Players Are Split Over Baldur Gate 3’s Most Problematic Companion

Minthara is either your favorite companion, or someone you kill without a second thought.

Story Highlights

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 fans are divided over how they feel about Minthara, the game’s most controversial companion.
  • While she has a redemption arc later in the story, the cost involved in recruiting her is simply too high for some players.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a wide array of companions you can choose to befriend and romance. While some are more popular than others, Minthara is the most divisive of them all. However, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. The sheer lengths you have to go to, simply to recruit her to your party, make it so most players won’t even consider adding her to their compositions. 

Minthara is the game’s only evil companion. You can’t recruit her unless you decide to condemn the Druid Grove and the Tieflings to death. While you don’t need to be complicit in their murder, even turning a blind eye to their plight is pretty evil by most players’ standards. Because of this, some fans don’t even realize Minthara can be recruited since they kill her as soon as they find her at the Goblin Camp.

But here’s the thing, while she might urge you to murder a bunch of innocent druids and Tieflings when you first meet her, Minthara’s actually not so bad. After she joins your party in Act 2, you learn that those actions weren’t her own. It was the Absolute messing with her head. This leads to a pretty satisfying redemption arc, but it comes at the cost of a bunch of innocent characters. 

Minthara after she's redeemed in Act 2 of Baldur's Gate 3.
Minthara after she’s redeemed in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Some folk might forgive Minthara, and consider her an essential part of their compositions. After all, her apology seems fairly genuine. But others aren’t having it, since she straight-up was an enemy. Certain players even came up with a loophole. They didn’t personally kill Minthara, she just happened to fall into a conveniently placed bottomless abyss.

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Fans have even brought up how they would’ve saved her from her mind control if the game let you do it on a non-evil run. Currently, recruiting Minthara pretty much requires you to kill the Druids, and in the process, lose both Wyll and Karlach. That’s a tough call since you’re missing out on both those companions’ questlines too.

It didn’t help that tons of her voice lines were bugged and were recently fixed. This bug made an already unpopular companion even less likable. That’s because it felt like she barely had anything to say for most of Act 3. However, it’s now been addressed, and players can fully choose to recruit and romance Minthara. Well, that’s assuming they decide not to eliminate her as soon as they see her.

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