Yuji Naka Confirms Michael Jackson Wrote Sonic 3 Soundtrack

One of the longest gaming rumors just got put to rest.

Gaming rumors have existed for as long as the first ping pong game was executed. These rumors are answered eventually but have plagued gamers’ thoughts for decades. These unanswered fallacies also help the games by keeping them relevant and alive in the mind of gamers for decennia to come.

The most significant instance of this that comes to mind is Grand Theft Auto V, incorporating a myriad of mysteries and easter eggs to keep gamers entertained for years. However, these parables can exist outside of games as well. 

Sometimes these riddles are about the cast or developers of the game. No casual person would have expected Michael Jackson to be the center of debate in a gaming rumor that has lasted for decades. The breakdancing legend, Michael Jackson, evidently writing Sonic 3’s soundtrack has been an unsolved fable in the gaming community for countless years.

Sonic 3 enthusiasts spent millennia trying to find the answers but to no avail. They have been attempting to confirm whether that was the case for years, and today, the former Head of SEGA, Yuji Naka (@nakayuji), seems to have solved the unsolved riddle with nothing but a series of short tweets.

The former Sega producer has apparently been playing Sonic Origins, which had a global release just a couple of hours ago. Earlier in the day, Yuji Naka raised the question of whether the music in Sonic 3 had been changed from the initially used soundtrack for the new collection, which appears to be the case.

While answering a question, Yuji Naka has cracked one of the oldest gaming myths in history. Yuji Naka even shared a picture he took while fleeing with his team in Michael Jackson’s chopper to his abode. He stated, “it’s pretty faded,” confessing that, “I miss it.”

The compilation utilizes changed arrangements from a Composer, Jun Senoue. SEGA dropped the Michael Jackson association with Sonic 3 due to allegations of child abuse. Fanciers consider that the soundtrack that he wrote stayed in the original version of Sonic 3 and was completed by Michael Jackson’s producers instead.

Michael Jackson was supposedly a big gamer, as made apparent by a bundle of arcade machines he owned. He even had his dedicated video game dubbed, Moonwalker. The changed music in the new Sonic Origins may sound distinct, but you could plug up the old soundtrack separately to bring back the nostalgic feels.

This rumors contained 28 years’ worth of debates and investigations by fans, still left on various places you can read, like Yuji Naka’s tweets and old forums. Fans were left wishing for someone knowledgeable to confirm the truth behind the rumors, which has finally been answered.

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