The Last Of Us Multiplayer Project Is Naughty Dog’s “Most Ambitious” Yet, Says Neil Druckmann

A once simple planned mode has now evolved into a full-fledged game.

Naughty Dog is Sony’s one of the most well-performing game studios and is credible for releasing many successful games. However, it appears to be dreaming bigger than ever before with one of its upcoming projects.

Talking with ComicBook in an interview, Neil Druckmann has recently announced that Naughty Dog’s forthcoming The Last of Us Multiplayer title is the “most ambitious project” the studio has ever brewed.

Major Rundown

  • The Last of Us Multiplayer entry is reportedly Naughty Dog‘s “most ambitious project” so far.
  • It has been in development for a long time, even before The Last of Us Part II, which was released three years ago.
  • The multiplayer game will be “expanding the world even further,” and it will be “continuing to tell a story but in a multiplayer space.” The Concept art for the title was also revealed on the franchise’s 10th anniversary.
  • The words of Neil Druckmann have caused a lot of excitement in The Last of Us community.

While discussing The Last of Us Multiplayer title, Neil Druckmann noted it has been in development “for a long time.” The co-president further specified that the multiplayer project has been in the brewer well before The Last of Us Part II, which was released in 2020.

That’s the most ambitious project we’ve ever done. Expanding the world even further. Continuing to tell a story but in a multiplayer space. I won’t say too much about that,” noted Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog.

The Last of Us Multiplayer live-service title was initially slated to be the Factions mode in The Last of Us 2. However, due to the growing aspirations of Naughty Dog, the idea soon spiraled out to become its own game. As iterated above, it has been in development for a long time.

Moreover, Naughty Dog has recently released concept art and other details concerning the alluring entry on the tenth anniversary of The Last of Us. 

The concept art showcased a group of survivors trekking down a desolate road with rusted and broken vehicles, leading some fans to assume that The Last of Us Multiplayer project could feature cooperative multiplayer elements.

Neil also reportedly hints at a cryptic title, noting that there is “another project that I will not say anything about that’s beyond that, that we are also very much excited for.” However, this secret title could be connected to random pictures in The Last of Us Part 1 that are rumored to tease a new Naughty Dog fantasy IP.

Neil Druckmann claiming such high ambitions for The Last of Us Multiplayer project has caused the community to be really excited and ready for what’s to come. Unfortunately, the release date for The Last of Us Multiplayer project has still not been announced, but the hype around it is brimming now more than ever before.

Naughty Dog’s recent entry, The Last of Us Part 1, was enacted as a great rendition of the overall franchise; it fully encapsulated the olden well-renowned olden allure blended with a modern twist. Its PC version is slated to arrive on March 3, 2023.

Furthermore, Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series has also been a staggering success; most of the team’s games are already outperforming the rest of the competition in the gaming industry. However, the triumph release may soon be surpassed by the upcoming multiplayer project.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming The Last of Us Multiplayer being the team’s most ambitious project so far? Do you think it will outperform the recent The Last of Us Part II title? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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