Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty New Weapon And Armor Details Revealed

The alluring dark fantasy will incorporate over a dozen weapon types and a multitude of armor sets.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an upcoming RPG by Team Ninja set in ancient dark China that takes us on a grim voyage of survival and turmoil. It is heavily inspired by the Three Kingdoms novel and deeply includes elements of swordplay based on Martial Arts. From deadly beasts to enemy soldiers, the game features a variety of foes.

The title has been revealed through various demos and showcases in the past, and its gameplay has spread like wildfire on the web. However, a plethora of gameplay details, like weapon types, armor sets, and how to optimally utilize them, are still scarce.

Fortunately, the developers have recently cleared some of the most intriguing questions concerning Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty that currently linger in the community. 

Major Rundown

  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will reportedly feature 17 weapon types, which include 13 melee weapons while the others are ranged-based. The weapon types incorporate the sword, dual swords, poleaxe, spear, bow and arrow, and the like.
  • The title will also feature over 40 different obtainable armor sets. Weapon and armor sets can be upgraded by expending resources, like money and materials, at the blacksmith. 
  • Team Ninja has also confirmed features like transmog, and the ability to transfer the passive bonus of one weapon to other. Bosses may drop weapons, including the respective martial arts movesets.
  • The Souls-like will come out after two months on March 3rd on both the next-gen and last-gen platforms.

The developers appeared at IGN and unveiled plenty of particulars concerning what we can expect from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s weapons and armor sets. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty features fulfilling 17 weapon types, out of which 13 are melee-based while the rest are ranged weapons. 

The weapon types include the sword, the beginner-friendly dual swords, a staff, among the heaviest poleaxe and glaive, a bow and arrow, a spear, and a straight saber, according to the director Masakazu Hirayama. 

As per the producer Fumihiko Yasuda, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has been balanced to favor all weapons; each player can find the one that best suits their ability. Moreover, the developers further magnify the realism of weapons movements to best match the Chinese martial arts.

The director elaborates, “We chose weapons that were the best match for Chinese martial arts. The motions for each weapon type were based on motion-captured forms performed by real martial artists specialized in these weapons. Then we tuned things here and there to make them feel good as an action game.

Using real martial artists has ensured to secure the realism of each weapon to amplify the Souls-like experience. The developer also clarified that players can either stick to a single weapon to master it or indulge in experiencing all of them. However, different enemies may require to use the diverse arsenal of weapons.

However, Yasuda suggests switching the weapons,

If you master the combos of a weapon type and get used to the Martial Arts of your weapon, you should be able to beat the game without switching weapons. However, from a game design perspective, we do advise the player to switch weapons depending on the enemy’s attack patterns.

Moreover, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty feature over 40 armor sets with different stats and set bonuses. The dark RPG also incorporates a well-beloved feature, transmog, which will allow users to equip armor sets as cosmetics while using the stats of another piece. 

Yamagiwa states,

Fans of the Three Kingdoms period can look forward to finding iconic weapons and armor from their favorite warlords too. For example, you can roleplay as Guan Yu by wearing his armor while upgrading the Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive to make it super strong.

Furthermore, weapons and armor pieces can be upgraded like most RPGs. It will require the user to visit the blacksmith and will cost resources like money and materials. Hirayama also unveiled that you can transmit the passive status of one weapon into another.

The developer also explains each weapon and goes further into detail regarding their design, experience, and other specifics. For instance, bosses may drop weapons that will incorporate their martial arts.

By examining the weapons you collected and attaching their status effects to your favorite weapon, you can build weapons that are specialized in all sorts of things, ranging from big damage dealers to healing-focused weapons,” noted Hirayama.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty was only recently rated on ESRB for various platforms. It is slated to release on March 3rd, 2023, for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and the Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC platforms. 

What are your thoughts about Team Ninja’s latest endeavor, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, featuring such a diverse number of weapon types and armor sets? Do you think the martial arts dark RPG will become one of 2023’s most well-renowned titles? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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