Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Is The First Japanese Game To Top The 2023 Japan Weekly Steam Charts

The RPG was #1 on the revenue-based Steam weekly top-sellers chart for the week ending March 7.

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  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty took the No.1 spot on this week’s Steam top sellers chart in Japan for the week ending March 7th.
  • It also became the first Japanese game to do this in 2023 on Steam.
  • The RPG rose 10 places and beat games like Sons of Forest to achieve this.

Koei Tecmo‘s Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty topped Japan’s Steam weekly top-sellers chart this week. The RPG was No.1 on the 100-game list for the week lasting from February 28 to March 7th. In doing so, the game became the first Japanese title to peak atop Japan’s Steam weekly chart in 2023.

Considering how these charts are based on revenue, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty also made bank on the platform. It was already on the charts last week at No.11 because of its pre-orders. This week, however, it rose 10 places to attain the No.1 spot and beat some heavy hitters to do so.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty overtook Apex Legends on Japan’s latest Steam weekly top-sellers chart. In addition, the RPGs sales also surpassed Sons of the Forest in revenue this week. Considering how big of a success the survival-horror game has been, this is a significant deal.

Hogwarts Legacy also went down further in the Japanese Steam weekly top-sellers chart to make way for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The Avalanche Software fantasy RPG is No.4 on the chart now.

New releases like Wild Hearts and Octopath Traveler II also couldn’t stop the Koei Tecmo RPG from getting No.1. Both of these ended up at No.7 and No.9 respectively, way below Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Another interesting game is also present in the top 10 in the form of the Resident Evil 4 remake.

The unreleased Capcom title rose 13 places to hold the No.10 spot on these latest charts. With its release still 2 weeks away, this showcases how strong the pre-order for the remake is. But, the most surprising tidbit from this list is still Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty topping the chart.

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A key reason for that is how badly the game is performing on PC. Many have called Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s PC port one of the worst in recent memory. From frequent crashes to consistent frame rate dips, the PC version has been a “catastrophe” as per one Steam review.

Many of the complaints have pointed out the abysmal mouse-and-keyboard controls. It is poorly optimized for the PC port of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, a problem that also came up during the game’s demo. Camera control and “weird inertia” are the main apples of discord with the mouse optimization in the RPG.

Furthermore, lags and stutters are a common theme for the title on PC. All of this combined led to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty getting bombed by negative reviews on Steam after launch. Right after its launch, the game had over 3000 reviews with 70% of them being negative and calling out the technical issues.

Hence, it is surprising to see the game top the Steam charts in Japan after such bad PR. All of the reviews did praise Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and called it a good game. Performance issues were the only bone fans had to pick with the RPG and it seems like they haven’t turned fans away.

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Koei Tecmo has also started fixing this mess of a PC port, with patches rolling out to fix the numerous issues. Therefore, PC players will have an easier time facing Lu Bu now after these updates.

You can play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty right now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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