GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon Releasing On PlayStation And Xbox

Konami's rogue-like hack-and-slash action game is releasing on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, according to ESRB.

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon is the long-awaited sequel to the GetsuFumaDen released 34 years after the original game. Fans have been waiting for the hack-and-slash adventure for a long time and finally got the game in February. But, only the Switch and PC platforms got the sequel while Xbox and PlayStation didn’t get Undying Moon. However, the game has been recently rated for the consoles by ESRB so that might be changing.

ESRB rated GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon “mature” for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles a short while ago. This means that the Konami game will be launching on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles too after seeing a February release on PC. Only the consoles which are getting the game are listed by ESRB on the platform section. So, this is great news for console players as they will be able to play Undying Moon on Xbox and PlayStation.

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon rated for PlayStation and Xbox consoles on ESRB

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon got a Mature 17+ rating by the ESRB rating board. The main reasons given for this rating is the gore and violence present in the game. Players use melee-style combat to fight demons and save the world. While doing this, they hack the enemies spilling blood so there is a lot of gross violence. Some bosses also die a horrific close-up death so blood and gore is a consistent theme in this sequel. Dying Moon is a bloody hack-and-slash just like the original so this is nothing new. 

If you don’t know about the GetsuFumaDen series, it’s a delight to play. The original game featured a character named Getsu Fuma who journeys through Hell to fight demons and avenge the death of his siblings. The game had both side-scrolling areas and 3D dungeons for the player to fight through. And, with an interesting premise like that, it’s no surprise that the game was a huge success.

While there was no sequel for a very long time, the GetsuFumaDen characters appeared in other games. But, the wait for the sequel finally ended this year with GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon. The sequel takes place 1000 years after the original and also features a new Getsu Fuma. Like the first game, the player has to travel through Hell while fighting demons and close the recently broken seals of Hell. So, if you like fighting demons this is definitely the hack-and-slash for you.

GetsuFumaDen: Dying Moon launched in February for the Nintendo Switch and the PC. Now it will be coming on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles but we’re not certain when. Hopefully, it’s really soon so we can all enjoy the Konami hack-and-slash adventure on our consoles.

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