Sony’s New Patent Wants To Create Unique Games For People On Travel

The peculiar patent seeks to make travels more enjoyable.

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  • Sony has patented a new system that wants to create specific content, including games, that are based on the users’ journey while traveling in any mode of the vehicle. It is not targeted towards the drivers.
  • The new system will evaluate various particulars, like the number of users, the type of vehicle, internet connectivity, journey time, terrain, and much more, before suggesting content to users.
  • The users can enjoy the generated games in all kinds of vehicles on built-in screens or portable devices like smartphones.
  • The tech also talks about offering unique games in AR if players use special glasses on foot or bicycles.

Sony is one of the top players in the gaming industry when it comes to bringing innovations. It has recently published a patent that seeks to wholly shift the way we experience video games while traveling. The legal document in question talks about creating specific pieces of content, including games, that are based on our journeys while traveling in any mode of transport vehicle, provided this is surely not catered towards the drivers.

A user can experience a more flexible content engagement experience during a journey; this is achieved through selecting or modifying one or more aspects of the journey and/or the content,” says the patent by Sony.

The patent dubbed “TRAVEL-DEPENDENT CONTENT PROVISION SYSTEM AND METHOD” wants to provide “flexible content engagement” for traveling users. It means that titles and videos would be offered or created after analyzing the time of the trip— the patent even talks about evaluating the terrain, number of users, routes, internet connectivity, and more. It suggests that every user can have a vastly different content experience.

The selection/modification of aspects of the journey may be determined based upon one or more characteristics of the content, and aspects of the content may be determined based upon one or more characteristics of the journey.”

The tech can also analyze the journey and let users know the most efficient path without traffic. However, Sony mostly focuses on discussing how it can generate content that caters to every user and their respective travels or between two points. Users traveling in a vehicle, like cars, trains, or airplanes, can easily use the built-in screens of the vehicle or a portable device —smartphones come to mind— that allows them to play games.

The image shows an example implementation and a way to provide content.
The image shows an example implementation and a way to provide content.

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The most appealing thing about the patent is surely Sony talking about creating augmented reality games for users on foot or bicycles. The company mentions that specific games can be created using special glasses to alter the environment based on traveling distance and terrain. It is unclear what type of entries would be created using the system. 

It is also envisaged that the techniques disclosed may be implemented for journeys by foot or non-motorised vehicles such as bicycles. This may be of particular use in cases in which content is provided to the user in an augmented reality format, or otherwise using some form of see-through display that enables a user to see their environment while engaging with content.”

The image shows a method to determine routes and present content based on it.
The image shows a method to determine routes and present content based on it.

Sony has secured a slew of alluring ideas that fully seek to shift the current gaming ecosystem and features in its titles. Some of its new ideas state a way to add accessibility features to existing older games. Additionally, it has talked about adding a way to change the art style of games by toggling it via settings in the accessibility patent. The publisher also wants to create a huge co-op entry that lets hundreds of users play together in a theatre. 

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