Microsoft Is Supposedly Working On Adding Platinum Xbox Achievements

It is developing an achievement revamp system, as per an insider.

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  • The notable insider Jez Corden recently appeared in The Xbox Two podcast episode and said that Microsoft is planning to revamp the entire achievement system sometime in the future.
  • The insider had a chat with one of the Xbox executives in the GamesCom event to specifically ask the query about the achievement revamp. The company wants to add Platinum Xbox achievements as well.
  • Microsoft is occupied with curbing the other priorities that are hindering its way from touching the achievement system. It wants to realize the plans to improve it, but no date has been specified.
  • Jez Corden also talked about many other titles and rumors around them. As shared by the insider, the next Mass Effect entry is said to have no open-world elements, and it wants to return to the IP’s roots.

The huge swaths of requests about Microsoft bringing platinum Xbox achievements are finally being heard. The trusted insider Jez Corden appeared in The Xbox Two podcast episode and discussed the notable rumor floating about the alleged achievement revamp. Around 3:18:50 time in the video, he said that he had a chat with one of the Xbox executives in the GamesCom event, and the revamp is still claimed to be planned for the future.

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During the chat with the Xbox executive, Jez Corden discovered that Microsoft wants to bring the highly requested platinum Xbox achievements to the brand’s ecosystem. However, certain caveats are hindering the plans of the company. It is interested in revamping the entire achievement system that we’ve seen grow and thrive over the years. But the exact idea of when that happens is not clear because of urgent priorities in the way.

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I did speak to an Xbox exec at Gamescom specifically about the Platinum achievement. They said they want to do it, it’s just a matter of priorities and time. So I do think the Xbox Platinum achievement and improvements Achievement System will come, it’s just the case of getting through
the other stuff they want to do right now.”

Jez Corden further spoke about the matter and said that Microsoft would revamp the achievements and add platinum Xbox achievements these days if it could do it. However, the accumulated backlog of responsibilities that require focus is impeding the way of the officials at the company from making such a choice. The insider believes that we can expect Microsoft to add a better achievement system and platinum trophies at a later date.

The achievements are an integral part of a game and often add a sense of purpose for players. Without achievements, there would not be a lot of things to do in a game after the immediate goals were met. Moreover, achievements can also be used for other reasons, such as bragging to your friends or utilizing different game features to explore the nooks and crannies hidden beneath prerequisites of skills and progress.

Many games have been a staggering success because of smart achievement integration. Microsoft could grow the Xbox brand to immense proportions by completely enhancing the achievement system. The addition of Platinum Xbox achievements will inspire a lot of users to complete the whole game. These are especially important for the completionists, after all. Everyone’s achievements are usually visible on their online profiles.

The insider Jez Corden also talked about a variety of other games and answered a bunch of questions. He clarified that the next Mass Effect entry will reportedly not have any open-world elements and will rather return to the IP’s roots. It is likely because the last installment was showered with criticism for barren open-world features.

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