5 Amazing Side Quests In Games That You Need To Play

The main story apart, these secondary missions deserve their own audience honestly.

Story Highlights

  • Video games pertaining to story-driven genres are mostly recognized for their mainline campaigns.
  • Some titles have excellent side quests too, and they deserve more attention than they get. 
  • Ghost of Tsushima, God Of War Ragnarok, and Cyberpunk 2077 are some games featuring terrific side missions.

Just like some DLCs outclassing their respective base game, I can’t help but appreciate the level of quality on display with the forthcoming titles that pack such excellent in the side mission domain as well, on top of being fantastic overall.

In my opinion, these moments of pure genius often get overlooked because of the brilliance of the mainline story, but not today, and not in this featured piece. 

We’re about to delve into some of the most top-end side quests stretched across games of different natures ahead.  

These Side Quests Are Not To Be Missed, Period

I have to clear this beforehand: The forthcoming entries reflect my personal opinion and aren’t definitive by any standard. Feel free to add to the article down in the comments section and I’ll join in on the discussion.

1. The Proud Do Not Endure – Ghost Of Tsushima 

Yuriko in Ghost of Tsushima | Source: InFlame
Yuriko in Ghost of Tsushima | Source: InFlame

Ghost of Tsushima, apart from being a monumental game on its own, is just chock-full of incredible side quests, and there’s just no question about it. I’m sure the fan base will be divided on which one makes the top spot exactly, but if I have to share my two cents, the answer is The Proud Do Not Endure. Goodness gracious, what a rollercoaster of emotions. 

I won’t spoil much about the side mission, particularly because I want you to experience it on your own if you haven’t yet already, but I will comment on its sheer storytelling capacity in the sense that it really doesn’t get any better than this. What you believe to be true ends up in quite the opposite manner as you near the conclusion of the set piece, and it’s one finale you don’t want to sleep on.

To initiate the questline, head to Yuriko’s area of residence in Omi Village. She should be able to start this mission with you once you’ve cleared the Ghosts from the Past main quest. 

2. Song Of The Sands – God Of War Ragnarok

The Cinematic Marvel That the Songs of the Sands Quest Is | Source: GameSpoilers
The Cinematic Marvel That the Songs of the Sands Quest Is | Source: GameSpoilers

I’m a God of War fanatic, so I genuinely couldn’t help but include this game on the list here, but make no mistake, it’s no act of fanboyism by any metric. Do me a favor and course through the Song of the Sands “Favor” in God of War Ragnarok yourself — preferably with Atreus so the father-son duo can bond even better — and you’ll quickly learn what beauty unfolds afterward due to the courtesy of Santa Monica Studio.

Being a PlayStation exclusive, not only do you watch this cinematic goodness unfold in brilliant fashion, but also unlock Hel’s Touch, one of the best Light Runic Attacks in Ragnarok, along with a silver trophy known as Full Gufa. As for initiating the questline, make your way to Alfheim and get to the desert part. You’ll eventually come across a cave to seek shelter. 

From there on out, the relevant dialogues will automatically offer you the option to take on two quests that relate to each other—Song of the Sands and Secret of the Sands.  

3. Shoot This Guy In The Face – Borderlands 2 

YouTube video

All right, this is pretty much a meme entry, but I truly couldn’t help myself and not include it on the list. After all, the memes are just hysterical. A simpleton task at the heart of it really, but you need to experience it to believe it. 

There’s an NPC in Borderlands 2 called “Face McShooty” (yes) and all he wants from you is to shoot him in the face. Not in the leg, not in the arm, not in the chest, just in the face. Oh, and when the deed is done, don’t forget to catch his reaction to his death. It’s going to crack you up. 

4. The Hunt – Cyberpunk 2077

YouTube video

It’s no secret at this point, especially considering how much CD Projekt’s Red has improved over the course of its botched launch, that Cyberpunk 2077 is a treasure trove of exceptionally well-made side quests. A personal favorite out of the bunch is The Hunt. Granted it’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s nothing but commendable the way CDPR tackled some extremely disturbing themes in there.

Complete I Fought the Law and wait until you receive River’s call. Follow the provided directions and things will take off quickly from there. I really recommend manning up for this one, it’s not going to leave a pleasant aftereffect.  

5. Equine Phantoms – The Witcher 3 

Roach in The Witcher 3
Roach in The Witcher 3 | Source: StrangeLuv on YouTube

Perhaps one of the most interesting side quests I’ve experienced in all my time playing video games. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine expansion is likely one of the greatest DLCs ever made, complementing the high-quality base game in remarkable fashion.

But to talk about this one side quest—Equine Phantoms—I have to say I really enjoyed myself talking to my trusty steed and getting his opinion on what he thinks about Geralt, the owner. After all, that’s on my wish list as well — as it is on many others’ — knowing the type of thoughts my pet has conjured up regarding me. 

Anyway, if you’ve got the game but managed to miss out on this mission somehow, head northeast of the Dun Tynne Crossroads. There, you’ll find an NPC called Pinastri. Talk to her to initiate the questline, which makes it necessary to drink Common Graytop Brew, a potion that drugs Geralt, but surprisingly endows him the ability to talk to animals, with Roach being the first one to come across him like that. 

It’s a superbly enticing story, but I will warn you: Things don’t end too well in Equine Phantoms. Feel free to watch this detailed walkthrough of the questline in case you’re more of a visual learner. 

YouTube video

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