Sony Head Says Many Studios Are Using Guerrilla’s Decima Engine

The engine used for Horizon Zero Dawn is apparently being used by several developers.

Game engines are one of the fundamental aspects of game development. Using the right ones for your project can make or break a video game. That is why a lot of studios make their in-house game engines specific to their needs. 

Resident Evil did it in 2017 when they made the RE Engine, especially for the 7th game. Afterward, other games used the engine like Devil May Cry 5 and that is what always happens. Some engines are used widely like the very popular Unreal Engine 5 by Epic. 

Guerrilla Games used the first approach and made their very own Decima Engine. The company launched the engine in 2013 and used it to make games like Killzone: Shadow Fall. Now, Guerilla is not the only studio that is using this Engine to develop its games.

Major Takeaways: 

  • Several studios are using the Decima engine according to Hermen Hulst.
  • The former Guerilla head didn’t drop the names of the developers using it.
  • Games like Death Stranding, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Until Dawn have been made using the engine.

Other studios are also using the Decima Engine made by Guerrilla Games. In an interview with Famitsu, Sony head Hermen Hulst told us about this info. Several other developers besides creator Guerrilla are using the Decima engine according to him. 

He didn’t name the studios or games using this engine to develop projects. But, it’s great to see Guerrilla’s engine being outsourced to third-party studios so they can take advantage of it. The Decima engine must be good for other studios besides Sony to use it and that might be true seeing the games it has produced.

Killzone: Shadow Fall was the first game that used the Decima engine. Guerrilla Games then lent this system to other PlayStation titles seeing how well it worked on the game. Supermassive Games used it to make the interactive horror title Until Dawn. 

Decima got its big break in 2017 when Horizon Zero Dawn came out. The game was a huge success for the PlayStation 4 and got critical acclaim from everyone besides several Game Of The Year awards. Guerrilla made this game and the basis of it was the Decima engine so it also got the spotlight. 

Guerrilla has outsourced the Decima engine to another PlayStation game, Death Stranding. Kojima Productions, led by the legendary Hideo Kojima, used the engine to develop its first game. Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to Zero Dawn, also used the Decima engine.

All of the games made using this brilliant engine have been a commercial and critical success. Hence, it makes total sense that other studios would want to use it for their video games. We can’t wait to see how games using the Decima Engine perform. 

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