Sony’s Only Exclusive FPS Series Killzone Might Be Officially Dead

The PlayStation shooter doesn't look so good now

Although it’s no doubt that Sony cannot be bested when it comes to exclusive games, one particular series is well on its way to retire. The first Killzone came out for the PlayStation 2 in 2004 followed by a Killzone: Liberation sequel on the PlayStation Portable (PSP). The recent most instalment is actually a launch title for the PlayStation 4 – Killzone Shadow Fall.

However, when you attempt to visit now, you’ll be taken to a page where a prompt will say, “ Has Retired.” This means that the Killzone franchise’s official website has gone out of order, and the first-person shooter series now faces a downfall.

As of now, the multiplayer modes of Killzone Shadow Fall and Killzone Mercenary both are active, and the servers haven’t gone down just yet. That said, some restrictions have been implemented, such as not being able to form or develop clans in the PlayStation 4 exclusive – Shadow Fall.

Moreover, users will be redirected to the official PlayStation website if they try to reach This is a no-brainer that the series is about to come to a close, despite offering one of the best FPS experiences out there for a good while.

What this means for Sony is that apart from COD exclusivity rights, they don’t have their own first-person shooter IP currently. When you compare that with Xbox’s iconic Halo series, PlayStation fans can’t help but long for something of the like.

Have you ever played a game of the Killzone series? Let us know what you think of this news down in the comments below.

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