundtracks of both games are quite similar as well. The game features indie rock just like the 1999 Sega classic. Voice acting of NPCs and drivers is also goofy, the same as in Crazy Taxi. This all adds up to the feel of nostalgia that Crazy Taxi fans will greatly appreciate.

This is all that could be deducted from a 1-minute trailer. When the game is released more information about the parallels and dissimilarities will be available.

Despite the obvious similarities, there are also fundamental disparities as well. As mentioned by the developer, the game features huge aspects of modernism, inspired by the 1997 sci-fi movie, The Fifth Element.

The movie follows the quest of a taxi driver, played by Bruce Willis, who drives a flying taxi looking for magical stones. MiLES HiGH TAXi also features flying taxis which are quite similar to the one flown by Bruce Willis in the movie.

Nevertheless, Crazy Taxi fans are relatively pleased with what they saw in the trailer. But the success of the game isn’t determined until after it is released.

The developer, Cassius John-Adams, claims it has taken him “seven years, four different game ideas” to complete the game. Let’s hope the game is as good as the effort the developer has put into it.

The release date of the game hasn’t been announced yet.

Do you think will this be another indie game success story? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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