Nintendo President Confirms New Switch Model Not a Possibility For Now

The company's not in for the race of next-gen consoles

In a recent Q&A session at Nintendo’s official financial results briefing, the company president Shuntaro Furukawa has dropped substantial news. You can check out the conference call yourself here, but make sure your translator is ready.

The session discusses multiple aspects of Nintendo’s performance with the major focus being on the overall sales. It turns out that Switch has recorded the highest number of sold units volume in its 4th year after launch. Moreover, the company president was also met with an intriguing question. “I saw reports that there are no plans for a new model for the time being. Please tell us this along with the hardware strategy of the Nintendo Switch family,” the reporter asked.

Furukawa was direct with the answer. “There are no plans to announce a new model [of the Nintendo Switch] in this situation.” However, fans can expect a highly unique Monster Hunter Rise edition of the console making its way to release in the month of March.

Rumors have been coursing around for quite a while now that a Pro version of the Nintendo Switch might launch this year, but now that Furukawa has given us solid confirmation, we have to leave speculation for some other day.

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