Starfield’s Support Page Indicates A “First Half Of 2023” Release Date

The highly anticipated space game is nearing its release.

Come 2023, Starfield ought to be one of the games you’ll be hearing about the most, although we can’t say whether that’ll be in a good or bad sense. Bethesda’s forthcoming venture into space stands today as one of the most anticipated games in recent times, gathering the utmost hype from the moment it was announced in 2018.

Now, however, as we’ve marched into the first half of 2023, Starfield is nearing its release. Its official support page went live today and it details multiple categories that players might need help with potentially. Some of the aforementioned categories include Account, In-Game Support, Feedback, and Privacy/Personal Data. 

The Rundown: 

  • Starfield is on its way to receiving a full release in 2023, after suffering from a delay back in May 2021 after its initial announcement in 2018.
  • The developers after their initial announcement of the delay stated that Starfield would release sometime in 2023. Now, however, the game is expected to arrive in the first half of 2023.
  • This is blatantly written on Starfield’s official support page that just went live in recent times.
  • Starfield’s support handle goes over several topics pertaining to the forthcoming space game, such as being able to post gameplay footage of the title on various platforms or not and even troubleshooting tips.  

Under the “Related Answers” section on the front page of Starfield’s support handle, the first question that entices one to click on is, “What is Starfield’s release date?” The answer still isn’t quite clear yet, with the information stating, “Starfield arrives exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC in the first half of 2023.”

Starfield's Release Date On Its Official Support Page
Starfield’s Release Date On Its Official Support Page

It’s certainly an interesting prospect to take into consideration, primarily because of how Bethesda likes to place the release date of its first-party games. Take Fallout 4, for instance. Bethesda’s iconic first-person shooter came out on November 10, 2015. 

This was the day that marked the 240th birthday of the United State Marine Corps. If you take a look at the backstory of the male character picker in Fallout 4, you’ll find the answer to be quite fitting. The male background in the game pertains to being a US army veteran.

A day after November 10 is celebrated as the national Veterans Day in the United States. I realize this could be a stretch, but we have 12 April coming up, which is evidently the International Day of Human Space Flight.

It wouldn’t take a genius to consider the possibility that Starfield could release sometime in this particular window, but that’s only speculation from this point on. 

In case you missed it though, Todd Howard recently revealed new Starfield information in an interview with Lid Frieman. He explained how the in-game world of Starfield would be “deeply human” and how the majority of the enemies threatening your very existence would be nothing but robots. 

Additionally, rumor has it that Starfield could release with ray tracing integration, as per a Bethesda’s employee LinkedIn profile that suggested RTX integration in the upcoming space title. 

Earlier than this whole story of Bethesda’s support page going live and stating the game’s imminent release date, it was also rumored that the game could launch late in 2023.

This scoop surfaced in light of the title’s SteamDB listing that suggested December 29 as its release date, although one can say that would merely serve the purpose of a placeholder. 

What do you think about Starfield? We’re of the opinion that it could either make or break Bethesda. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section ahead. 

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