Sonic Origins PlayStation Trophies Have Been Leaked

The remastered collection has a fairly simple trophy list.

When you are talking about billion-dollar franchises, Sonic is one name you cannot omit. It is present in almost all forms of media from games to TV shows and it’s popular among every age group. The hedgehog even made a successful appearance on the big screen in two great movies. 

Sonic has made an insane $7.7 billion since its inception in 1991. An insane number like this is due to several products, from toys to merchandise that are popular on a worldwide scale. But, the medium where this mega-franchise started was video games. 

The first time we saw Sonic the Hedgehog was in 1991 in the self-titled platform game. It was an instant success and the first games sold really well. Hence, Sega is releasing the first games in the series in the form of a new compilation called Sonic Origins.

A new leak has revealed the trophy list of this upcoming compilation of Sonic games to the players. The Sonic Origins trophy list can be found on the PSN Profiles website and the full list is available for everyone. This is our first look at the trophies of this remaster and they are really simple to obtain.

Allegedly trophies for Sonic Origins on PlayStation consoles.

In totality, Sonic Origins has 36 trophies in the game including the platinum for the collection of all of them. Most of these bronze trophies are very easy to get, according to the trophy description on the website. For example, you can get three of the trophies by just watching the opening of the first three Sonic games. 

Other trophies include very simple tasks like defeating Rhinobots, flying with Tails, and defeating 50 enemies. Silver trophies in Sonic Origins are also not that hard to win. In one of them, you just have to play the mirror mode while others include defeating 200 enemies and clearing 10 missions in the games with an S-rank.

Gold trophies are also going to be no sweat for you if we are being honest. All you have to do is finish all the four games in anniversary or classic mode to obtain four of these gold trophies. You will automatically get the fifth Sonic Origins gold trophy if you do the above task. 

Finally, you will obtain the Platinum one, and considering the trophies we have mentioned, it might be the easiest one to get. Sonic Origins is supposed to be a fun family game with a blast to the past, so it is nice to see it being easy. Everyone will be able to enjoy it when the game is eventually released on June 23, 2022.

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