A New Balance Update Announced for Tekken 7 On October 4th

Another new balance update is announced for Tekken 7 after patch 5.00.

Approximately two months after patch 5.00, which was supposed to be the final balance update of Tekken 7, another balance update has been announced for October 4th.

Tekken 7 has been around for almost a decade. During all this time, it has seen very few major balance updates. The significant balance updates usually rolled out as new seasons were announced for the game.

Major Takeaways:

  • A new balance update for Tekken 7 is coming on October 4th.
  • The new balance update will bring several nerfs to currently popular characters.
  • Replays recorded prior to the update won’t be available after updating the game.
  • It seems Tekken 8 is still a couple of years far away.

After the announcement of Season 4 Pass last year, Bandai Namco recently announced a major balance update at the Grand Finals of the EVO 2022.

The 5.00 update rolled out on August 17th and brought a lot of nerfs to some of the popular characters in the game. The update also introduced a new tactic that puts your opponent at a huge frame disadvantage.

The balance update instead made the game slightly more unstable. Some of the most powerful characters in the game, such as Akuma and Feng Wei, dodged any major nerfs. These characters saw a massive rise in popularity following patch 5.00 in Online and tournament play.

The official Twitter account of Tekken announced the new balance update. The update is set to roll out on October 4th. The Twitter post also stated that replays recorded in the previous game version wouldn’t be replayed after the update.

The upcoming balance update announcement came out as a surprise for the Tekken 7 fans. They weren’t expecting any balance updates after the 5.00 patch as it was advertised as the “Final Balance Update” of the game.

The new balance update is expected to bring nerfs to the currently overpowered characters in the game. It is also possible that some less popular characters will receive some buffs to make them more competent in both Online and Tournament play.

The announcement of a new balance update also signifies that Tekken 8 is still a couple of years away. Tekken 8 was announced earlier this month at the State Of Play 2022 event. The game was confirmed for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Steam, and Xbox Series X. Tekken 8 is also expected to introduce more guest characters in the game like its predecessor.

Let us know in the comments if you are excited about the upcoming update for Tekken 7 or would rather prefer Tekken 8 to be released earlier.

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