Xbox Series X $100 Cheaper For College Students For A Limited Time

Target is offering the Xbox Series X at 20% off price.

The next-gen of gaming has only been made possible through robust consoles. Withstanding the extensive hardware requirements is an absolute necessity for the latest AAA video games. The next-gen of consoles had to be designed with the aforementioned worries in mind. Both Sony and Microsoft have nailed the latest consoles.

The tandem of Xbox Series X|S consoles has proven to be a literal power of tower by offering the best quality alongside notable performance. There are certain benefits to owning both versions of the latest Xbox Console. The Xbox Series S, for instance, is cheaper and offers less downgrade in specs than you’d expect.

The Xbox Series X is the bigger brother of the duo, offering more powerful specs for a hefty price. The console offers a super-quick, essentially silent experience, and delivers the sort of alluring performance only seen in high-end gaming PCs in the past. The graphic intensive games like Forza Horizon 5 run flawlessly on the device.

While there are absolute advantages to holding the Xbox Series X, the big price tag that comes with it has made it inaccessible for some gamers. Gamers from third-world countries to students alike have struggled in purchasing the Xbox Series X. Thankfully, initiatives are being applied to lower the price of this wallet-emptying console.

Target is offering an amazing deal in August; the high-end Xbox Series X consoles are $100 cheaper in the price for college students only. The store is offering a 20-percent off coupon that removes 100 dollars off the total price tag. The college students can grab the console for just $399.99 instead of $499.

It is worth noting that this offer is only available for a limited time. College students can purchase the Xbox Series X for just 399.99 dollars instead of the usual $499 till September 3rd, 2022. The massive sale will expire after the designated date. Moreover, the sale only applies to the Xbox Series X.

An in-store or online purchase is necessary in order to successfully utilize the discount coupon of 20 percent. First, the customer has to be verified to be a college student in order to get the coupon. The student verification method can be checked out on the link here.

College students who dreamt of purchasing the high-end Xbox Series X should go for this interesting offer as soon as possible. The 20-percent reduction in the price tag will make it easier for young college students to afford the expensive console. The Xbox Series is on a path to success, as apparent by the sales charts worldwide.

What are your thoughts regarding the sale of Xbox Series X? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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