Roller Champions Could Be Headed To Steam, Suggests Datamine

The struggling title may see a new influx of players if it arrives on Steam.

A new listing spotted on Ubisoft Connect suggests that the free-to-play Roller Champions may see an eventual release on the Steam platform. The rumor goes hand in hand with the recently-sighted data-mined code hinting towards the arrival of Assasin’s Creed Valhalla on the Steam storefront

YoobieRe recently data-mined the depths of Ubisoft Connect Launcher and stumbled upon some intriguing details regarding the toiling Roller Champions. The reverse-engineered code for Ubisoft Connect unveils a remark of the Steam version in its database. As per the evidence, the title could be slated for Steam in the near future. 

Moreover, there is a mention of another intriguing game that is unreleased and reportedly in beta right now. 

Major Takeaway:

  • A new listing on the Ubisoft Connect Launcher suggests that the struggling roller Champions could be slated on the Steam platform.
  • The rumor is further strengthened by the previous mention of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and data-mined info almost always ends up being correct.
  • The listing also mentions another peculiar name by Ubisoft that has yet to see a release.
  • There are no hints as to when the game may eventually arrive on the Steam store.

The reverse-engineered code unveils the data mined information from the Ubisoft Connect Launcher, supporting the prospect of Roller Champions’ eventual arrival on Steam. The latest update in the listing featured a huge string of codes, but the prominent lines are mentioned below.

“shortcut_name”: “Roller Champions Steam”,


“name”: “Ubisoft Game BETA”,

Roller Champions Steam Mention
Roller Champions Steam Mention

There’s also this mention of “Ubisoft Game Beta,” as shown in the screenshot below.

Ubisoft Game Beta
Ubisoft Game Beta

There is no method to pinpoint or guess an exact date or a time frame when Roller Champions may release on the Steam store. However, it is a strong probability that we will see the striving title eventually skate its way into the biggest PC gaming store in the world. 

There is also a mention of a “CODENAME ORLANDO,” which is presumed to be the new rendition of The Crew franchise. The game was codenamed “Project Orlando,” and it is slated to be the next installment in The Crew franchise.

Nonetheless, no official announcements regarding it have been made yet; only rumors whir around the community. The old rumors discussing its existence also hold more water after the unveiled data-mined information today. Ubisoft may launch its beta soon, as suggested by the data mine.

Roller Champions is a free-to-play sports game that struggled with delays even before launch, and it has certainly not been smooth sailing after release. The premise is a 3v3 game where two teams duke it out using roller skates for traversal to gain control of a ball and score points. It leads to some very amped-up and enjoyable matches.

Adding Roller Champions to the Steam platform may saturate the once-active player count again. The title has struggled with its player base since release, with its numbers stagnating to redundant levels. For instance, Roller Champions lost nearly all viewers on Twitch at some point. However, it still garners a small yet loyal fan base. 

It appears that Ubisoft has begun planning to release its titles on the Steam storefront after ditching it for a few years. Most of Ubisoft’s titles have sold in high figures recently despite not releasing on the Steam platform.

However, having these games on the Steam storefront will only improve sales, and inviting more new users will saturate the respective communities further.

What are your thoughts about Ubisoft’s free-to-play Roller Champions arriving on the Steam storefront? Would you give it another shot? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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