Techland Is Developing A New AAA Open-World RPG Game

Dying Light and Call of Juarez Developer is already planning its next big move!

Techland is a Polish developer most known for its Dying Light franchise. Released in 2015, Dying Light is one of the most promising games from the survival horror genre. The sequel to the series, Dying Light 2, is set to release on 7th December 2021. However, a couple of recent job listings posted on the Techland website suggest a new AAA open-world RPG action game under development.

Recently, eXputer came across a new job listing for a Senior 3D Artist and Senior Quest Designer posted on the Polish developer’s website — both based in Wrocław, Poland. The description for the first job listing reads, “Your main responsibility will be to create 3D assets for our next big title.” The company also requires the candidate to have “at least 5 years of experience in creating 3D models (using 3DsMax or Blender) for AAA projects.” Hence, it seems like the upcoming game is a big one — perhaps, even a AAA one!

New AAA Open-World RPG Action
Senior 3D Artist required to join Techland for its next big title. | Source: Techland

The second job listing gives us some more insight as to what the upcoming AAA game could actually be. Under the requirements for the Senior Quest Designer job listing, the company has mentioned that it expects the candidate to have “familiarity with the difference between the narrative and the gameplay layer in open-world action RPG games”. From this, we can conclude that the new AAA game could be an open-world action RPG game with a narrative experience to it. Since the job listing is for a Senior Quest Designer and the missions in Dying Light are called “Quests”, we can also assume that the company is working on another instalment to the franchise.

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New AAA Open-World RPG Action
Senior Quest Designer required to join Techland. | Source: Techland

In addition to this, it stresses that one of the routine tasks of the candidate would be “working iteratively with the Narration team (the whole team creates, develops, and provides feedback for all ideas)” and requires the candidate to have “experience in creating narration for games”. It seems like the company wants to focus more on the narrative aspect of the upcoming game than anything else — as was the case with Dying Light 2.

Lastly, the job listing also mentions the “managing of Blueprints in the Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine has been the preferred choice of developers and players alike, so this could mean that, perhaps, Techland is moving on from its new C-Engine (used for Dying Light 2) to Unreal Engine. Although, this seems unlikely since the company recently moved to C-Engine from its previous Chrome Engine for the sequel.

Furthermore, these same job listings were also posted on LinkedIn. While the previous job listings from around 2 months or prior specify which game the position is open for — Dying Light 2, for instance — these ones don’t. So, it’s safe to say that it’s a new game that the company is working on, that it doesn’t want others to know about. Although, there isn’t any confirmation as to which game it is, exactly.

New AAA Open-World RPG Action
Techland job listings for Senior System Designer (2 months ago) – Senior 3D Artist (1 week ago) | Source: LinkedIn


There are multiple possibilities that these job listings connect to Dying Light 3. Given that Dying Light 2 is close to release, it only makes sense at this moment. Besides, a completely new franchise from Techland wouldn’t be too bad either. However, do take this news with a grain of salt, as there isn’t any confirmation for now!

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