Sol Cresta’s Legendary Fighters DLC Is Out Now

Platinum Games announced and released the DLC on the same day on all the platforms.

When we talk about the origins of gaming, arcades are the most important talking point we can’t leave out. These places are the reason gaming is where it is nowadays and influenced almost every visionary director. A genre of arcade gaming that played a huge part in this was vertical shoot ’em-up video games.

Probably the most influential one of these, at least in Japan, was Moon Cresta from Nichibutsu which came out in 1980. Since then, it has become a franchise and spun off into several games, including the recent Sol Cresta. Now, Platinum Games has announced that their newest shoot ’em-up will get a new DLC.

Major Takeaways

  • Platinum Games has announced a new DLC for Sol Cresta.
  • It will feature fighter crafts from the three previous games and is out already.
  • The overall DLC is priced at $5.99 but the crafts can also be bought separately.

The Japanese developer announced this via a new YouTube video. Sol Cresta’s new DLC will be called “Legendary Fighters” and will allow fans to play fighters from previous games. Hence, players can relive the glory days of the older games in this brand-new title. 

Platinum Games announced this DLC just a few hours ago and has already released it. You can go to the store of whichever platform you are playing Sol Cresta on and buy this DLC. And when we tell you the contents of the DLC, you will 100% want to buy it.

The Sol Cresta DLC includes several legendary fighters from previous arcade games. First up, is the CR47 from the game that started it all, Moon Cresta. It was a legendary fighter from the1980s title and seeing it again is undoubtedly nice. 

Next up, this Sol Cresta DLC also gives us the Wing Galibur from the popular sequel, Terra Cresta. It’s the main craft of the game and it has legendary status in the shoot ’em-up genre. Last but not least is the Wing Galibur II from the 1992 sequel, Terra Cresta II.

So, this amazing DLC allows fans of the series to visit the good old days and replay some of the best fighter crafts in the series. At the end of the trailer, you can also see the “available now” so you don’t even have to wait to try this out. As of now, the DLC is only live on the Japanese Nintendo eShop and the South African PlayStation Store.

However, we do know the pricing the game will have when it releases in North America. You can buy the “Legendary Fighter” DLC for $5.99 on all of the available platforms. This DLC includes the three fighter crafts we have mentioned above.

You can also buy them separately if you want to. The CR47 is selling for $1.49 only as a singular fighter craft. On the other hand, Wing Galibur and Wing Galibur II are selling for $2.99 each.

Hence, you can obtain these crafts in any way you like depending on your choices. Sol Cresta is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam, and you can buy this DLC anywhere. There is also a demo available for you to try out before buying the game, so this DLC is the best time to try out a legendary shoot ’em-up franchise.

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