Difficulty Related Trophy In Spider-Man 2? What And Why

The trophy list in Spider-Man 2 is huge, but the difficulty settings do not seem to play a part in your road to the Platinum.

The difficulty settings in Spider-Man 2 do not seem to have an effect on any trophy, just like its predecessor. The trophy list is still huge, however, and it will take you around 30 hours to get that Platinum Trophy for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Key Takeaways
  • There are no difficulty-related trophies in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.
  • Insomniac prefers accessibility over everything else, and they’ve made sure that getting the Platinum Trophy is fun.
  • You can play through Spider-Man 2 with any difficulty setting that you like, and you will still be able to achieve 100% completion.
  • Personally, I would’ve liked it if the developers had introduced some difficulty-related trophies.
  • That would’ve made getting the Platinum more satisfying.

Spider-Man 2 Difficulty Trophies

difficulty trophy spider-man 2
Spider-Man 2 Trophy List (Image Captured by Us)

The direct answer to the question of whether Spider-Man 2 features any difficulty-related trophies is NO.

You can play Insomniac’s latest Superhero adventure without worrying about the difficulty settings. Even if you start out with the easiest difficulty level, you can still go for 100% completion and the Platinum Trophy.

difficulty trophy spider-man 2
The Accessibility Options In Spider-Man 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)

I went through the whole list of trophies, and there was not a single achievement that required me to play on a harder difficulty level. Insomniac has always favored accessibility over everything else, and it shows.

Not only do the developers try to force difficulty through trophies, but they even give you various accessibility options to make the gameplay even easier if you want.

My Thoughts On Difficulty Trophies

As someone who almost always goes for the Platinum Trophy and likes the grind that comes with it, I’m a bit disappointed that there is still no difficulty-related trophy in a Spider-Man title.

It bummed me out in Spider-Man 2018, and it makes me a bit sad in Spider-Man 2 as well. Having some difficulty-related trophies really makes getting the Platinum Trophy worth it.

Spider-Man brings back both Peter and Miles as playable characters, and you can even use the newly designed gadgets to take out Kraven’s goons. Gadgets can now also be crafted using the Rare Tech Parts

This concludes my guide that answers if the Spider-Man 2 trophy list comes with a difficulty-related trophy or achievement. I have given details on why Insomniac does not add difficulty-related trophies in their Superhero titles. I hope that the guide was helpful in learning about the effects of difficulty settings on trophies. Let me know if you’re playing through Spider-Man 2 currently in the comments below!


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