Elden Ring Killed Gaming For Me & It’s About To Do It Again

I've never been this happy.

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  • Elden Ring ruined gaming for me by achieving a level of excellence unachievable by the majority.
  • While FromSoftware’s magnum opus will be surpassed one day, it’s going to be a while till it happens.
  • I’m ready to feel the same way once more as Shadow of the Erdtree sees its launch in June.

I’ll stop you right there. You’re probably thinking quite a few things after that title but like many Tarnished out there, I’m an Elden Ring lover.

The problem is, I love it too much.

Video games are my number one interest but it hasn’t been the same for me since I set foot in The Lands Between. 

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FromSoftware Knows I Find RPGs Irresistible

No, the studio doesn’t know that but it understands what goes into making a fantastic RPG with a world that pulls you in and proceeds to hit you hard. Somehow, and I know why, Elden Ring became the anchor & benchmark for every game I touch. It’s unfair if I’m being honest but that’s just how it is.

I see now why Dark Souls 1 is considered the greatest.
byu/superkingarmaan1 indarksouls

I find it funny and ironic due to my history with Soulsborne and the genre. At one point, I despised these games with every fiber in my body. Like many, Blighttown in the original Dark Souls PC port wasn’t kind to me and I was too young & unprepared to make any meaningful progress. 

After all, I took five years to prevent a plane from crashing in Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro as a kid.

But after my love for Japanese mythology made me deep dive into Nioh in 2017, I decided to give FromSoftware another shot with Bloodborne. Fast forward to 2024, and Elden Ring continues to live in my heart and mind along with other Soulsborne games.

Elden Ring’s World … Oh, Elden Ring’s World

Many reviewers stated exploration to be top class in Elden Ring. Furthermore, the world design was praised vehemently. I’ve always read reviews like that for countless open-world games but none of them, even those that I enjoyed playing, ever managed to hit that switch for me.

Tarnished resting at the Site of Grace
Elden Ring is a stunning mastercraft by Hidetaka Miyazaki | Image credits: Bandai Namco

People have different perspectives so there’s always a possibility of them experiencing something that I couldn’t due to variable preferences. The first time I felt removed from reality was when the door to Limgrave opened.

‘Elden Ring’ Has Without Question The Best Open World In Gaming History
byu/agaric ineldenringdiscussion

I found myself processing the world of Elden Ring as if that was the realm I was living in. That feeling exists to this day and I’ve only felt once before FromSoftware’s magnum opus.

An MMO I started playing in 2018—Final Fantasy 14.

Back to Elden Ring, each of its areas resonated with my senses. Despite the technical issues, I couldn’t put the controller down. The design, the ambiance, the music, the color palette, and the sheer element of surprise around every corner had me in awe. 

So much so, that I didn’t enjoy a new game until FromSoftware entered the scene again.

I Couldn’t Play New Games Until Armored Core 6

It’s easy to tap into nostalgia or any preexisting connection. When you see your favorite game or series getting a remake, you immediately associate it with the original version you’ve loved all this time. That sense of familiarity is a distinct advantage over experiencing something entirely new.

Armored Core 6 was the perfect revival of a buried IP
Armored Core 6 was the perfect revival of a buried IP | Source: eXputer

After investing hundreds of hours in Elden Ring throughout 2022, I tried my hand at several new titles. Hogwarts Legacy, Resident Evil 4, Tears of the Kingdom, Street Fighter 6, Forspoken, and a few others. Excluding Capcom‘s remake, I found it difficult to enjoy anything else without comparing it to The Lands Between and heading back there.

Tears of the Kingdom was an exception. While I enjoyed it because of my time with Breath of the Wild and its overall vibe, I still gravitated toward Elden Ring for reasons I’m unable to articulate. I only enjoyed Resident Evil 4 because of the 5 years I’ve got in the original game.

It wasn’t until Armored Core 6 that I felt the level of thrill and engagement similar to that in Elden Ring. And no, I’ve never played an Armored Core game before.

It is absolutely unreal how immensely fun Armored Core 6 is, I haven’t had this much fun with a videogame in so literal years. Anyone else?
byu/AlenIronside infromsoftware

The in-depth mech customization, rewarding NG+ system, high-octane combat, captivating lore, and bone-chilling soundtrack are the factors that got me going. I even enjoyed my brief stint in its PVP mode and I’m not the person who enjoys that.

Turns out, FromSoftware makes premium quality games. It’s that simple.

Elden Ring Has Set A Bar Others Will Take Some Time To Surpass

It pains me to say that but it’s close to being a fact. Not because the industry is devoid of talent – which is partially true considering examples such as Immortals of Aveum and Forspoken – but because of how fixated people are on monetizing everything.

Given the ecosystem we’re in right now and the inflation, creativity has been dealt a rather serious blow. Great games are few and far between while open worlds evoke severe PTSD as most people, including myself, are sick of the Ubisoft formula.

There will come a time when Elden Ring will be surpassed but that’s not happening anytime soon. I feel a bit guilty since it makes me feel elated.

After all, Elden Ring was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.

Looking Forward To All Of It Happening Again

And I can’t wait for the second coming this June when Shadow of the Erdtree hits the shelves. After the buildup to the DLC’s gameplay reveal earlier this year and the subsequent boost in hype, it’s almost a given that this expansion will be one to remember.

It's gonna be a fun kind of hell and I'm ready for it.
It’s going to be a fun kind of hell and I’m ready for it | Source: FromSoftware 

From new bosses to a fresh new progression system reminiscent of Sekiro, I’m positively eager to have gaming ruined for me once more.

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