Report: The PlayStation 3 Still Has Almost 2 Million Monthly Users

As of February 2023, the PS4 had 70.3 million MAUs while the PS5 was at 37.1 million.

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  • A leaked slide from the Insomniac hack has disclosed how the PS3 still has nearly 2 million users in 2023.
  • As of February, the PS4 has 70.3 million MAUs with the PS5 at a decent 37.1 million users.
  • The PSN in totality had 107.5 million active accounts across the three consoles and other off-console users.

A new leaked slide from the Insomniac ransomware hack has disclosed that the PlayStation 3 still clocked nearly 2 million Monthly Active Users as of February 2023. To be precise, 1.9 million players still use the olden 2006 console as per the documents.

PlayStation MAUs slide
Slide showcasing the variety of MAUs across PlayStation.

Furthermore, the PlayStation 5 had 37.1 million Monthly Active Users as per the leak. Considering how the console only hit the 40 million mark in July 2023, this attach rate is pretty impressive. PlayStation 4 continued to rule the bout, with 70.3 million players clocked in as of earlier this year. In total, there are 107.5 million active PSN accounts when summing up the three consoles and other off-console users. 

Obviously, as this slide is dated February 2023, this number must have fluctuated a lot in the past few months, especially with the increasing sales of the PlayStation 5.

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The 2020 console has hit several milestones this year besides hitting 40 million in the Summer. Just recently, Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 had sold 50 million units as of December 9, completing the console’s half-century. In addition, the PS5 is only tracking a week behind the widely successful PS4 when launch-aligned for sales overall.

In the US, however, the console is already ahead of its last-gen counterpart and is accelerating every week because of its continuous supply. Moreover, PlayStation 5 outsold its competitors, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, by a whopping 3-to-1 margin this year, with the Microsoft console trailing with only 21 million units sold globally so far.

YouTube video

Besides the overwhelming success of PS5, the PlayStation 3 retaining 2 million users of its 87 million sales over 17 years after release is an impressive feat in itself. Considering how the console didn’t have the best start to its lifespan because of pricing issues, its longevity is a big win for Sony and PlayStation.

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